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Cold Drinks

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Ungela's Fasion (Exporter & Importer)

Clothes : Wedding Dresses.
Jewelry, Cards, Shoes, Tiaras, Socks, Fresh Flowers, cold drinks, Stationery Items.
South Africa 20-Dec-2016
Narayan Exports (Exporter)

Agricultural Products : Basmati Rice.
Non-alcoholic Beverages : cold drinks
Food Products : Snacks, Gujarati Mathiya, Papad, Khakhara.
Panmasala & Supari.
India 21-Jun-2016
Om Food Products (Exporter)

Spices : Red Chiily Powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder.
Non-Alcoholic Beverages : cold drinks, Juice.
Food Products : Dalia.
Roasted Groundnuts, Vermicelli, Besan, Chakki Atta, Roasted Groundnuts in shell.
India 04-Mar-2016
Trishakti Industrial Developers (Exporter)

Food Item, Plants & Machinery ( Honey Processing Plants, Animal Feed Plants, Dairy Plants, Package drinking Water Plants, Rice Mill Plants,cold storage) Etc.
India 05-Jul-2014
Agri Solutions Investments Pty Ltd (Exporter)

Dry Fruits : Almonds.
Food and beverges ,Fruits , seeds,Grains, Oil , Charcoal ,Beans ,Nuts & Kernels,Feed, Abalone, Abalone Mushrooms, Abalone Slice, Accordion Packer, Acesulfame-K, Acid, AD Aloe, AD Cabbage, AD ginger, Adult Milk Powder, Adzuki Beans, Agar, Agaricus Blazei, Alanine, Alaska Pollock, Albumen Powder, Almond Kernel, Aluminium Foil, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Anchovy, Angelica, Aniseed Power, Apple Chips, Apple Dices, Apple Juice, Apricot, Apricot Kernels, Arbutus, Artichoke, UHT semi skimmed Milk and full cream milk , Nestle Nido Milk Powder 400 gms, coffeemate and krematop, milka brands all flavors, Nestle 3 in 1 My Cup , meiji baby milk powder, NIDO Milkpowder 24x400 g, EKOMILK ANALYZER, Ovaltine Milk Powder 400gr, APTAMIL BABY FORMULA, Sweetened Condensed Milk Filled(10 Vegetable fat), KRAFT PARMESAN CHEESE, Baby Milk Powder Infant Formula, CERELAC Wheat 5 Fruits, EU Skim Milk Powder, Red Bull energy drink, PAULANER 50CL, Corona Beer 330ml, Heineken Lager Beer, Guinnes Extra Stout 330ml, Halida Thang Long beer, COCA COLA PRODUCTS, Meat Bone Meal 50 Protein, Corn for feed, Soya seed & Soya meal , INDIAN SOYBEAN MEAL and Hi Pro SOYBEAN MEAL, Cotton seed cakes for sheep feeding, fish meal, wheat bran pellets, Feed Barley, CORN FOR ANIMAL FEED, beet pulp pellets, WHITE AND YELLOW MILLET ,Blood Meal, Feather Meal, white Maize Non-G MO, poultry feed / sheep feed, Barley seed , Whole Chicken Boneless, HALAL WHOLE CHICKEN GRILLER GRADE A, Chicken Leg Quarters, MDM Whole, pork meat , beef tendon, pig ears, VEGETABLE COOKING OIL, MATRIX PEANUT FLAVOUR OIL (ESSENCE), refined sunflower oil, Vegetable Ghee, Azuki Beans, Butter Beans, RED KIDNEY BEAN, Vanilla Beans, dry seeds, Green Mung Beans, white beans, Red Split Lentils, Mymar Black Matpe, Mynmar Toor Whole, mustard seed, Brazilian Caupi beans, Sugar Beans, soybean, Yellow Corn , Quick Cooking Oats , Baby Cereal, VITAL WHEAT GLUTEN, hard red winter wheat, OATMEAL, Kellogg Special K 375g, Disposable yogurt plastic cup, Disposable Biodegradable Food Container, Pizza Box, paper cup, jute sacks, 100 Biodegradable Lunch Box, Paper coffee Cups, Iranian dates , almonds , Fresh Coconuts, dessicated coconuts, instant almond powder, nutmeg, cashew nuts, Madinah Dates, Organic sunflower seeds, fresh banana fruit, lemon, vegetables , BLANCHED PEANUTS, ZAHIDI DATES , Fresh Mandarin Orange, royal gala apples, Longan honey , Health supplementation