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B K Exim (Exporter & Importer)

Fashion Accessories : Belts.
Footwear : Leather Shoes, Sandals.
Garments, Wallet, Portfolio Case, Mobile Case, Ladies Handbags, Big Fancy Buckle, Chaps, Holsters, Gloves, Human Hair, Ferro Alloys, Silicon Manganese, Ferro Silicon, Ramming Mass, Quartz, Ingot mold, Bottom Plate, Manhole Cover, Pet Bottle, Food Container, Plastic Bowl, Lunch Box, Water Dispenser, Sports Bottle, Jewellery Set, Mugs, Jewellery Items, Non-Gold Items, Silver Items, Gemstones, Ornaments.
India 26-Apr-2017
Eurolink Corporation Ltd (Exporter)

Agricultural Commodities : Maize, Rice.
Meat & Poultry Products : Eggs, Chicken, Buffalo Meat, Beefs.
Pulses & Lentils : Red Lentils, Chick Peas, Yellow Split Peas, Fava Beans, White Beans, Broad Beans, Kidney Beans.
Food Products : Tomato Paste, Pastas, Tinned Food, Chilled Food.
Non-alcoholic Beverages : Tea.
Plastic Raw Materials : PVC Resin, LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), LLDPE, PP, PPR, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).
Chemicals : Calcium Carbide, Methylene Chloride, Caustic Soda, Caustic Lye.
Electrical Appliances : Air Conditioners, Freezers, Refrigerators.
Maize Flour, Maize Grits / Porridges, Corn Grits, Wheat Flour, Grains, Milk Powder, Yeast, Edible Oil / Vegetable-oil, Salt, Sugar, Tissue Paper, Tissue Jumbo Rolls, Polyol, TDI, DMEA, Silicone, Color Mixes For Pu Foam, Acetone, Oxygen Cylinders, Acetylene Cylinders, Argon Cylinders, Argon, Welding Electrodes, Air Separation Plants, Medical Oxygen Plants, Blown Film Lines, Extrusion Lines, Pipe Extrusion, Rubber Hose, Water Bottling Line, Preform Injection molding Lines, Injection molding Lines, Diaper Production Lines, Diaper Production Materials, LDPE Plastic Sheet, Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Non-woven, Adl Sheet, Sap, Super Absorbent Polymer, Fluff Pulp, Wood Pulp, Sanitary Towel Lines, Iv Infusion Production Lines, Automotive Batteries, Automotive / Auto Spare Parts, Steel Pipes & Fitting, Rectangular Pipe, Rectangular Section Steel, I-beams, H-beams, Angle Iron, Hollow Section Steel, Steel Billets, Flat Steel Bar, Steel Netting, Bakery Equipments, Snacks Extruders, Snacks Pellets, Ppr Fittings, Food Additives, Citric Acid, Transformers, Compact Electrical Substations, Switch-gear, Electrical Distribution Equipment, T & D Equipments.
United Kingdom 08-May-2015
Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Techonology Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

RTV-2 molding Silicone, Addition Silicone, Pad Printing Silicone Rubber, Life Casting Silicone, Electronic Potting Silicone Rubber, FDA Silicone, Silicon Oil, Manual mold Silicone, LSR, Trademark Silicone Rubber, Textile Coating Silicone Rubber, Liquid Silicone Rubber.
China 17-Jan-2018
Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

Silicone Rubber, Rtv-2 molding Silicone Rubber, Silicone Rubber For Manual Model Design, Shoe Sole mold Silicone Rubber, Silicon Oil, Pad Printing Silicone Rubber, Encapsulant & Potting Compound, Silicone Rubber For Led Display, Electronic Thermolysis Ointment, Thermal Conductivity Silicone, Special Silicone Rubber For Cpu, Silicone Tube, Silicone Membrane, Silicone Sealant, Liquid Silicone Rubber, Addition Cure Rtv Silicone Rubber, Htv Silicone Rubber, Solid Silicone Rubber, Gross Rubber, Silicone Rubber Sheet, Hot Stamping Silicone Plates, Liquid Silicone, Hot Stamping Silicone Roller.
China 16-Jan-2018
Roysofttech (Exporter)

Machinery, Industrial Product, CNC Turning, Paper Machinery, Plants, Blow molding Machine, CNC Engraving, Drilling Machine, Heavy Machinery, Laser Marking Machine, Machineries, Components, Electricals, Light, Machinery Parts.
India 12-Jan-2018
Shenzhen Cenker Enterprise Ltd. (Exporter)

SMD Power Inductors, Axial Lead Inductors, Radial Lead Inductors, Toroidal Inductors, Choke Coils, molding Choke, Transformer, Ferrite Rod Coils.
China 28-Dec-2017
Firm " S V" Llc (Exporter)

Toiletries : Shampoos.
Cleaning Carpets & Upholstered Furniture, Removing Rust, Cleaning Acrylic Bathtubs, Showers & Cleaning Tile, Sinks, Multipurpose Cleaner, Removal Of mold, Cleaning Of Stoves, Universal Cleaning Cream, Toilet Cleaning Gel, Glass Cleaner, Washing Liquid, Washing Powder Phosphate-free, Fabric Softeners, Dishwashing Detergents, Liquid Soaps, Household Liquid Soaps, Nail Polish Remover, Bleachers Dry, Liquid Bleaches, Pipe Cleaning.
Ukraine 20-Dec-2017
Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Aluminum Sheets, Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Plate, Shipbuilding Aluminum Plate, mold Aluminum Plate, Aluminum Tread Plate, Aluminum Checker Plate.
China 22-Nov-2017
Sasana Enterprises (Exporter)

Gemstones, Clothing, molding Bra Cup.
Sri Lanka 13-Nov-2017
Dongguan Guochuang Organic Silicone Material Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Silicone Products, Liquid Silicone Rubber, Rtv-2 Silicone Rubber, Condensation Cure Silicone Rubber, Addition Cure Silicone Rubber, Food Grade Silicone Rubber, Manual molding Silicone Rubber, Shoe mold Silicone Rubber, Tyre mold Silicone Rubber, Pad Printing Silicone Rubber, Electronic Potting Silicone Rubber, HTV Silicone Rubber, Solid Silicone Rubber, Silicone Stone mold, Silicone Soap mold, Silicone Candle mold, Customed mold.
China 10-Nov-2017
Aero Engineering (Exporter)

Filament Winding Machine & molding Machine.
Pakistan 07-Nov-2017
Psctech Viet Nam Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

mold Making, Plastic Injection molding, Jig & Fixtures.
Viet Nam 30-Oct-2017
Sunchem Group H.k. Ltd. (Exporter)

Phenolic molding Compound, Urea Formaldehyde molding Compound, Food Additives & Ingredients, Feed Additives, Dyes, Petroleum Resin.
China 19-Sep-2017
Qingdaoyifeng (Exporter)

Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line, Plastic Board Extrusion Line, Plastic Sheet Production Line, Plastic Foam Board Production Line, Plastic Recycle & Pelletizing Unit, Plastic Extrusion, Plastic Extruding Die & Water Tank Blow molding Machinery, Blow molding Machinery.
China 07-Sep-2017
Naisis International Ltd. (Exporter)

Polymer Waterproof Membranes, Polymer Waterproof Coil, Waterproof Membrane, Bituminous Waterproof Sheet Material, Bituminous Waterproof Membrane, Weeding Machine, Cutting Machine, Gardening Machine, Binding Supplies, Twin Ring Binding Wire, Twin Ring Wire, Injection molding Of Plastic Products, Binding Wire Spools, O Binding Wire, Binding Machine, Office Machine, Plastic Comb, Plastic Binding Comb, Solar Led Lamp, Office Binding Machine, Led Lamp. Garden Solar Lamp, Garden Lamp.
China 22-Aug-2017
Beiwei Mold Industry Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

Mould, Plastic Mould, Plastic Injection Mould, Plastic Blow Mould, Plastic Parts.
China 05-Aug-2017
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Eurolink Corporation Ltd
United Kingdom

Agricultural Commodities : Maize, Rice.
Meat & ...

B K Exim

Fashion Accessories : Belts.
Footwear : Leather ...

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