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ABCTI Group Limited (Exporter)

Phone Jamming Devices, GSM Jammer, cdma jammer, DCS/PCS Jammer, GPS Jammer, WIFI Jammer, 3G Jammer,4G Jammer, Audio Jammer, Wireless Video Jammer, GSM Repeater, cdma Repeater, DCS/PCS Repeater, GPS Repeater, WIFI Repeater, 3G Repeater, Dual Band Repeater and Tri Band Repeater.
China 10-Dec-2016
DSR Telecom (Exporter)

Mobile Signal Booster, Patch Panel Antenna, Coaxial Cables & Wires, LMR 400 Cable, Splitter, ( 2G 3G GSM & cdma) Boosters.
India 03-May-2016
Rovan Technology Limited (Exporter)

Electronics : Smart Phone ( eight core, quad core), Tablet PC ( IPS screen, eight core, 8.0mega camera), UK and Europe Folded Charger, cdma /EVDO Mobile and Tablet PC.
SFP Transceivers, GBIC transceivers, BIDI Transceivers, X2 Transceivers, XENPAK Transceivers, XFP Transceivers, CWDM Transceivers, DWDM Transceivers, PON, MUX / DEMUX, Serial Interface Cable, Fiber Patch Cable, Optical Transceiver, Fiber Transceivers.
China 09-Apr-2014
All Max Electronics Limited (Exporter & Importer)

Antenne, WiFi, WLAN, WiMax, Wireless Antenna, Base Station (GSM, cdma, 3G), LTE 4G, MIMO antenna and VHF, UHF TVB Antenna, GPS Antenna and so on.
China 08-Mar-2014
AK Global Network (Exporter)

Refurbished Mobile Phones, Original Brand New Mobile Phone, GSM Mobile Phone, cdma Mobile Phone, Smart Phones.
South Korea (Republic Of Korea) 14-Nov-2013
Kenxinda Technology Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Mobile Phone, Feature Phone, Smart Phone, 3g Phone, Gsm Phone, cdma Phone, Cellular Phones.
China 08-Oct-2013
Boleysi Technology Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Electronics : GSM, cdma, TDMA, PDA, Bluetooth, MP3, MP4, Memory Card, GPS, USB, Car Telephone, Digital Camera, Phone Accessory and so on.
China 16-Sep-2013
Gogo ( HK ) Industrial Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

GSM and cdma Mobile Phones.
China 29-May-2013
Saihon Communication Equipment Co Ltd (Exporter)

Mobile Phones, cdma, Smart Phone, Feature Phones.
China 02-Feb-2013
ZTE Telecom India Pvt. Ltd (Exporter)

Telecom Products : Handset, GSM / cdma, Mobile Phones.
India 27-Jul-2012
Sunrise Communications Co Ltd (Exporter)

Straight Put Station Antenna, Indoor Coverage Antenna, Directional Antenna and Communication Antenna, Mobile Communication Station Antenna Board, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Antenna Design, Parabolic Directional Antenna, Logarithmic, Back Shoot Antenna, Microwave Antennas, Security Antenna, Indoor Coverage Antenna, cdma, GSM, GPS, PHS, GPS, WIFI, MIMO, WLAN, WIMAX, GPRS, RFID Antennas and Communications Antenna.
China 28-May-2012
Tangreat Technology Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Telecom Products, Mobile Phone Jammer, Wireless RF Signal Detectors and Jammer Satellite GPS (Radio Communication, Military GPS Jammer, Wireless Communication Jammer, Cellular NMT / cdma Jammer, Walky-Talky TETRA Jammer, RKE, TPMS, FM Radios Jammer, Radio Control Airplanes Jammer, Wireless Toys Jammer, Cordless Analog Phones Jammer, Intelligent Cell Phone Jammers, Mobile Phone Signal Isolators, Cellular Jammers, Cellular Phone Jammers, Cell Phone Blockers, Mobile Phone Jammers), RF Digital Signal Amplifiers (Mobile Phone Signal Amplifiers, Mobile Signal Boosters, GSM Repeaters, cdma Repeaters) and Antennas.
China 27-Apr-2012
Malaybiz Sdn Bhd (Exporter)

Meat & Poultry Products : Pork, Beef, Egg, Meat, Chicken,
Agricultural Products : Rice, Wheat,
Seafood : Mackerel, Tuna, Red Snapper, Sardines, Shrimps, Swordfish, Tilapia, Cuttle Fish.
Petroleum Products : Mazut, SLCO BLCO, Bitumen, Crude Oil, Diesel2, Fuel Oil.
Garments : Dresses, Men's & Ladies Wear, T-shirts, Shirt,
Cosmetics : Perfumes,
Plastic Raw Materials : Polypropylene, LDPE.
Edible / Cooking Oils : Sunflower Oil,
Building / Construction Material, : Cement.
Alcoholic Beverages : Energy Drink, Beer.
Meat Meal, Metal Scrap, Milk Products, Mobile Phone, Notebooks, NPK, NAP, DAP Fertilizers, Offset Paper, Ornaments, Paper Scrap, Pet Food, Pet Scrap, Photocopy Paper, Plastic Scrap, Plastic Waste, Playstation, Poultry Meal, Printing Paper, Raw Leather, Recycled Plastic, Shoes & Footwear, Sportswear, Steel Coils, Steel Sheets, Sugar, Toys, Tyres, Urea, Used Paper, Used Rails, Video Games, Waste Paper, Waste Plastic, Wood Logs, Finished Leather, Coal, Wax, Pulses, Lentil, Bean, Meal, Feed, Herbs, Medcine, Vaccine, Oilcanned Fish, Log, Timber, Lumber, Hide, Skin, Plywood, Paper, Wire, Oil, Gum, Cigarette, Feed, Tea, Glove, Ore, Stone, Acid, Hair, Powder, Energy Drink, Rice, Ghee, Butter, Logs, Timber, Powder, HMS, Medcine, Rubber, Essential Oil, Gemstone, Phone, Vegetables, Fruits, Salt, Flour, Drink, Beans, Spices, Ore, Jewellery, Laptops, Agrochemical, Bone Meal, cdma, Computer Hardware, Computer Peripherals, Copier Paper, Dairy, Farm Produce, Ferrous Scrap, Fertilizer, Gold Products, Grains Pulses, Handsfree Nokia, HDPE Scrap, HDPE Waste, HMS, Iphone, Chemicals, Feed, Healthcare, Charcoal, Milk, Ingot, Scrap, Cathode, Metal, Chemical, Passport, Drug, Starch, Flour, Fresh Flower,
Food, Spices, Diary, Personal & Entertainment Products, Household & Home Furnishing, Computers, Electronics & Communications, Electrical, Industrial & Automotive, Rubber, Latex, Glove, Drink, Seedling.
Malaysia 24-Feb-2012
Cell Supreme Group Inc (Exporter)

cdma Cellular Phones and Accessories.
United States 27-Dec-2011
Crius Communication Equipment Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Routers : 3G Modem, Hsdpa Modem, USB Modem, USB Adapter, Wireless Modem, Data Card, Network Card, EVDO Modem, Wcdma Modem, Umts Modem, Hsupa Modem, Edge Modem, cdma, cdma1x, Hsdpa, Hsupa, Edge, Wcdma, 3G, USB Dongle
China 27-Sep-2011
Cellular Recycler (Exporter)

GSM and cdma Cellphones.
United States 14-Sep-2011
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