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KT International (Exporter)

Headwear : Caps.
Garments : Fitness Wears, Fighting Gears, Martial Arts Items, Jeans Pants, Shirts, Trousers, Hoodies, Track Suits, Denim Garments, Leather Wears.
Fashion Accessories : Belts.
Boxing Items, karate Items, Teakwondo Gears, Jiu Jitsu Gears, kung Fu, Muay Thai Items, Kickboxing Items, Leather Goods, Sport Wears, Sports Goods, Handbags.
Pakistan 02-Sep-2016
Gratia International (Exporter)

Sportswear & Sports Gooods : Martial Art, Judo, Karate, kung Fu, Taekwondo, BJJ Uniforms & Belts, Mma Shorts, Rash Guards etc.
Pakistan 01-Oct-2015
Virgo Sportswear (Exporter)

Garments : Polo Shirts & T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Trousers, Shorts, Sportswear, Karate Uniforms, Judo Uniforms, Hakama Uniforms, Hapkido Uniforms, Jui Jitsu Uniforms, kung Fu Uniforms, Ninja Uniforms, Taekwondo Uniforms, Sambo Jackets, Kick Boxing Uniforms, Kick Boxing Trousers, Boxing Shorts, MMA Shirts, Color Belts, MMA Shorts, Track Suits, Fleece Jackets, Rain Jackets, Fleece Hood, Mesh Shirts., American Football Uniforms, Basket Ball Uniforms, Soccer Uniforms, Base Ball Uniforms, Volley Ball Uniforms, Rugby Jerseys, Cycling Uniforms, Goalkeeper Uniforms, Referee Uniforms.
Boxing Equipments : Rush Guards, Boxing Gloves, Punching Gloves, Punching Mitts, Punching Bags, Punching Balls, Focus Pads, Kick & Strike Shields, Head Guards, Chest Guards, Shin Guards, Sports Bags, MMA Gloves.
Pakistan 21-Jan-2015
Kung Group International Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

General Trading.
China 30-Jul-2014
Needle Kung Fu Cross Stitch Factory (Exporter)

Cross Stitch Works.
China 26-Dec-2013
Fazal Association (Exporter)

Sports Goods & Sportswear Garments : Soccer Balls Rugby Balls, Volley Balls, Soccer Uniform Rugby Uniforms, Basket Ball Uniforms, Volley Balls Uniforms, Mesh Shirts, Polo Shirts, T-shirts, Tracksuits, Goal Keeper Gloves And Shirts & Accessories, Weight Lifting, Boxing & Martial Art Equipments, Karate Uniforms, Taekwondo Uniform, kung Fu Uniform, Judo Uniform, Color Belts In Cotton / Satin, Boxing Gloves, Boxing Mitts, Karate Mitts, Shin Guards, Coaching Pads, Punching Bags, Sepeed Balls, Boxing Shorts, Kick Boxing Trousers, Skipping Ropes, Mouth Guards, Hand Wrap, kungfu Gloves, Head Guards, Chest Guards, Weight Lifting Gloves / Belts etc.
Pakistan 25-Oct-2012
Fighter Friends Industries (Exporter)

Garments : T-Shirts, Trousers.
Sports Goods, Boxing / Martial Arts Accessories, Boxing Gloves, Punching Bags, Head Guards, Groin Guard, Shin Guard, Boxer Shorts / Boxer Gowns, Hand Wraps, Kit Bags, Judo / Karate / Taekwondo /jiu Jitsu/ kung Fu / Ninja / Hakama Uniforms, Karate / Boxing Shoes, Karate Belts / Striping / Poom / Panel / Master Belts, Sportswear etc.
Pakistan 28-Jan-2010
CM Sports (Exporter)

Sports Goods & Sportswear Garments: Match Ball, Training Ball, Beach Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Rugby Ball, Promotional Ball, Sala / Futsal Ball, Indoor Ball & Mini Balls, Boxing Equipment, Boxing Gloves, Head Guards, Punching Gloves, Punching Bags, Punching Balls, Focus Pads, Shin Guards & Protective Guards, Martial Arts Wears, Karate Suits, kung Fu Suits, Judo Suits, Ninja Suits, Taekwondo Suits, Kick Boxing Suits, Boxing Shorts And Karate Belts, Motorbike Gloves, Motocross Gloves, Golf Gloves, Riding Gloves, Cycle Gloves, Goal Keeper Gloves & Weightlifting Gloves, Track Suits, Soccer Kits, Basketball Kits, Rugby Kits, Goal Keeper Suits, Fleece Shirts, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Training Bibs, Trousers & Shorts, Sports Shoes, Socks, Elasticated Items, Plastic Accessories, Team Bag and Sports Nets and other Sports Accessories.
Headwear : Caps.
Pakistan 03-Oct-2009
Argson Sports (Exporter)

