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Danish Salts (Exporter)

Himalayan Rock Salt Products, Salt Lamps, Salt Bricks / Tiles, Salt candleholders, Salt Animal Licks, Salt Lumps, Edible Salts, Deicing Salt, etc.
Pakistan 08-Jul-2016
Rohita (Exporter)

Bowls & Dishes, Boxes (decorative&jewellery, Gift-box), Candle Stand, Tableware, Toys, Trays, Wood Carvings, Woodcrafts, Wooden Partition, Wooden candleholders, Wall Decors, Vases, Kitchen Accessories, Photo Frames, Garden Furniture, Iron Crafts, Lanterns, Wrought Ironware, Candle Lamps, Chandeliers, Decorative Objects, Mirrors, Wall Hangings, Walking Sticks, Decoration Material, Door Knobs, Giftware, Wind Chimes, Tapestries, Wall Plaques, Fireplace Accessories, Home Furnishings, Iron Bells, Handmade Paper Products, Decorative Artides, Household Products, Wall Panels, Tables, Ash Trays, Book Cases & Shelves Bookends, Chess Sets, Nutcrackers, Albums, Planters, Bar Accessories, Bathroom / Bedroom Accessories, Basket Ware, Party Decoration & Accessories, X-mas Decorations & Ornaments, Collectibles, Incense Burners, Ceramics, Nautical Décor & Nautical Instruments, Handicrafts, Room Dividers.
India 25-Feb-2015
Xinxiang Dayong Co. Ltd (Exporter)

Glassware, Drinkware, Kitchenware, Tableware, Dishware, Dinnerware, Glasses, Goblet, Mug, Pitcher, Glass Vase, Glass candleholder, Glass Ashtray, Glass Bowl, Glass Plate etc.
China 18-Dec-2014
Rehmat Handicrafts ( Export & Imports) (Exporter)

Handicrafts, Decoratives, giftware, house ware and artware, medals, Table-lamps,
Brass Gifts, Decorative & Utility Items : Table Lamps, Vases, Planters, Candle holders, Bowls , Cutlery, Door Bells , Door Knockers, Flower Vases , Flower Stands ,Garden Items , Lanterns , Brass Enamel Items and Antique finish Items ,Statuettes , Cake Stand, Jewellery, Candle snuffers, Wall sconces, Pillar holders, Votives, Tea lights, Stocking holders, Christmas decorations, Photo frames, Animals, Hooks, Trivets, Bottle openers, Hanging Ornaments, Hotel wares etc.
Candle Stands Brass Aluminium, Iron, Silver, Iron
Sports Gifts, Cups & Medals
Gift and Decorative Accessories Brass ,Iron Aluminium Silver
Photo Frames Brass, Aluminium, Iron, Silver
Table Floor Lamps Brass Aluminium Silver
Combination of Brass and Glass Items
Antique Handicraft, Antique Ironwork Brass Iron Silver Aluminium
Antique Finish Items Brass, Aluminium ,Silver, Iron
Decorative Accessories in Brass, Aluminium, Iron, Glass and Wood in all types of Electroplating Finish
Brass Gifts, Decorative & Utility Items : Table Lamps, Vases, Planters, Candle holders, Candle snuffers, Pillar holders, Flower Stands ,Votives, Tea lights, Stocking holders, Christmas decorations, Hanging Ornaments ,Photo frames, Animals, Hooks, Trivets, Bottle openers, Hotel wares etc.
Desk Accessories : Letter openers, Paper Weights, Book ends, Pen holders etc.
Aluminium Items : Vases, Planters, Trivets, Candle holder, Tea lights, Plates, Bowls, Dishes, Salad sets, Bottle openers, Cork screws, Ashtrays and bathroom accessories.
Bathroom Accessories : Soap dishes, Tooth brush holder, Soap dispenser, Cotton wool box, Mirror frames, Hooks, Towel holders etc.
Brass Enamel Items and Antique, Coasters, Candle-holders, Vases etc.
India 04-Nov-2014
Yechuan Import & Export Trading Co Ltd (Exporter)

Hand-made Glassware, Stemware, Tumblers, Beer Mugs, Pitchers, Decanters and Vases, candleholders and Votives.
China 23-Apr-2014
Wajidsons Exports (Exporter)

Indian & Metal Handicrafts, Hukka Tobacoo Paste, Candle-holder, Handicrafts, Houseware, Giftware and Decoratives, Tableware, Furniture, Home Décor, Sculpture, Placemat, Coaster, Trays, Bowls, Flower Vase, Planter, Photo Frames.
India 09-Oct-2013
Jubrill Trading Co Ltd (Exporter)

Utensils, Crockery, Dishes, Plates, Bowls, candleholder and Lanterns.
China 21-Jul-2011
Dehua Kunpeng Ceramic Technology Factory (Exporter)

Ceramics, Porcelain, Arts and Crafts, Dinnerware, Tea-sets, Cups, Religious Idols (Buddha), China Red Ceramics Decoration Pieces, Christmas Gifts, Easter Decorations, Home Decorations, Seasonal Products, Ceramic Glazed Products, Vases, candleholders and Cartoon Figurines and Animal Gifts.
China 16-May-2011
DFL International Co Ltd (Exporter)

LED Candles, candleholder, Seasonal Products.
China 18-Dec-2010
Curio Crafts (Exporter)

Handicraft Items, Home Decor Products In Glass, Iron, Wood and Wax. Vases, candleholders, Wall Decor, Candles, Garden Furniture, Tables etc.
India 19-Jun-2010
Laiwu Yixin Arts & Crafts Co Ltd (Exporter)

Glassware, Stemware, Bar Serve Ware, candleholders, Vases, Salad Bowls, Beverage Sets and so on.
China 23-Jan-2010
Justin Trading House (Exporter)

Ceramic Items : Ceramic Bath Set, candleholder, Ceramic Doll, Flower Pot, Ceramic Storage Jar, Lacquered Pot, Ceramic Pet Bowl, Ceramic Vase Dolomite Vase, Garden Pot, Ceramic Ball, Ceramic Lacquered Vases.
China 21-Nov-2009
Manish Handicraft's (Exporter)

Glass Handicrafts Items, candleholders, Vases, Christmas Ornaments and many others.
India 28-Oct-2009
Rebecca's Gift Box (Exporter)

Candles, candleholders, Vases, Seasonal Holidays Gift Items, Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, Harvest, Easter etc.
United States 27-Oct-2009
Asian Natural Products (Exporter)

Handmade Products : Bags, Baskets, Bathroom Accessories, Boxes, candleholders, Decorative Balls, Florist Accessories (Extenders & Wraps) Food Covers, Gift Items, Hampers, Packaging Items, Trays, Coasters.
Home Textile / Furnishing : Rugs, Place Mats.
Philippines 20-Oct-2009
Chaman India Handicraft (Exporter)

Furniture, Handicrafts Items, Iron candleholder & Baskets, Lamp, Gardens Products, Hooks, Mirrors, Plate Rack, Books Rack, Iron Wine Rack, Napkin Ring, Iron Wall Sconce, Decorative, Barware, Garden Accessories, Planter, Bird Cages, Home Decor Items, Chendliers, Lanterns, Coasters.
India 30-Jun-2009
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