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Excichem (Exporter)

Fine Laboratory Chemicals, Analytical Reagents, Bio-chemicals, microscopical Stains & Indicators, Precious Metallic Salts, Rare Metals & Research Chemicals, LR/AR, HPLC, UV, Spectroscopy, GC Grade Solvents.
United Kingdom 13-Oct-2017
Guangzhou Micro-shot Technology Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

microscope Cameras, Led Fluorescence Illumination, Fluorescence microscopes & Optical microscopes.
China 28-Sep-2017
Veg Hub (Exporter)

Vegetables, Fruits, Pulses, Lentils, Dry Fruit, Laboratory Glassware, microscopes.
India 23-Jan-2017
Sobek Precision Instrument (Exporter)

Optics microscope, Manual & CNC Vision System, Bridge Vision System.
China 05-Dec-2016
Raj Scientifics (Exporter)

Laboratory Equipments, Laboratory Instruments, Compound microscope, Student microscope, Binocular microscope, Medical microscope, Binocular microscope, Pathological microscopes, Dissecting microscope, Laboratory Glassware.
India 13-May-2016
Biomedica Healthcare (Exporter)

Educational Products, Medical Products, Healthcare Products, Hospitals, Agricultural Products, Food Processing, Engineering & Electrical, Industrial Products & Supplies, Construction Materials & Equipment, Chemical, Automobile, Solar, I. C. Engine Test Rigs & Turbines, Engineering Training Equipment, & microscope Equipments.
India 29-Dec-2015
The Western Electric & Scientific Works (Exporter)

microscopes, Microtomes, Indian microscope, Engineering Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, microscope Manufacturer, Biological microscope, Binocular Coaxial microscope, Light microscope, Compound microscope, Laboratory microscope Manufacturer, Fluorescent microscope, Tissue Culture microscope, Stereo microscope, Rotary Microtome, Physics Instruments, microscope Cameras, microscopic Software.
India 10-Dec-2015
Ningbo Mflab Medical Instruments Co Ltd (Exporter)

Disposable Plastic & Glass Labwares, microscope Slide Accessories, Hemanalysis, Laboratory Instruments.
China 19-May-2015
Globaxico (Exporter)

Educational Scientific Equipments, Laboratory Scientific Equipments, Educational Equipments, Laboratory Glassware, Educational Science Lab Supplies, Physics Lab, Biology Lab, Chemistry Lab, Education Furniture, microscopes.
India 28-Apr-2015
Charleston Scientific International (Exporter)

Biology Laboratory Items : Skeleton Models, Life-Cycles, Plant Models, microscope.
Physics Lab Equipments : Magnets.
Chemistry Lab Instruments : Ph-meters, Thermometers, Digital Vernier Caliper.
Lung Respiration Models, Lens Holder, Electromagnets, Lever Balance, Robotikits & Solar Cell Conversion Set.
Thailand 16-Jan-2015
National Tools Centre (Exporter & Importer)

Sheet & Wire Rolling Machines, Gold Smith Tools, Vibtrater & Magnetic Polishers, Jewellery, Packing Boxes & Display Items, Pouch Bags, Trays, Necks, Display Products, Benches, Busch Burs, Cleaning and Polishing, Diamond and Gem Testers, Diamond, Drills, Engraving, Files, Flexshafts, Gauges, Gemological Instruments, Gold Testers, Hammers and Holders, Jewelers Kits, Knives, Lamps, Loupes and Magnifiers, Mandrels, microscopes, Pliers and Cutters, Publications, Renata Batteries, Ring Tools, Rolling Mills, Saw Blades And Saw Frames, Scales, Scissors and Shears, Screwdrivers, Scribes, Security Items, Setting Tools, Silversmithing, Specials, Storage And Display, Torches, Tweezers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Watchmaking and Repair, Gold Processing Machines.
India 12-Jan-2015
AMT Dental (Exporter)

Dental Consumables, Dental Equipments, Portable X-ray Machines, RVG, Surgical microscope, Endo Motor, Apex Locators, Dental Lasers, Hard Tissue Lasers etc.
India 06-Jan-2015
Sai's Ridge Specialities (Exporter)