protein, ASCORBIC ACID (VITAMIN C) fine powder , YACON CAPSULES, Yacon syrup, Cod Liver Oil, Veriuni Liquid Nutrition, Beetroot powder, Elephant Kratom, Wild Manuka Honey, ACTIVE MANUKA HONEY, BARILLA Spaghetti N.5 500g , Rice Vermicelli, INSTANT NOODLES, INDOMIE NOODLES, parboiled rice, Fresh Ginger, Cider Vinegar , Tomato Paste, Fresh Garlic, Pure Narural Salt, Beet sugar , soya meal, soya meal hypro, soya husk, rape seed meal, maize (corn), maize fiber, maize fiber pallet, corn gluten meal, cotton seed meal, corn Germ meal, sunflower seed meal, safflower seed meal, rice bran meal, DDGS, Broiler feeds , chick crumble, Grower crumble, Layer mash, Layer Concentrate, Cotton Seed Meal, Fish Meal , Hay , Salt Licks , garlic powder, citric acid monohydrate / anhydrous, Bone Meal , Worm , Soybean Meal, Alfalfa Hay , Teff Grains, Cereal, Chinese Snack, Flour , Gluten, Noodles, Pasta , Rice Noodle, Tapioca Starch, Bamboo Raw Materials, Electric Egg Waffle Maker, Portable Pizza Oven, Electric Griddle, Griddle, Dough Divider, Electric Pizza Oven, Deck Oven, Food Mixer, Spiral Bakery Dough Mixer, Belt Driven Planetary Mixer, Commercial Pizza Oven, Oven, Diesel Rotary Oven, Gas and Electric Rotary oven, Shrimp Paste / Belacan, Sliming Herb, Yak Sheep Meat, potato chips making machines, extruder, cold Oil Press Machine , Meat Slicer , Freezer , ball forming machinery, packaging machine, water packing machine, Sachet water packing machine , Samosa Making Machine, sausage filling machine , ice cube machine, Sheep / Goat Slaughter Equipment, Chestnut Peeling Machine, cup sealing machine , Palm Kernel Expeller/ Meal, Potato Peeler , Wheat and Barley Peeling Machine,
animal feed pellet machine, maize flour processing machine , ice cream soft machine , Chicken Slaughter Production Line, date processing line , poultry plucker machine , espresso machine , cassava starch production line , Bread baking oven, Popcorn Machine, chocolate coated wafer biscuit production line, cocktail equipment , coating machines, Logs, Vanilla Beans, Bean Sprouts, Natto, Soy Milk, Tofu, Butter, Cheese, Condensed Milk, Cream,
Casein, Lactose, Whey Powder, Milk Powder, Fresh Bananas, Fresh Citrus Fruit, Fresh Pears, Fresh Mangos, Fresh Apples, Fresh Apricots, Fresh Avocados, Fresh Berries, Fresh Cherries, Fresh Coconuts, Fresh Grapes, Fresh Peaches, Fresh Melons, Fresh Kiwi Fruit, Plums, Guava, Olives, Pomegranates, Pineapples, Dragon Fruit, Durians, Papaya, Dates, Water Melons, Lemons, Fresh Oranges, Fresh Mangosteen, Fresh honey pomelo, Navel Orange, Baby Mandarin, Bee Pollen, Bee Wax, NATURAL Honey, Honey Syrup, Propolis, Royal Jelly, CUMIN SEED, natural cocoa powder, Purple Potato Flakes, Chestnut, Hydrolyzed Collagen, dehydrated / dried chives, Pumpkin Powder, Refined cooking Salt, Mace Powder, ascorbic acid, Citric acid, Scorbek acid, sodium citric, jute bags, Kraft Liners, green raisin, brocolli sprouts, BEEF/ PORK Peptone, citric acid monohydrate, beef tallow, Ostriches,Feathers,Fresh eggs,fertile eggs,Egg Shells, Sesame Seeds , Chicken feet, Paws, whole chicken, breast, drum stick , Stevia Extract , PET Flakes, bales , yellow greece, Grain Rice, Arborio Rice, Barley, Buckwheat, Calrose Rice, Yellow corn, White corn, Millet, Brown flax seeds, Peanuts, PECAN NUTS, Maize Meal / Corn Meal / Maize Flour, Potato Starch, Corn gluten meal, Semolina flour, Dextrose Monohydrate, Mannitol.
South Africa 26-May-2014
Huangshan Hengjiu Chain Transmission Co Ltd. (Exporter)

