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Global Special Gas Service Co Ltd (Exporter)

Refrigerant Gases : R-12, R-22, R-134A, R-123, R-404A, R-407C, R290, R600A, r1270.
Industrial Gases, High Purity Gases, Electronic-Gases, Special Gases, Oxygen, Argon, Helium, Neon, Krypton, Xenon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), Ethylene, Silane, Aluminum & Steel Gas Cylinders & Equipments.
Hong Kong 25-Jun-2015
Yong Hua Refrigerant Co Ltd (Exporter)

Refrigerant, r12, R22, R134a, R404a, R410a, R407c, R417a and so on.
China 05-Jul-2012
Huizhan Energy Machinery Co Limited (Exporter)

Refrigerant Gases : R404, R401, R407, R134A, R22, r12, R406, R507, R502, R11, R142B, R141 etc.
Wholesale Copper Tube, Filter Drier, Valve, Oil For Gas, Receiver, Separator, Heating Exchangers, Expansion Valve, Vibration Absorber, Compressor, Dehumidifier / Humidifier.
China 25-Apr-2012
Quhua Zhongxing Refrigeration Technology Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Refrigerant Gases : r12, R22, R134a, R406A, R407A, R410A, R404A R507 R502 and Environmental Protection Refrigerants.
China 14-Feb-2012
Quhua Zhongxing Refrigeration Technology Co. (Exporter)

Eco-friendly & Fluorine Refrigerants : r12, R22, R134A, R406A, R407A, R410A, R404A, R507A, R502.
China 05-Jul-2011
Fuming Refrigeration Co Ltd (Exporter)

Traditional Refrigerants : r12, R22, R134A, R407C, and R502.
China 11-Apr-2011
Zhejiang Zhonglan Refrigerant Technology Co Ltd (Exporter)

Refrigerant Gases : R22, R134A, r12, R404A, R407C, R410, R502, R406 etc.
China 05-May-2010
Chengdu Fuchuan Refrigeration Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Refrigerants : R22, r12, R134A, R404A, R410A, R407C, R502, R11, R406, R141B, R142B and so on.
China 03-Sep-2009
Hangzhou Fuming Refrigeration Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

Refrigerant Gas : r12, R22, R 134A, R407C, R410 & R502.
China 10-Jun-2009
Praise Ford Ltd (Exporter)

Refrigerants r12, R13, R22, R23, Hydrofluoric Acid.
Hong Kong 05-Jul-2006
Strongflex (Exporter)

Hydraulics Rubber Hoses SAE100R1AT, R2AT, 4SP, 4SH, R9, R10, r12, R13.
Wire Braided Hydraulic Hose & Muti-spiraled Hydraulic Rubber Hoses.
SAE100R1AT/ DIN20022 EN853 1SN, SAE100R2AT/DIN 20022 EN853 2SN, DIN20023 EN856 4SP,
4SH, SAE100R5, SAE100R4, SAE100R3, SAE100R6, SAE100 R7, SAE100R9, SAE100R10,
SAE100r12, SAE100R13, SAE100R14, Steam Hoses, Air Hoses and other industrial hoses.
also, Automotive Belt, V-Belt, Ribbed Rubber Belt, and Rubber Conveyor Belts.
China 24-Apr-2006
Oz-Is Auto Spare Parts Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

Auto Spare Parts : Inner Door Panels, Sunvisors, Inner Ceiling, Side Panel, Luggage Carpet, Outer Seal, Inner Seal, Luggage Cartoon Set, Luggage Door Panel.
Volkswagen : Door Covering, Ceiling Covering, Transporter Small, Sun Visor, Window Covering, Radiator Covering, Interior Side Covering.
Mercedes : 115 Cab Door Covering, 115 Cab Ceiling Covering, 115 Cab R-l 115 Body Down Pedal Sides, 115 Cab Back Trunk Right / Left Cartoon, 115 Cab Under Floor Isolator, 108 Cab Door Covering, 123 Cab Smooth Ceiling Covering.
Ford : Pickup Front Door Covering Printed / Nickeling, Interior Sun Visor, Ford Transit 12 Door Covering, P-100 Lorry Door Covering, Ford Taxsi 1.6 Door Covering Smooth, 69-72 Model Smooth Door Covering.
Japan : Isuzu Minibus Interior Side Covering, Kia Besta Interior Ceiling Covering, Vabis 111 Door Covering, Mazda E 2200 Minibus Interior Side Covering, ...
Fiat : 131 Fiat Door Covering, 131 Fiat 6 Ironed Ceiling Cover, 131 Fiat Interior Chest Felt, 131 Fiat Mudguard Over Covering, 124 Ceiling Covering & Voice Panel, 124 Floor Carpet, ..
Renault R9 /11/ 12 ; Renault 9 Door Covering, R-9-11interior Sun Visor, r12 Station Wagon Door Covering, r12 Front Interior Chest Felt, r12 Near Pedal Covering, Trunk Door Cartoon With Carpet, r12 Spare Tyre Cover, r12 Door Covering Wick.
Truck : Bmc, Fatih, Yavuz Truck Door Covering, Peugeot& Audi, Bedford Truck Door Covering, 50nc, Iveco Door Covering.
Mufflers : Thin Felt & 1.quality Caulked Roll Felt.
Turkey 16-Sep-2005
Global Refrigerants (Exporter & Importer)

Refrigerants Used & New : R-11, R-22, R-502, R-12, R-113, R-134 A.
United States 18-Feb-2005
Wirjo Industries - Verenigde Holdings Group MIJ. NV (Exporter)

Freon Gases type : R11 - r12 - R134a - R404a and R502.
Seafood : Shrimps such as Prawns, White - Pink & Brown.
Lumber : logs such as Teak, IPE, Wallaba and others tropical species.
Minerals : Nickel Concentrates and Nickel Ores.
Suriname 02-Feb-2005
Exportpartners Nig. Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

We Buy : Refrigerants r12 and R24.
We Sell : African Fabrics & Crafts Works.
Nigeria 16-Aug-2004
Chempro (Exporter)

Freon: R-114, R-113, R-12, R-11.
Canada 02-Apr-2004
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