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Water Meter

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Chirag Electronics (Exporter)

Control Panel, Electrical Control Panel, water Level Controller, Temperature Controller, Polariscope, Power Factor Control Panel, Motor Control Panel, Submersible Pump Control Panel, Automation Control Panel, Polariscope meter.
India 08-Jun-2017
Sintex Industries Ltd (Exporter)

Plastic Products, Pallets, water Tanks, PVC Doors, Electrical meter Box, Insulated Box, Biogas, Septic Tank etc.
India 29-May-2017
Microset Controls (Exporter)

Process & water Analytical Sensor & Instruments, PH Sensors, Conductivity, ORP, TDS, TSS, Dissolved Oxygen, Dissolved Chlorine, Dissolved Chlorine Dioxide, Electromagnetic Flow meter, Ultrasnic Flow meter, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter etc.
India 16-Jan-2017
Ningbo Acro Fluid Control Co. Ltd. (Exporter & Importer)

Brass Ball Valves, Brass Gate Valve, Brass Angle Valve, Brass Check Valve, Brass Radiator Valve, Kitchen Faucet, Basin Faucet, Bathroom Faucet, Shower Heads, water meters, water Filters, Brass Fittings, Steel Fittings, Floor Drain, Hoses stainless Ball Valves, Stainless Gate Valves.
China 25-Nov-2016
Harjeet Meter & Power System (Exporter)

Solar Systems for Home, Office, Hospital, Projects, Solar water Pump, Solar water Heater.
India 10-Oct-2016
Anhui Ruiling Meter Manufacturing Co. Ltd (Exporter)

Mini Fuel Dispenser, Diesel Fuel Pump, Methanol Fuel Dispenser, Petrol Fuel Pump, Lubrication Filling Machine, water Fuel Nozzle, Gasoline Fuel Nozzle, Flow meter.
China 03-Aug-2016
Hengxuan Import & Export Co Ltd (Exporter)

Constructing & Building Accessories, Ingrooved Pipes, Galvanized Piping, water meters, water Heating Accessories, Valves Accessories, Boiler Accessories, PVC Pipe Fitting, Fire Fighting Equipments, Malleable Piping & Constructing Rebar.
China 09-Dec-2015
Hebei Central Plumbing Industries Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Gate Valves, Check Valve, Globe Valve, Butterfly Valve, Ball Valve, Y Strainer, Flange, Pipes & Fitting, Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting, Rubber Expansion Joint, Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Cap, water meter, Pressure Gauge etc.
China 10-Jun-2015
Beijing Longtongshengda Technology Co Ltd (Exporter)

Portable Diamond Core Drill, Geological Instruments, PaleoMagnetic Instruments, Environmental Protection Instruments, Magnetic Susceptibility meter, D / I Theodolite, Fluxgate Magnetometer, water Analysis Analyzer, Heavy Metals Analyzer.
China 05-Jun-2015
Dutcotennant Llc (Exporter)

DI Pipes & Fittings, DI Valves, water meters, Survey Equipment, Geotextiles, Guard Rails, Street Light Poles, Manhole Covers, Metal Roof Tiles, Sealants & Adhesives, Fitness Equipments, Laundry & Kitchen Equipments, