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Ebtesamat Al Khaleej Trading Co. LLC (Exporter & Importer)

Networking Products & Audio Visual, Brackets for Projectors, Screens, White Board, Vga/hdmi Cables, Splitters, Converters, Extenders, Wireless Dual Band & adsl Routers.
United Arab Emirates 05-Jan-2016
Weibo Computer And Science Technology Co. Ltd (Exporter)

Communication Cabinet of PDU Series, Desktop Computer Room, Office, Home PDU Series, Furnishing Travel PDU Series Products, Network Related Products, Module Type, Panel Type, Frame Type, Fiber-optical Box Joint, adsl, Connector, Tester, HDMI, Tools and other products, Industrial, Civil Series of Plugs and Sockets, Industrial and Civil Power Supply.
China 07-Jul-2014
Shenzhen Yixi Electronics Co., Ltd (Exporter)

CO adsl Splitter, CPE adsl Splitter.
China 17-Apr-2014
Shenzhen Yixi Electronics Co Ltd (Exporter)

adsl Splitte, adsl Filter, adsl Modem Splitter, Telephone Splitter, adsl2+ Splitter, adsl Filter Splitter, adsl Dsl Filter Splitter, adsl In Line Splitter, adsl Filter and Splitter, RJ11 Splitter, Broadband Splitter, Mdf Splitter, adsl Modem Filters.
China 02-Apr-2014
KYD Electronic Co. Ltd (Exporter)

Cable & Wires, Network & Communication Equipment & Accessories System, LAN Cable, Patch Cord, Network Cabinet, Face Plate, Keystone Jack, Patch Panel, Network Crimper & Cutter Tools, Network Cable Tester, Fiber Optic Terminal Box, Coaxial Cable, LSA Modular, Surface Box, Speaker Cable, adsl Modem Splitter, Telephone Accessories, Distribution Box, Cable etc.
China 07-Dec-2012
KLS Electronic Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

IDC Socket Connectors, Micro Match Connectors, Boxed Headers, Edge Card Connectors, SIM Card Connectors, TF Cards, SD Memory Cards, Edge Card Connectors, IC Socket Connectors, PLCC Sockets, SIL Sockets, Zif Sockets, D-Sub Connectors, SCSI Connectors, D-SUB Cover, Pin Header Connector, Female Header Connectors, Wire To Board Connectors, Wire To Wire Connectors, Circular Connectors, Future Bus Connectors, Hard Metric Connectors, DIN41612 Connectors, Micro USB Connectors, Mini USB Connectors, USB Connectors, AC Power Sockets, AC Plugs, FFC / FPC Connectors, IEEE 1394 Connectors, HDMI Connectors, IP65 Circular Connectors, Terminal Blocks, Electric Fuses, Fuse Holders, Switches, Indicator Lights, Resistors, Inductors , Capacitors, Varistor
Resistors, Thermistors Resistors, RF Connectors & Antennas, RF Cables & Wires, Cable Assemblies, AMC Cable Assemblies, Wifi Aerial, Wifi Antennas, 2.4G Aerial, GPS Aerial, GPS Antennas, GSM Aerial, GSM Antennas Combo Aerial, Combo Antennas, LED Displays, LCD Displays and Module, Potentiometers, Quartz Crystal Units, Ceramic Resonators, Cermet Potentiometer, Adjustable Resistor, Trimmer Cermet Potentiometer, Wirewound Potentiometers, Precision Potentiometers, Trimmer Potentiometers, LED Numeric Display, LED Dot Matrix Display, LED Light Bar, LED Bar Graph Display, Crystal Oscillator, Quartz Crystal Filter, Ceramic Resonators, Ceramic Discriminators, KWH Meter Accessories, KWH Meter Counter, KWH Meter Accessories, KWH Meter Counter, single phase counter , stepper motor counter , digital electric counter , European Style Stepper Motor Counter, Shunt for KWH Meter , Manganin Shunt , Shunt Resistor , Shunt for KWH Meter, DC Immunity Current Transformers , Current Transformer Of KWH meter , Current Transformer for Energy Meter , Electric Meter Case , KWH Meter Case, KWH Meter Terminal Blocks, DIN Rail Modular Meter 7 DIN Rail Energy Meter, Gas Meter, KWH Meter Modules, Ethernet Connectors, Network Connectors, PCB Modular Jack, Modular Plugs, adsl Adapters, Wired Jack, Wired Modular Jack, Voice Keystone Jacks, Modular Keystone Jack, RJ11/12 Voice Keystone Jacks, Telephone Keystone Jack, Data Keystone Jacks, RJ45 Keystone Jacks.
China 02-Mar-2012
Yixi Electronics Co Ltd (Exporter)

adsl Splitter, adsl Filter, Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Fiber Optic Adapter / Attenuator.
China 25-Nov-2011
Sam Khawatmi Trading (Exporter & Importer)

New & Used Computers, Monitors, Laptops, Printers, Fax Machine, Telecommunication Equipment, Computer Peripherals, adsl Modem, Computer Accessories, Walkie Talkie, Radar Detectors, Games, Software, Cameras, GSM Telephones, Routers, Audio & Video Products, Electronic Accessories, Linksys Networking, Modems, Hubs, Routers.
United Arab Emirates 29-Mar-2011
Going Corporation (Exporter)

Hygiene Products : Baby, Adult Diaper, Sanitary Napkins, Pantyliners, Wet Wipes, Under-Pad.
Tissue, Hot Melt Adhesives, Hydrophobic NW / Hydrophilic NW / Perforated Film, Frontal Tapes, Absorbent Paper, Airlaid Paper, adsl, SAP, Fluff Pulp, Waistband, Spandex, Carrier Tissue, Release Paper, Tape, Film / Back Sheets, Packing Films, Facial Tissue etc.
China 01-Sep-2010
Peace Trading Co (Exporter)

Sanitaryware : Tiles.
Car Auto Spare Parts, Home Appliances, Cosmetics, Agricultural Machineries, Baby Clothes & Swimwear, Flooring, Bearings, adsl Splitter.
South Korea (Republic Of Korea) 25-Mar-2010
Hangzhou Cable Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Coaxial Cable Communications Cable Antennas Systems CCTV CATV MATV HDTV RG6 RG59 RG11 RG213 RG179 RG58, RG7, RG6 Messenger LAN Network Power Audio Video Telephone Wire TVs Telecommunications
Data Copper Coax 3c-2v adsl Modem Flat Radio Optical Fiber USB Jumper Splitter Amplifier Accessory
Connector Converter Wireless.
China 09-May-2009
MGM - Media & Computer (Exporter & Importer)

Computer Peripherals : U-disk.
Laptops, LCD, Printer, HDD, adsl, MP3.
Viet Nam 26-Mar-2009
Lan Xun Technology Co Ltd (Exporter)

Networking Products : Router, adsl Modem, Ethernet Switch, HDD Enclosure, Card Reader, Laptop, Mouse, Keyboard, GPS Navigation, Optic Fibers etc.
China 13-Dec-2008
Up To Win Electronics Co Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

Electronics, DVD Players, DVB, LCD Television Sets, Graphics Cards, Network Cards, GPS, adsl.
China 16-Oct-2008
Shenzhen Yichen Technology Developement Co, Ltd (Exporter)

Network Products : Ethernet Switches / Hubs, adsl Router / Modems, Wireless adsl Router / Modems, Ethernet Powerline Adapter / Homeplug, Wireless AP, Network Cards, Wireless USB / PCI / PCMCIA Cards, 56k Fax Modems, Graphics Card / VGA Cards.
China 26-Mar-2008
Sunvitec Inc (Exporter)

adsl 2 Plus Modems, 2 Mbps Leased Line Modems, E1 Converters, VOIP Etc.
India 03-Jan-2008
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