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H & H (Exporter)

Minor Computer Accessories, Colour / Mono Printer Toner, Dps Provided Printers, Paper Products, Labels, Envelopes, Folders, Sheet Protectors, Suspension Files, Binders, Clipboards And Files, Pens And Pencils, Notebooks, Writing Pads, Post-It-Notes & Flags, Desk Accessories, Stamps Self Inking, Batteries, Adhesive Tapes And Dispensers, Including Magnetised Adhesive Tape, Markers And Highlighters, Staplers, Staples, Storage Products, Dividers, calculators, Punches, Scissors, Clips, Glue Sticks, Pins, Erasers, Rubber Bands & Correctors, Diaries, Packaging Material, Brown Paper, Tape & Bubble Wrap, Minor Office Equipment, Non-electronic Whiteboards, Noticeboards, Binding Machines, Laminating Machines, Folders, Presentation Files, Dictation Machines, Guillotines Scales, Minor Electrical Items, Ladders And Trolleys, Crockery / Cutlery, Waste Paper Bins, Planners And Footrests, Digital Cameras, Data Projectors, Teleconferencing Device, Mobile Electorate Office Signage, Business Card Scanners, Camera Accessories, Shredder Bags, Sealant, Sponges, Detergents & Dishwasher Tablets, Air Fresheners, Tissues, Bulk Bottled Water Refills, Water Filters, Scales.
Pakistan 04-May-2017
Embassador Electronics (Exporter & Importer)

Watches & calculators, Printers.
Singapore 03-Dec-2014
Morbi Ajanta Show Room (Exporter & Importer)

Wall Clock, Telephone, Time Pieces, calculators, Table Piece, Home Appliances Product, Hand Blender, CFL Lamps, Led Lamps, Table Fan, Pedestal Fan, Wall Fan, Ceiling Fan, Mixer Grinder, Hand Mixers, Otg Oven, Hand Blender, Iron, Wrist Watches, Wooden Glass Clocks, Jewellery Making Tools, T5 Slim Tube Lights, Photo Frames, Gift Articles etc.
India 01-Dec-2014
Elsan Industrial Co Ltd (Exporter)

calculators, Leather-shell Stationeries.
China 17-Oct-2014
Taori Marketing (Exporter & Importer)

Stationery Items, Engineering Items, calculators, Notebook, Registers.
India 11-Aug-2014
Cinlica Electronic Limited (Exporter)

Electronic Products, calculator, Timer, Alarm Clock, Pedometer and Electronic Brick Game.
China 14-Oct-2013
Consumer Cables (Exporter & Importer)

Electronics, Ereaders, calculators, Tablets.
United States 10-Oct-2013
Chaowei Electronic Technology Co Ltd (Exporter)

Electronic calculators & Clocks, Digital Blood Pressure Monitor & Thermometers.
China 28-Aug-2013
Fima Stationery (Exporter)

Adhesives : Glue Stick, Packaging Tapes.
Stationary Items : Tape Dispenser, Price Labelling Machine And Label, Stapler & Remover, Staple, Desk Pad, Office Type Scissors, Metal Pencil Sharpener, Cutter Knife, Note Book, Expanding File, Office Type Ball Pen, Blank Cd & Dvd, Electronic calculator, Scholl & Office Type Eraser, Correction Tape, Students Scissors, Toys Shape Sharpener, Office Set, Waterbottle Colored Pencil, Pastel Oil, Watercolor, Plasticine.
Turkey 21-Jun-2013
Techania Al Ahbar (Exporter)

Stationary Products : Cash Register, calculators, Pen, Pencil, Files, Photocopy Papers, Paper Pins , Paper Weight, Marker, Stapler, Punching Machine.
Adhesives : Cellotape.
Computer Peripherals : Keyboard & Mouse, Motherboard, RAM.
Used & Refurbished Copiers Machines & Printer Ink / Toners, Office Automation & IT (Information Technology) Products, Projectors, Telecommunication Systems, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) & AVR Laminators, Facsimiles, Laser Printers, Laptops & Desktops, Label Machines, Note Counters . Currency Counting Machine, Paper Shredders, Wires & Cables, Connectors, Thermostat.
United Arab Emirates 04-Apr-2013
The Stationery Shop (Exporter)

Adhesives : Packaging Tape, Transparent Tape, Masking Tape, Double Side Tapes.
Stationery Items : Copy Paper, Printing Papers, Ball Pens, Fountain Pens, Fountain Pen Inks, Permanent Markers, White Board Markers, Plain Erasers, Fancy Cartoon Character Erasers, Sharpeners, Clutch Pencils, Lead Pencils, Coloring Pencils, Color Markers, Crayons, Pencil Cases, Pencil Pouches, Document Holders, Button Envelopes, Document Carriers, calculators, Note Books, School Copies, Registers, Note Books, Gift Wrapping Papers, Desk Sharpners, Staplers, Stapler Pins, Hole Punch Machines, Coloring Books, Story Books For Children, Puzzle Books, Maps, Paints, Art Materials.
School Bags, Key Chains, Paper Cutters, Cutter Blades.
Pakistan 04-Mar-2013
C & M Trading Limited (Exporter)

calculators & Ceramic Vase.
China 20-Nov-2012
Hollyta Technology Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Gift calculator, Penholder, Fans etc.
China 03-Aug-2012
Cheng Chua Enterprise Co Ltd (Exporter)

Anatomical Aids, Placard, Beverage Holder, Luggage Tags, Color Clip Board, calculator Wheel, Slide calculator Ruler, Magnetic Products, Billboard, Mouse Pad, Coaster, Bookmark and Various Plastic Sheet Products.
Taiwan 13-Mar-2012
Onequan-tech. Co. Ltd (Exporter)

Toiletries : Toothbrushes.
Silicone Watch, Fashion Watches, Liquid Silicone Nipple, Feeding Bottle, Pacifier, Soother, Silicone Spoon, Silicone Catheter, Pipe, Silicone Tube, Sensor, Breathing Mask, Kitchenware & Houseware, Silicone Spade, Silicone Brush, Bakeware, Silicone Caps & Gloves, Silicone Handle, Remote Control Bottom, Air-condition, Telephone Key-press, calculator Key-press, Cell Phone Key-press, Toys, Household Appliances, Metal Machinery, Daily Necessities, Silicone Rubber O-rings, Thermal-resistance, Oil-resistance Seals, Silicone Pot and Cup Pads, Silicone Swim Products, Diving Mask, Swimming Glasses Lap, Silicone Rubber Products, Silicone Bracelet, Silicone Rubber Seals, Cellphone Cover, Silicone Braclet, Qr Code Silicone Bandz, ID Bracelets, Silicone Watches and Silicone USB Cover.
China 07-Mar-2012
PT. China Zhejiang Intl Trade Center (Exporter)

Stationary Items : calculator, Ballpoint Pens.
Hardware & Power Tools : Pipes, Valve, Genset, Inverter, Adapter.
Telecommunication, Fiber Optics, LED Products, Solar Energy, Auto Spare Parts & Accessories, Seal Tape, Agrochemicals.
Indonesia 08-Nov-2011
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