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M / S Harved Industries (Exporter)

Stainless Steel scrubber, Loofah, Back Wash, Scourer Cleaning Pad.
India 26-Dec-2016
P M Scrubber (Exporter)

Non-woven Scrub Pads.
India 06-May-2016
Guangzhou Super Clean Machinery Company (Exporter)

Floor scrubber, Vacuum Cleaner, Wringer Trolley, Janitor Cart.
China 20-Jul-2015
Athena Beauty Machine Company (Exporter)

Soft Photon Equipments, Cavitation Slimming Instruments, Radio Frequency Machine, Oxygen Injection Machine, Oxygen Therapy, Cavitation Slimming Instrument, Electro Stimulation Equipment, Vacuum Body Shaper Machine, Ultrasonic Beauty Equipment, Mesotherapy Gun Machinery, Skin scrubber Machine, Bio Skin-lifting Machine, Personal Care & Beauty Products.
China 20-Jan-2015
KBF Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

Frying Pan, Wok Pan, Alten Bach, Stainless Steel Pan, Kitchenware, Tableware, Food Container, Topblock, Multicook, Multiwok, One Handle Pot, Two Handle Pot, Stew Pot, Glasslock, Glassware, Instant Noodle Rice, Cup Bap, Bibimbap Pouch, Skincare, Beauty Product, IPL, scrubber, Ultra Sound Massager.
South Korea (Republic Of Korea) 14-Oct-2014
Linyi Xintai Import& Export. Co, Ltd (Exporter)

Household Cleaning Accessories, Stainless Steel scrubber GI scrubber.
China 29-Sep-2014
Cambridge Engineers (Exporter)

Fiberglass Products & Equipments, Piping, Chute, Stacks, , Centrifugal Fan, FRP scrubber, FRP Tanks, Brick Making Machines & Spare Parts, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Centrifugal Fans,Scrubbing System, PP FRP Tanks, Ducting & Vessels, Material Conveying / Handling Equipments, Bakery Equipments.
India 06-May-2014
C N Cleanings (Exporter)

Floor scrubber & Sweeper, Vacuum Cleaner, Floor Polisher & Burnisher, Janitorial Products, Mopping Products, Plastic Products.
China 14-Mar-2014
Cletech India (Exporter)

Leaf Collectors, Lawn Sweepers, Road Sweepers, Litter Vacuums, Vacuum Cleaners, Auto scrubbers, Stencil Cutting Machines.
India 22-Nov-2013
Jizhou Zhongyi Frp Co Ltd (Exporter)

FRP and Advanced Composites, GFRP Tanks, Vessels and Piping, Cooling Tower, scrubbers, FRP Pipes, Sand-Filled FRP Pipe, Chimneys, Grid, SMC / BMC, FRP Pultrusion Profiles, Absorber Spraying Bank of FGD plants, Large diameter Gas Duct.
China 23-Oct-2013
K C Iyyappen Enterprises (Exporter)

Rat Glue Traps, Ramacham Bath scrubbers.
India 11-Oct-2013
Sang IL Industrial Corp. (Exporter)

Stainless Steel Scouring Pad, Nylon Scourer, Sponge Scourer, Cellulose Sponge, Magic Sponge, Abrasive Sponge, Stainless Steel Woven scrubber, Kitchen Cleaning Pad, Non Woven Cleaning Cloth, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Velcro Tapes.
South Korea (Republic Of Korea) 22-Apr-2013
Eco Environtech Services (Exporter)

Pollution Management Equipments, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Wet scrubber ( APCD ) Dust Collector, Heat Control Device, RO ( Reverse Osmosis ), Solar Hot Water System, Water Softener.
India 18-Jan-2013
Numatic Plants (Exporter)

Electroplating Equipment, Electroplating scrubbers, Electroplating Dryers, Electroplating Chemical Filters, Electroplating Barrels, Electroplating Rectifiers, Electroplating Plants, Automatic Electroplating Plants, Gold Electroplating Plants, Silver Electroplating Plants, Zinc Electroplating Plants, Industrial Tanks, Pickling Tanks,
PP Electroplating Tanks, MS Electroplating Tanks, Anodizing Tanks, Hard Chrome Plants, Chrome Electroplating Plants, Anodizing Plants, Automatic Anodizing Plants, Electroless Nickel Plating Plants, Electroplating Materials
Filter Papers, Electroplating Filter Cartridges, Electroplating Chemicals, Atotech Chemicals.
Chrome Spray Platings, Imitation Jewelry, Isabgol, Psyllium Husk, Plantago Ovata.
Saree-Pin, Pins, Brooch, Clip.
India 02-Nov-2012
SP Enterprises (Exporter & Importer)

Banana Fiber Products : Fiber, Ropes, Handicrafts, Natural Mats, Toys, Lamp Shades, Household Products, Decorative Products, Shopping Bags, Tray & Tea Sets, Medical Kit, Spoon Stand, Tool Box, Flower Vase Pot, Hanging Basket, Wall Piece, Bread Box, Placement Mats, Gift Boxes, Snacks Bowls Decorated, Back scrubber, Jewel Boxes, Purses, Mobile Pouch, Dolls, Bath scrubbers, Pot Hanger, Wool Bag, Knitted Ladies Hand Bags.
Garments : Cloth, Shirts.
India 16-Jul-2012
ParR International (Exporter & Importer)

We Sell : CR & GI Steel Coils and Sheets, Detergent Powder, Cotton Buds, Kitchenware etc.

We Buy : Household Commodities, scrubber, Scouring Pads, Kitchen Strainers & Graters, Kitchen Knife, Cotton Buds, Nail Cutters, Scissors, Tableware, Trays, etc.
Toiletries : Tooth Brushes.
India 04-Jun-2012
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