Sportswear : Karate Suite, Judo Uniform, Taekwondo Suite, Tai Chi Jackets, Hakama Suite, kung Fu Suite & Martial Art, Boxing Equipments & Sportswear Just like Track Suites Jogging Suites Sweat Shirt & Sweat Pants T-shirt & Polo Shirts.
Pakistan 16-Feb-2009
Sandex Enterprises (Exporter)

Headwear : Head Guards.
Garments : Shorts, Trousers.
Fashion Accessories : Belts.
Sports Goods : Football, Volley Ball, Net Ball, Sala Ball, Hand Ball, Punching Ball, Mini Ball and American and Australian Rugby Ball. Judo, Karate, Taekwondo kung Fu Ninja Ju-Jitsu Uniforms, Boxing Gloves, Bag Mitts & Protective Gloves, Bag Mitts & Protective Equipments, Protective Equipments Focus Pad, Shin Guard, Shoes, Shields, Paous, Floppy Mitts, Shoes.
Pakistan 30-Mar-2006
Neeron International (Exporter)

Garments : T-shirts, Hoodies.
Sportswear : Martial Arts Uniforms, Teakwondo Uniforms, Judo Uniforms, Kendo, Hakama, Ninja Uniforms, kung Fu Uniforms, and Rank Belts, Soccer Uniforms, Basket Ball Uniforms, Baseball Uniforms, Volleyball Uniforms, etc

Fabric Goods, Hand Pads, Forearm Pads, Shin Pads, Shin Instep Pads, Knee Pads, Knee Bands, Ankle Pads, Ankle Band, Elbow Pads, Groin Guards etc.

Protector Gears, Chest Guards, Belly Protector, Groin Guards male female, Forearm Guards, Shin Guards, Shin Instep Guards, Karate Protector Gloves, Teeth Protector / Mouth Guards, Head Guards, Striking Pads, And Coaching Mitts etc.

Sports Shoes, Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, Bag Gloves, Boxer Gowns, Boxing Trousers, Boxer Uniforms, Boxing Shorts, Punching Bags, Speed Balls and Kit Bags etc.
Pakistan 27-Jul-2005
Master Brothers (Exporter)

Sportswear : Judo/ Karate/ Taekwondo/ kung Fu Uniforms and Martial Arts Equipments and Belts.
Judo Karate Taekwando kung Fu Boxing Gloves
Pakistan 15-Feb-2005
Habib International (Exporter)

Sports Goods : Martial Arts Equipments and Boxing Gloves, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Canvas, kung fu Uniform, Hakama, Boxing Equipments, Taekwondo Shoes, Belts and Elasticated Accessories

Boxing Gloves & Equipments : Boxing Gloves, Bag Mitts, Biggest Training Mitts, Punching Balls. Double End Balls,
Gel Gloves, Grappling Gloves, Training Accessories, Protectors, Heavy Bags ( Genuine
Buffalo Leather, Split leather, Artificial Leather, Coated Parachute, Canvas 20-Oz etc )
Uniforms, Shorts, Trouser, Professional Shorts, Competition Suits, Gown, Kit Bags etc.

Martial Art Uniforms & Equipments : Karate, Judo, Teakwondo, kung-Fu, Ninja, Jiu Jitsu Uniforms, Karate Mitts, Shoes Protectors, Teakwondo Rackets ( Single / Double ), Karate Mitts, Woku Mitts etc.

Body Protection Equipments : Knee Pads, Elbow Guards, Shin + instep Protectors, Fist Protectors, Arm Protectors,
Knee Brace, Thigh Brace, Elbow Brace, Hand Mitts, Groin Guards ( Ladies / Gents ),
Chest Guard ( Ladies / Gents ), Plastic Molded Chest Guard for Ladies, Maxi Guard
for Ladies, Hand Wraps, Wrist Band etc.

Fitness Gloves / Belts : Weightlifting Gloves, Belts, Power Belts, Power Claw, Head Harnesses, AB Straps,
Wrist Wraps, Knee Wraps, Wrist Bands, W-Lifting Straps, Skipping Rope, Punching Bag
Set etc
Pakistan 01-Jul-2004
Yuting International Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Martial Arts Equipment : Kendo, Aikido Iaido, kung Fu.
Taiwan 17-Apr-2004
W.Nfurqan Ind. (Exporter)

Sportswear / Martial Arts Uniforms i.e. Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Ninja, kung Fu, Kendo Jacket, Hakama, Colour Belts, etc & accessories, Soccer Balls, Footballs, Hand Balls, Goal Keeper Gloves, Goal Keeper Waterproof Trousers, Goal Keeper Waterproof Overall etc.
Pakistan 25-Feb-2004
Starpak Companies Group (Exporter)

Boxing, Fitness Boxing, Kick Boxing Judo, Ju Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, kung Fu, Ninja, Active Wear, Football.
Pakistan 25-Dec-2003
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