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Avensia General Trading LLC (Exporter & Importer)

Industrial Machinery Spare Parts Products, Aluminium Pulley ,Adjustable pulley ,Pilot Bore Pulleys,TL Pulley Bush, HRC Coupling, FCL Pin Bush Coupling, FL Steel Coupling, RRS Coupling, Building Materials, Timber Wood, Plywood, MDF Board, Binding Wire, Hessian Cloth, Green Shade Netting, Wire Nail, Steel Nail, Wood Screw, Aluminium Patty, Line Dori, Rapid Clamp, Wheel Barrow, shovel, Pick-axe, Spade, Crow Bar, Nail Bari, Garden Rake, Water Hose, Level Pipe, Polythene Sheets, Expanded Metal, Blue Fibre Mesh, Bar Bending Key, Soft & Hard Broom, Shuttering Clamps, Orange & Blue Tarpualin, Rush Machine, Medical consumables, Latex Powder Free Gloves, Latex Powdered Gloves, Sterile Lancets, Toilet Tissue Rolls,Toilette Liquid, Medical Syringes, Cotton Wool, Disposable Needle, Adhesive Plaster, Office Stationery, Photocopy paper, Box Files, ring binders, markers, pens, Whiteboard, Flipchart, Noticeboard, Shredder, Projectors, scanners, Safes, Cupboard, chairs, chair mat, Filling Cabinets, toner & cartridges, printers, laminators, Binding Machine, Labeling Machine & Tapes, Office Machines.
United Arab Emirates 16-Nov-2016
Trade House Chemindustry Ltd. (Exporter)

Toiletries : Soap Blocks.
Agricultural Products, Hand Tools, Jute Cloths, Jute Bags, Steel Digging Spades & shovels, Corn ( Maize ) Starch Powder, Wheat-Flour, Industrial Salt.
Ukraine 29-Aug-2017
Deewan Equipments (Exporter)

Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps, Tationery Concrete Pumps, Trailer With Block Loading, Crane & Grab, Plastering Machine, shovel, Transit Mixers.
United Arab Emirates 25-Aug-2016
United Agro Products (Exporter)

Cultivators & Cultivator Blades, Cultivator shovels / Phalas, Rotary Tiller Blades, Rotavator Blades, Tractor Cultivators, Harrow Discs, Cultivator Tines, Agricultural Parts, Agricultural Equipments, Agricultural Components.
India 05-Nov-2015
GMR Enterprises (Exporter)

Fastener : Nuts & Bolts.
Engineering Goods : Rails, Steel Bars, Plates, Tubes, Angles & Channels, Storage Tanks, Bearings, Belts, Bag Filters, Springs & Disc Springs, Gears & Geared Motors, Gear Boxes, Breaks & Break Motors, Clutches & Em Clutches, Drives, Scraper Chains, Pulley, Plumber Blocks & Tension Blocks, shovels & Buckets, Wheels & Housings, Clamps, Rollers, Guide Rollers, Hydraulic Cylinders, Rubber Buffers, Idlers, Sprockets, Tension Trestels, Ropes, Field Instruments, Skirt Boards, Wheels Assemblies, Pins, Couplings.
Wires & Cables, PLC Pannesl, Mcc Panels, Level Sensors, Contactors, Switches, Fuses, Festoon Cables & Trolleys, Field Instruments, Motors, Wireless Control Systems, Capacitors, Resisters.
India 24-Aug-2015
Sunny Plastic & Mold Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Plastic Furniture / Folding Chairs, Tables, Baskets, Adjustable Hangers, Folding shovel, Customized Plastic Stool Mold, Rice-Storage etc.
China 09-Feb-2015
Amambi Invest (Exporter)

Wooden shovel Handle, Wooden Rake Handle, Wooden Broom Handle, Wooden Curtain Rod, Wooden Ax Handle, Brushes.
Cote D'Ivoire 24-Sep-2014
Vijay Laxmi Agriculture Pvt Ltd (Exporter)

Agricultural Farm Machinery, Implements and Spare Parts, Rotary Tillers, Rotary Mower, Rotary Hole Digger, Fully Automatic Potato Planter, Precision Seed / Fertilizer Drills, Laser Land Levelers, Spring & Rigid Cultivators, Disc Harrows, Disc Ploughs, Mold Board Ploughs, Field Rollers, Land Levelers, Tipping Trailers, Scrapers, Harrow Disc Blades, Plough Disc Blades, Forged Cultivator Tines, Cultivator shovels & Duck Foot Sweeps, Cultivator Springs, Rotavator Blades.
India 29-Aug-2014
Pt. Chitra Kalpika Mas (Exporter)