Precision Roller Chains, Hollow pin Chains, Tube special Chains, Elevator Chains, Agricultural Roller Chains,
Rice Harvester Chains, Steel Pintle Chains, Flat-Top Chains for conveyor, Beer Canned Line Roller, cold drink & Process Food Chains, Sugar-Chains, Palm-Oil-Chains, Engineering Chains, Welded Steel Chains, Lumber Conveyor Chain.
China 03-Aug-2013
Newstar Konjac Co. Ltd (Exporter)

Confectionery & Bakery Products : Pastries, Jelly, Pudding, Gummy Candy.
Non-Alcoholic Beverages : cold drink, Suspending drinks.
Foodstuff, Konjac Flour & Gum, High Transparent Konjac Gum, Konjac Cake, Konjac Noodles, Konjac Curd; Meat Products; Edible Thin Film Material, Shurry , Ice Cream, Milk Products, Dairy Products, Seasoning Powder, Soup Flavoring Powder; Wheaten Foods, Instant Frozen Food etc.
China 18-Mar-2013
Joemoo Water Treatment Technology Co Ltd (Exporter)

Water Treatment Plant, Water Filter, Water Softener, Water Purification, Ultra-pure Water Plant, Disk Filter, Ion Exchange Equipment, drinking Water Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Clean Water Project, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Precision Filter, Reclaimed Water Reuse Technology, Nitrogen Sealing Device, RO (Reverse Osmosis) Equipment, Ultra-filtering Equipments, EDI, Acid Treatment Plant, cold Water Dispenser, Commercial Reverse Osmosis System, Commercial Water Filter, Compact Water Treatment Plants, Demineralisation Plant, Desalination Equipment, Domestic Reverse Osmosis, Dosing System, drinking Water Filters, Effluent Treatment Plant, Electric Water Purifier, Groundwater Treatment System, Hot Water Dispenser, Industrial RO Water Filter, Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant, Industrial Water Filters, Industrial Water Purifier, Iron Removal Systems, Magnetic Water Softener, Membrane Filter System, Mineral Water Bottling Plant, Mineral Water Filter, Mineral Water Plants, Packaged drinking Water Machine, Packaged drinking Water Plant, Pool Cleaning Equipment, Portable Water Filter, RO Membranes, RO Softener, Reverse Osmosis Equipment, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers, Sand Plant, Sewage Treatment Equipment, Sewage Treatment Plants, Softener System, Stainless Steel Water Filter, Swimming Pool Filters, UV Water Purifiers, UV Water Treatment, Ultrafiltration Membranes, Ultrafiltration System, Waste Treatment Plants, Wastewater Evaporators, Wastewater Filters, Wastewater Recycling Equipment, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Water Distillation Plant, Water Filter Cartridge, Water Filtering System, Water Filtration Plant, Water Filtration Skids, Water Filtration Skids, Water Pollution Control System, Water Purification Machinery, Water Purification Plants, Water Purification Systems , Water Purifier Accessories , Water Purifier Carbon , Water Purifiers , Water Purifying Equipments, Water Recycling System , Water Softeners, Water Softening Equipment , Water Softening Plant , Water Softening System , Water Treatment Plants , Water Treatment Systems , Water Treatment Cartridge , Water Treatment Accessories.
China 14-Aug-2012
Hi-Class Industries (Pvt) Ltd. (Exporter)

Agricultural Commodities : Super Kernel Basmati, 1121 Sella, IRII 6, IRRI9, 386 Basmati Rice.
Non-Alcoholic Beverages : cold drinks (Pepsi, Coke, Dew, 7up, Sprite, Marinda etc).
Home Appliances, Kitchenware, Cookware, Hot Pots, Denim Jeans, T-Shirts, Baby Garments, Foodstuff, Nido Milk Powder.
United Arab Emirates 06-Aug-2012
AB Group (Exporter)

Non-alcoholic Beverages : Packaged drinking Water & cold drinks.
India 27-Jun-2011
Saint Best Group (Exporter)

Insulating Glass Processing Machinery, Warm Edge Insulating Glass Equipment, Insulating Glass Equipment, Insulating Glass Machine, Truseal Fexiable Spacer IG Machine, Super Fexiable Spacer IG Machine, Druseal Fexiable Spacer I.g Machine, Drulite Fexiable Spacer I.g Machine, Insulating Glass Production Line, Duralite Machine, Truseal Spacer Machine, Super Spacer Machine, Duralite Machine, Duraseal Spacer Machine, Flexible Spacer Machine, Rubber Spacer Strip Machine, Rubber Strip Machine, Insulating Glass Sealing Spacer Machine, Aluminum Spacer Machine, Spacer Bar Machine, Warm Edge Insulating Glass Machine, Insulating Glass Machine.

Horizonal Glass Washing Machine, Horizonal Glass Washer, Glass Washing Machine, Glass Washer, Washing Machine, Vertical Glass Washer, Vertical Glass Washing Machine, Insulating Glass Washing Machine, Insulating Glass Machine, Glass Production Line, Warm Edge Insulating Glass Machine, Truseal Spacer Insulating Glass Machine, Duralite Insulating Glass Machine, Duraseal Spacer Insualting Glass Machine, Flexible Spacer Insulating Glass Machine, Super Spacer Insulating Glass Machine, Rubber Spacer Strip Insulating Glass Machine, Hollow Glass Production Line, Insulating Glass Machine, Double Gazed Glass Machine, Hollow Glass Machine, Glass Machine, Glass Washing Machine, Roller Press Machine, Hot Melt Machine, IG Unit Machine, Insulating Glass Production Line

Rubber Spacer Insulating Glass Production Line, Rubber Spacer Strip Insulating Glass Machine, Rubber Spacer Glass Machine, Sealant Spacer Insulating Glass Machine, Truseal Spacer I.g Machine, Superspacer I.g Machine, Insulating Glass Sealing Spacer Machine, Hollow Glass Machine, Double Glazed Glass Machine, Double Glazed Insulated Glass Machine, Double Glazing Glass Process Machine, Window Glass Machine, Double Glazing Glass Machine, Double Glazed Glass Machine, Hot Melt Dispenser, Hot Melt Sealant Extruder, Hot Melt Machine, Hot Melt Sealant Extruder, Hot Melt Extruder, Hot Melt Dispenser, Sealant Extruder, Extruder Machine, Hot Melt Sealant Machine, Butyl Extruder Machine, Hot Melt Coating Machine, Glass Machine, Truseal Spacer Insulating Glass Production Line, Superpacer Insulating Glass Production Line, Truseal Spacer Insulating Glass Machine, Superpacer Insulating Glass Machine, Heated Roller Press Machine, cold Roller Pres Machine, Insualting Glass Washer, Insulating Glass Washing Machine, Hot Melt Sealant Extruder, Hot Melt Machine, Hot Melt Extruder, Hot Melt Coating Machine, Butyl Sealnt Extruder Machine, Butyl Extruder, Manual Glass Press Machine, Butyl Sealant Tape Coating Machine, Air Floated Application Table, Sealing Application Table, Spacer Bending Machine, Low-e Chenking Pen, Optics Glass Thickness Gauge, Manual Glass Thickness Gauge, Glass Detector Pen, Pneumatic Gule Gun, Pneumatic Press Machine, Molecular Sieve, Butyl Tape, Rubber Strip, Album Making Machine, UV Coating Machine, PVC Window & Door Processing Machinery, Aluminium Window&door Processing Machinery And Album Making Machine, Vacuum Hot Pressing Machine, 36 Inch Vacuum Hot Laminator, New Hardcover Making Machine, Album Cover Making Machine, Eight Into One Album Maker, Eight Into One Album Making Machine, Self-adhesive Album Sheets, Self-adhesive, Pet Pvc cold Press Album Sheets, Rotary Paper Trimmer, Rotary Trimmer, Rotary Paper Cutter, Paper Trimmers, Self-adhesive Album Sheets, Self-adhesive Pvc, Pet Album Sheets, Wedding Album Making -3 In 1 Machine, Wedding Album Making Machine, Photo Album Making Machine, Book Binding Machine, Paper Side Disposal Equipment, Bag Making Machine, Film Laminator, Glue Laminator Machine, Hot Stamping & Embossing Machine, Business Card Machinery, Engraving Machine, Envelope Machine, Transparent Mask Machine, Packing Machine, Advertising Machine, Paper Cutting Machine, Die Cutting & Creasing Machine, Making Boxes Equipment, Printing Machine, Paper Side Disposal Equipment, Uv Drying Machine, Round Cornering Machine, Photo Album Cover Forming Machine, Manual Pressing Machine, Manual Creasing Machine, Table Top Increasing Machine, Hot Pressing Machine, Electric Pressing Machine, Pneumatic Pressing Machine, Multifunctional Automatic Creasing Machine, Photo Album Cover Forming Machine, Digital Paper Cutting Machine, Manual Pressing Machine, Electric Pressing Machine, Pneumatic Finishing Machine, Full Automatic Glue Binding Machine, Automatic Uv Coating Machine, Small Uv Varnishing Glazing Machine, Album Forming Machine, Album Finishing And Forming Machine, Album Equipment, Window Patching Machine, Fully Automatic Laminator, Fully Automatic Film Laminator, Automatic Film Laminating Machine, Disjoin Machine, Film Laminator, Manual Water-based Film Laminator, Water Film Laminator, Semi-automatic Film Laminator (with Divider), Half-auto Oilpressing Laminators, Semi-automatic Hydraulic Laminating Machine, Hydraulic Laminating Machine, Roll Laminator, Pneumatic Laminator, Water-soluble Filming Machine, Water-solubility Laminator, Pneumatic Laminator Machine, Multifunctional Film Laminating Machine, Multifunctional Film Laminator, Film Laminating Machine, Double Sided Film Laminating Machine, Automatic Paper Separating Machine, Fully Automatic Film Laminating Machine, Hot Roll Laminator, Hot Roll Laminating Machine, Roll Laminator, Adhesive Film Laminator, Heat Laminator Machine, Automatic Flute Laminator, Semi-automatic Laminating Machine, Semi Automatic Flute Laminating Machine, Paperboard Covering Machine, Pneumatic Hydraulic Multi-functional Cardboard Laminator, Adjusting Speed Glue Machine, Roller Pressing Machine, Hot Gluing Machine, Glue Laminator Machine, Semi-automatic Gluing Machine, Stainless Steel Adjusting Speed Gluing Machine, Paper Top Hot Glue Machine, Gluing Machine, Sheet Gluing Machine, cold Laminator Machine, Manual Cutter.

Water Treatment Chemicals, Swimming Pool Chemicals, API's and Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates, Trichloroisocyanuric Acid, Tcca, Isocyanuric Acid, Ica, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, Sdic, Cyanuric Acid, Cya, 2, 4, 6-trihydroxy-1, 3, 5-triazine, Isocyanuric Acid, Tricyanic Acid, Dichloroisocyanuric Acid Sodium Salt Dihydrate; Sdic, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate, Trichloro-isocyanuric Acid Tablets, Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets, Animal Disinfectant, Disinfectant, Chlorine Tablets, Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets, Effervescent Chlorine Tablets, Water Disinfection Tablets, drinking Water Disinfectant, Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets, Animal Disinfectant, Disinfectant, Chlorine Tablets, Swimming Pool Chlorine.
China 12-Feb-2011
Akanlar Gida (Exporter)

Confectionery ( Chocolate, Chocolate Cream, Wafers, Hot & cold Powder drinks).
Turkey 14-Mar-2009
Dalian Anda Imp. & Exp. Corp., Ltd. (Exporter)

