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This And That Exim (Exporter)

Kitchenware : Chopping Board, Coasters, Kitchen Dining, Bar Accessories.
Cutlery : Spoon Sets, Bowls, Tray, Glass.
Wall Décor, Mirror Frame, Shandow Box, Animal Wall Decor, Photo Collage, Shelves, Wall Hanging, Decor & Accents, Alphabets, Pen Stand, Globes, Magnifying Glass, Decorative Boxes, Photo Frame, Christmas Decor, Halloween, Home Accents, Jewelry Stand, Bathroom Sets, Furniture, Flowers Pots, Solid Woods, Opulence, Hardware, Knobs, Hooks, Curtain Finials, Door Knockers.
India 11-Feb-2017
Recordler Instruments (India) (Exporter)

Nautical Instruments, Telescope, Magnifying Glass, Table magnifier, Sand Timer, Ship Wheel, Diving Helmet, Lamps, Spotlights etc.
India 03-Dec-2016
Prime Source Industries (Exporter)

Nautical Items, Compass, Telescope, Sand Timer, Magnifying Glass, Cutlery, Bar Set, Cork and Bottle Opener, Metal Vases, Candle Holder, Planters, Picture Frames Of Metal, Wood and Horn & Bone Craft, Wooden Decorative Boxes, Glass Decor, Candle Wax Votive, Hurricane, Candle Holder, Jewelry Stands, Christmas Decor Hangings, Desktop Mens Gift, Table-Clocks / Clocks.
India 03-Aug-2016
Hind Handicrafts (Exporter)

Wooden Items, Wood Carving & Brass Inlay Items, Boxes, Key Rings, Wood Fashion Jewellery, Bangles, Buttons, Door Handles, Incense Stick, Holders, Candle Stand, Magnifying Glass, magnifiers, Compass, Ship Wheels, Nautical, Antique Items.
India 25-Jul-2016
Ares India (Exporter)

Candle Holders, Votives, T-Light Holders, Lanterns, Desk Bells, Door Knocker, Hooks, Armillary Globes, Astrolabes, Boatswain Whistles, Compasses, Magnifying Glasses, Nautical Clock, Nautical Keyrings, Sand Timer's, Ships, Telescopes, Telegraphs.
India 06-May-2016
Education Material Exports (Exporter)

School & College Laboratory Apparatus & Instruments, Scientific Glassware, Plastic Ware, Double & Triple Beam Balance, Double Plate Balance, Lab Coats & Aprons, Brass Weights & Masses, Electric Circuit Models, Electricity, Electronics Products, Laboratory Porcelain Ware, Lab Coats, Aprons, Brushes for Test Tubes, Beakers, Bottles, Burette, Pipette & Flask, Rubber Stoppers, Corks, Filter, Indicator Paper, Prisms, Lenses, magnifiers of Different Type & Acrylic Blocks, Biological Models & Charts, Test Tube Holder & Tripod Stand, Tuning Forks.
India 03-Mar-2016
Aliff Internationals (Exporter)

Nauticals Instruments, Antique Clocks, Brass Map Reader, Brass Nautical Decor Items, Brass Sun Watches, Metal Warrior Helmets, Table Top Antique Clocks, Brass Magnifying Glass, Brass Compass, Brass Nautical Instruments, Brass Spot Lamp, Sand Clocks, Brass Kaleidoscope, Brass Pen Holder, Antique Photographic Camera, Horoscope Compass, Nautical Sextants.
India 14-Aug-2015
Wenzhou Jingcheng Accessories Ltd (Exporter)

Glasses Chains, Cords, Pendants & magnifiers.
China 03-Jun-2015
National Tools Centre (Exporter & Importer)

Sheet & Wire Rolling Machines, Gold Smith Tools, Vibtrater & Magnetic Polishers, Jewellery, Packing Boxes & Display Items, Pouch Bags, Trays, Necks, Display Products, Benches, Busch Burs, Cleaning and Polishing, Diamond and Gem Testers, Diamond, Drills, Engraving, Files, Flexshafts, Gauges, Gemological Instruments, Gold Testers, Hammers and Holders, Jewelers Kits, Knives, Lamps, Loupes and magnifiers, Mandrels, Microscopes, Pliers and Cutters, Publications, Renata Batteries, Ring Tools, Rolling Mills, Saw Blades And Saw Frames, Scales, Scissors and Shears, Screwdrivers, Scribes, Security Items, Setting Tools, Silversmithing, Specials, Storage And Display, Torches, Tweezers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Watchmaking and Repair, Gold Processing Machines.
India 12-Jan-2015
Metaloart Techno Corporation (Exporter)

Brass Articles, Iron Articles, Ss Articles, Aluminium Articles, Wooden Articles, Handicraft, Artcraft, Antique, Vintage Cameras and Projectors, Nautical Sextant, Compasses, Binoculars, Telescopes, Keyrings, Spotlights, Focuslights, Candle Holders, Armor Items, Sandtimers, Cameras, Projectors, Cruise Tables, magnifiers, Homeware etc.
India 10-May-2014
G. N Dental Instruments (Exporter)

Dental Instruments and Surgical Instruments, Amalgam Carriers, Cotton Tweezers, Crown Instruments, Dental Impression Tray Perforated, Dental Scalars, Dental Syringes, Gum Scissors, Mouth Mirror (Magnifying), Pliers, Probes Explorers Single ended, Root Elevator, Rubber Dam Punch & Clamp Forceps, Dental Root Elevator Bein, Rugines-Respatoires Obwegeser.
Pakistan 18-May-2013
The Czar Enterprises (Exporter)

Nautical Instruments and Gift Items : Antique Hand Held Telescope, Solid Brass Searchlight, Antique British Navy Sextant With Wooden Box, Collectible Pocket Compass, World Time Marine Clock, Antique Wall Clock, Anchor Engineering Diving Helmet, Antique Replica Pocket Watch and Antique Telephones. Also, we offer Antique Brass Opera Glasses Binoculars, Decorative Candle Votive Holders, Authentic Models Reader's Magnifying Glass, Antique Brass Floor Lamps, Hand Bells, Armillary Sphere Globe Authentic Models Atlas, Colorful Hanging Lanterns, Antique Ship Bell and Clock Diving Helmets.
India 14-Dec-2012
Magnify Exports (Exporter)

Toiletries : Beauty Soaps.
Herbal Medicines, Ayurvedic Medicines, Aloevera Juice, Noni Juice.
India 18-Sep-2012
Mairui Ke Technology Co Ltd (Exporter)

TV Microscope, USB Microscopes, Digital Magnifying Glass, Magnifying Glass, TV Microscopes.
China 24-Feb-2012
Spark Enterprises (Exporter)

Candle Holders, Coat Hooks, Compasses, Bells, magnifiers, Christmas, Reindeer, Bowls, Dishes, Trays, Gifts, Home Decor, Lamps.
India 30-Jan-2012
Vishal Metals (Exporter)

Clocks, Telephones, Timepieces, Designer Mirrors, Photo Frames, Gramophones, Magnifying Glasses.
India 25-Jul-2011
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Kitchenware : Chopping Board, Coasters, Kitchen Di ...

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