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Cosmos Enterprises (Exporter & Importer)

Agricultural Products, Metal Casting ( ductile Iron, Grey Iron, Alloys ), Logistics.
India 20-Dec-2017
Viet Au Eng Jsc (Exporter)

Casting Products, Grey Iron( FC ), ductile Iron( FCD ), Stainless Steel, Steel Alloys.
Viet Nam 14-Dec-2017
Techo Enterprise (Exporter)

D. I. Pipe Mould, Maintenance Equipment, ductile & Flat Peening Tools, Single & Double Peening Heads, Single & Double Wheeled Air Grinder, Hand Peening Tools For Socket End & Runner Cleaning, Spigot & Socket Checking Go & No-go Gauges, Peening Depth Measuring Instrument, Manufacturing & Rectification Of Core Boxes, Spares & Equipment For D. I. Pipe Plants.
India 16-Oct-2017
Swalf Immanuel International ( I ) Pvt. Ltd. (Exporter)

Dredger, Weed Harvester, FRP Boats & Fishing Trawllers, HDPE ( High-density Polyethylene ), CI ( Cast Iron ), ductile iron pipe, Galvanized Pipe, Industrial and Marine Pumps, Dredge Pump, Trailer Steering & Chasis, Ship & Dredger Spare Parts.
India 12-Dec-2016
Phong Chau Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Metal Casting & Machining Products, Cast Iron, ductile Iron, Stainless Steel, Steel, Wire Steel, Aluminum Items.
Viet Nam 15-Nov-2016
Rastgar Engineering Company (PVT) Ltd. (Exporter)

ductile Iron Wheel Hubs, Heavy Duty Axle Parts, Wheel End Components.
Pakistan 07-Mar-2016
Baoding Xinlongtongda Trade Co Ltd (Exporter)

Sand Casting (Grey and ductile Iron), Investment Casting (Stainless Steel, Iron And Steel), Die Casting (Aluminum), Forging, Stamping and Machining etc.
China 25-Jan-2016
Hindmurti Industries (Exporter)

Austempered ductile Iron, SG Iron, Grey Cast Iron, Casting Components & Machine Components.
India 20-Jul-2015
Matrix Metal (Exporter)

Cast Iron Graded Casting, ductile Iron (S G Iron) Casting, Steel Plant Castings, Counter Weights, Construction Castings.
India 18-May-2015
AnHui HeLi Co.,Ltd.HeFei Casting & Forging Factory (Exporter)

Gray Cast Iron and ductile Iron Casting.
China 10-Dec-2014
Julong Casting Co Ltd. (Exporter)

Gray Iron (HT200-350), ductile Iron (QT400-700), Alloy Cast Iron, Ally Cast Iron, Cast Steel and Resin Sand Cast Iron.
China 27-Aug-2014
Jinan Julong Casting Co Ltd (Exporter)

Gray Iron, ductile Iron, Alloy Cast Iron, Ally Cast Iron, Cast Steel and Resin Sand Cast Iron, Machine Tool Castings, Valve Castings, Gear Casting, Casting Hydraulic Pumps, Wind Power Castings, Machinery Castings and other General Machinery Parts and other Resin Sand Cast Iron, Casting.
China 05-Aug-2014
R. K. Industrial Corporation (Exporter)

Iron & Steel, Cast Iron & ductile Iron, Sheet, Manhole Cover & Frame, Iron Steel / Fabrication Of Steel, Sheet Products, Home Textile, Fabric Items.
India 27-May-2014
Pooja Technocast (Exporter)

Grey Iron Casting & ductile Iron Casting.
India 19-May-2014
Shenchu Global (Exporter)

Metallurgical Areas, Grey Iron, ductile Iron, Steel Castings.
India 25-Feb-2014
Qingdao Dong Hua Jin Co., Ltd. (Exporter & Importer)

Castings, Lost Wax Castings, Stainless Steel Castings, Steel Castings, Machined Parts, Stampings, Aluminum Castings, ductile Iron Castings, Magnets, Stainless Steel Chains.
China 10-Feb-2014
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