Fried Bean Curds : Fried Bean Curds Pocket, Udon Fried Bean Curds, Fried Bean Curds Slice.
Seafood Snacks : Embryo Of Prawn Crackers, Lobster Crackers, Shellfish Crackers and Sticks, Crab, Squid, Seaweed, Chili Prawn and Prawn Potato Crackers, Thai Taste Chili Prawn Crackers, Cheese Cracker Chips.
Fast / Instant Food : Instant Rice With Dish, Instant Congees, Instant Noodles, Instant Rice-Noodles and Instant Hefen Rice-Noodles, Instant Rice-Noodle Cakes, Instant Soups, Instant Miso Soups, Steamed Stuffed Buns, Mashed Potatos With Flavors, Stock Cubes, Vermicelli.
Health drink or Herbal Tea : Health Herbal Tea, Instant Ginger Tea, Instant Ginseng Tea, Instant Bitter Buckwheat Tea, Instant Baby Chrysanthemum Tea, High Calcium Nutrition Chrysanthemum Tea, Instant Date Tea, Instant Plum Tea, Instant Barley Tea, Instant Ginseng Tea, Solid Health Tea, Instant Tea Powder, Tea Bag.
Non-Alcoholic Beverages : Self-mix Fruit Juice, Fruit Juice, Aloe Juice.
Bakery & Confectionary Items : Wafer, Biscuits, Sandwich Crackers, Cookies, Crisp Egg Roll.
Edible Oils : Tea Oil (Camellia Seed Oil).
Dried Food : Dried Wakame, Roasted Laver (Yaki Nori), Dried Mushroom, Dried Black And White Fungus, Dried Water Chestnut, Dried Seaweed Powder.
Healthcare Or Personal Care Products : Body Warmer, Bath Foot Massager, Massage Mattress, Jade Electric Heating Healthy Mattress, Mattress With Foam And Coir.
Other Food Products : Bean Noodles (Vermicelli)
Seasoning : Sushi Soy Sauce, Sushi Ginger Slice, Sushi Wasabi Powder.
Food Processing Machine : cold Press, Oil Press, Deep-fried Food Deoiler, Fryer, Frying Line, Potato Chips And French Fries Making Machines.
Candle Holderr And Candle.
China 05-Apr-2006
Extrusion Technik (Exporter)

Polymer Pencils, Polymer Pencil Plants / Lines / Machinery / Equipments, Hot and cold water pipe Extrusion lines upto 3 layers, Intelligent Soft Screen touch Controls, Custom Built Extruders, Sheet Lines, extrusion lines for drinking straws, lollipop sticks, cotton swab sticks, ballpen refills, direct fill ballpen barrels, Blow Moulding Machines, Compounding Mixers, High Speed Mixers, Heater-cooler Mixers, Mixers, Extruders, Synthetic String Plant / Sutli Plant, Thermoplastic Extrusion Machine, Box Strapping Machines, Extrusion Plant, Co-extrusion Plants, Profile Plants, Granulators, Grinders, Scrap Grinding Machine, Palletizing Machine, Die-face Cutting System, Air Cyclone, Pipe Plants, Plastic Process Plant, Plastic Processing Machinery, Pencil Post Production Machinery such as Automatic Pencil Ferrule and Eraser Fixing Machine, Automatic Pencil Sharpening Machine, Automatic Pencil End Rounding Machine, Automatic Pencil Double End Cutting / Finishing Machine, Automatic Pencil Frame Filling Machine, Automatic Pencil De-framing Machine, Automatic Pencil End Dipping Machine.
India 10-Jan-2006
Manpasand Agro Food (Exporter)

Food Products : Namkeen & Snacks.
Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages : cold drinks, Fruit drink, Mineral Water, Soft drink & Beer, Juice & Energy drink.
Edible Oils, Tea & Coffee, Milk & Milk drink, Cosmetics.
India 26-Nov-2005
Huizhou Freecool Electrics Co., Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

Electronics Home Appliances :Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer also called Mini Fridge, Portable Refrigerator, Car Refrigerator, Wine Cooler, Cosmetics Cooler, Wine Refrigerator, Freezer, Cooler Box, Can Cooler, Water Purifier, Water Dispenser, Food & drinks, cold / Hot Food or drinks.
China 07-Jul-2005
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