ECG Machine, Arthroscopes, Anaesthesia Machine, Probes Gastroscopes, Neo Care Ventilators, Emg Ot Femugator, Oxygen Concentrator, PFT Machine, Suction Machines, Video / Laryngoscopes, Ventilators, Oxymeter, Cricothyrotomy Sets, Skin Stapplers, Featal Doppler, Cautery Machines, Syringe Pump, Hospital Furniture, Infusion Pump, LED Light Source, Arthroscopy Instruments, Urethroscopes, Sinuscopes, Operation Theatre LED Lights, vein Lite, Coupler, Laminar Airflow, Warmers, Rectoscope, Autoclaves, Laproscopes, Nefroscopes, Multipara Monitor, defibrillator, Sonography Machine, plaster Cutters, Heamotology Analysers, xray Machine, X Ray View Box, Biochemical Analysers, Hollowares, co2 Insufflator, Micro Motor Drill, Incubbators, Oxgen Regulator, Camera Single Chip, hysteroscopes, Telescopes, Camera 3-chip Indian, Vascular Dopplerv, Hospital Nurses / Staff Dress, X Ray Lead / Lead Free Gowns, Tourniqautes, LED Headlight, Doctors Gown / Patient Gown, Peak Flow Meters, Digital Thermometers, Nebulisers, Ssurgipen, Glucometer, Syring Needle Destroyer, Glucosticks, Heamoglobin Meter, Hiv Kits, Fiber Optic Cables, Infrared Thermoscope, Finger Tip Oxymeter, Hot Water Bags, Surgical Clippers, Aneroid Sphygmanometer, Ultrasound Gel, Ecg Gel, X Ray Developer Fixer, Eto –ethylene Oxide Gas Sterlisers, air Sterlisation System, Biochemical Analyser, Micro Surgery Instruments Cleaning Solution, Cath Lab Products, Tracheastomy Tube, Operating microscop, O.t Sterliser / Fog Machine / Formalin Chamber / Biomedical, Ortho Aids / Rehabillation Wheel Chairs, Hospital Furniture, Hospital Holloware, Biosafety Cabinets, Flash Autoclaves, Neuropathy Analyser, Dialyser, Indirect Opthalmoscopes, Blood Pressure Analysis System, Physiotherapy Equipments and Units.
India 07-Jul-2014
G. S. Instruments Industries (Exporter)

Binocullar microscopes, Medical Pathological microscopes, Travelling microscopes, Junior microscopes, Medical microscopes, microscopes Repair Also Avialabe, Dissecting microscopes, Newton Ring microscopes, Telescopes All Types, Coxial Binocullar microscopes, Single Nose microscopes, microscopes Assesries, Eye Pieces, Wide Fields All, Binocullar Head, Mecanical Stages All Types, microscopes Nose Pieces All Types, Models, Skeltons, Screw Gauges, Spehrometer, microscopes Reflectors, Ark microscopes, microscopes Diapharm, microscopes Cameras, Trinocullar Head, Abbe Reflectometer, Centrifuge Machines Electric, Centrifige Machine Hand Oprating, Voltmeters, Ammeters, Ohms Law Appratus, Ressistane Box, Tunning Fork Set, Oven, Humdity Chambers, Disstilation Appratus 3 Litre, Calliper, One Meter Scales Stailess Steel, Manufacturers Of microscopes, Manufacturers Of microscopes Optics, Manufacturers And Suppliers Of microscopes, Scientific Instruments And Laboutory Equipment, Indian microscopes Repair, microscopes Repair In All
India 22-Mar-2014
Alyka International (Exporter & Importer)

Biology Models, Human Anatomy Models, Oestology Models, Medical Models, Human Physiology Models, Zoology Models, Botony Models, Geography Models, Nursing Models, Lab Glassware, Lab Plastic Ware, Vision microscopes, Oestology Models, Biologymodels, Earth Science Models, Zoology Models, Botony Models, Human Anatomy Models, Geography Models And Charts, Medical Models, Nursing Models, Human Physiology Models.
India 15-Mar-2014
Rupali Instruments Corporation (Exporter & Importer)

Teachers microscopes, Binoculars, Trine Ulnar microscopes, Digital microscopes, Lab Glassware, Lab Plastic Ware, Lab Balances, Lab Ovens & Incubators, Anatomy Models, Botony Models, Zoology Models, Biology Models, Oestology Models, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology Models, School Lab Instruments, Science Lab Instruments, Surgical Instruments, Milk Testing Instruments, Dairy Instruments, Hygrometers, Thermometers, Hygrometers Exporters, Analytical, Pharmaciticals Lab Instruments
India 15-Mar-2014
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