Kachi Charcoal, Hardwood Charcoal, Lumpwood Charcoal, shovel Handle, Broomstick.
Indonesia 14-Apr-2014
Rajwani & Sons Textile Mill (Exporter)

Home Textiles, Terry Towels, Plain Dyed Towels, Striped Towels, Uni Jacquard Towels, Yarn Dyed Jaquard Towels, Valour Towels, Printed Towels, Combed Towels, Bar Mops, Kitchen Towels, Jacquard, Check Design, Glass Cloth, Table Cloth, Terry Products, Baby Cap Towels, Baby Bibs, Terry Slippers, Bathrobes, Kimono Style, shovel Collar, Hooded, Valour, Jacquard, Printed, Socks, Sports Socks, Crew Style, Anklets, Dress Socks, Bath Mats, Greek, Mandros, Square, Foot Print .
Pakistan 06-Feb-2014
Shandong Jinfu Tools Co.,ltd (Exporter)

Hand Tools, shovels, Hammers, Crow Bars, Wrecking Bars, Pickaxes, Felling Axes, Axe Heads, Hoes, Saws and Handles.
China 21-Dec-2013
Catrum Environmental Protection Tech. Co. LTD (Exporter)

3 Types Of Drywall Sander, Grooving Machine, shovel Wall Machine, Ceiling Sander, Wall Grinder, Grinding Machines.
China 18-Dec-2013
Shandong Jinfu Tools Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Hand Tools : Axes, Pickaxes, Hammers, shovels, Forks, Rakes, Crow Bars, Wrecking Bars, Bolt Cutters, All Handles, Cutting Tools & Blades.
China 21-May-2013
Vulcan Industrail Engg Co Ltd (Exporter)

Rope shovel Parts, Gearbox, Girth Gears, Ring Gears, Slew Gears, Large Gears, Drill Parts & Accessories.
India 22-Jan-2013
Paradise Import & Export Co Ltd (Exporter)

Home Furnishings : Fleece Blankets.
Toiletries : Laundry/Toilet Soap, Washing Powder etc.
Mosquito Nets, Kitchen Sets, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Steel Cylinder, Kerosene Stove, Sanitary Products, Foldable / Collapsible Jerrycans, Solar Lamp, Buckets, Shelter Equipments, PE Tarpaulins Sheets and Rolls, Modular House / Portable Building, Shade Netting, Tent
Agricultural Equipments/Machines:
Hoes, Rakes, shovels, Picks, Machetes, Sickles, Wheel Barrows, Axes etc.
Food Machines : Hammer Mill, Grain Polisher, Oil Press Machines.
Fishing Tools, Garden Tape, Jute Bag, Sprayers, Hygiene Kits, Stationery / Education Kits, Hardware Tool / Shelter Tool Kits, Truck Weight Bridge, Weighing Scales, Oil Press Machines, Rice Destoner, Rice Mills, Rice Tresher, Construction Machines, Tools and Equipments, Sewing Machines, Labor Safty Products / Labor Protecor Items.
China 20-Oct-2012
AL Nawras Metal & Scrap Trading Llc (Exporter & Importer)

Minerals : Iron Ore, Copper Ores.
Used Construction Machines : Bulldozer, shovel, Cranes, Excavators, Trucks.
Metal Scraps, Ores & Scrap Demolition Vessels, Copper Scraps, Aluminum Scraps, Brass Scraps, Nickel Scrap, Zinc Scrap, Compressor Scraps, Drained Lead Battery Scraps, Stainless Steel Scraps, Lead Scraps, Transformers Scraps, New / Used Generators or Scraps, Electric Motors Scraps, Used Engines & Transmission or Scraps, Radiator Scraps, Used Valves, Re-Rolling Scrap Steel, Scrap Vessels, Demolition Ships, Scrap Barges, Used Heavy Equipments, Used Heavy (Buses / Pickups) & Used Passenger Cars, HMS 1 & 2, Heavy Metal Scrap, Industrial Scrap, Iron Scrap, Steel Scrap, Ferrous Scrap, Scaffolding, Steel Plates, Angles & Channels, H-Beams, Ibeams, Guarders, Secondary Steel Bars, Iron Rods, Steel Billets, Steel Coils, Hot Roll Coils, Cast Iron Scraps, Used Rails, Used PVC Pipes or Scrap & Plastics Scra, Titanium Scrap, Used Marine Equipments (Anchor / Propeller / Engines), Shredded Scraps, Electronic-Scraps & Computer-Scrap, Mill Scale / Mill-Scale, Copper Concentrates, Copper / Brass / Lead & Aluminum Ingots, Tyre Scraps.
United Arab Emirates 31-May-2012
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