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New Raj Exports (Exporter)

Soyabean, Radiators, Soyabean Meal, Ladies purses, Track Suits.
India 01-Mar-2017
Wallet World Work (Exporter)

Wallets, Handbag & purse.
India 19-Feb-2018
Global Multiple Services (Exporter & Importer)

Electronics : Led Television.
Eyewear : Branded Sunglasses.
Watches, Shoes, purse, Wireless Headset.
India 14-Feb-2018
Shree Exports (Exporter & Importer)

Home Furnishing & Textile : Carpet, Bed Sheets.
Writing Instrument, Bangles, Handloom, Garments, Hosiery, Sports-Wears, Greeting Cards, Cutlery, purses, Hairpins.
India 15-Jan-2018
S I Faishoin (Exporter)

Garments : Poncho, Jacket, Beaded Garments.
purse, Scarf & Stoll.
India 09-Jan-2018
Green Team (Exporter)

Fashion Accessories : Belts.
Leather Gents Wallet, Ladies purse, Gents Bag, Ladies Handbags, Shoes & Leather Products.
Bangladesh 26-Dec-2017
Tazwar (Exporter)

Garments : Clothing, Saree.
Home Furnishing & Textile : Rugs, Bed Sheets, Cushion Covers, Curtains.
Tissues Box, Jute Products, Handmade Products, Ethnic Items, Organic & Natural Products, Handbag, Bangles, Shoes, Ladies purse, Lamps.
Bangladesh 27-Nov-2017
Techno Leathers (Exporter)

Garments : Leather Jackets.
Fashion Accessories : Belts.
Leather & Leather Goods, Chemical & Dye, Shoes, Wallets, Men Briefcase, Gloves, Ladies Handbags, Ladies purse, Laptop & Mobile Covers, Wrist Wear.
Pakistan 20-Nov-2017
Gochy Nig Ent Ltd. (Exporter)

Edible Oils : Palm Oils.
Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts.
Agricultural Products & Allied Products, Spices, Cassava Flakes, Sesame Seeds, Ginger, Soya Bean, Hardwood Charcoal, Cassava, Leather Handbags, Leather purse, Laptop Bags, Box Bags, Chain purse, Wallet, African Prints & Fabric, Garments / Clothes, Jewelries & Accessories.
Nigeria 09-Nov-2017
Christiana Reginald (Exporter)

Handbags, purses, Laptop Bags, School Bags, Travel Boxes, Brief Cases.
Nigeria 30-Oct-2017
Halvadiya Handmade Creation (Exporter)

Handmade Jewelry, Ladies purse, Handbags, Beauty Products.
India 27-Oct-2017
Atra (Exporter)

Fashion Accessories : Leather Belts.
Leather Handbags, Leather Wallet, Butterfly Chairs, Leather purse, Leather Pouches.
Poland 23-Oct-2017
Onbuy (Exporter & Importer)

Footwear : Leather Slippers.
Garments : Batik Dress.
Leather Handbags, Leather purse, Table Mats, Ceylon Tea, Handmade Items.
Sri Lanka 18-Sep-2017
Kalpana Craft (Exporter)

Home Furnishing : Felt Carpets.
Footwear : Shoes & Slipper.
purse, Handbags.
Nepal 15-Sep-2017
Xinyuan Hardware Factory (Exporter)

Bag Accessories, Box Accessories, Bag Handle, Handbags & purse, Steel Strip & Aluminium Strip, PU / Leather Handbags, Acrylic / Wooden purse, Handbag, Box.
China 29-Aug-2017
The India Trading Company (Exporter)

Handmade Bags, purses, Clutches etc.
India 22-Aug-2017
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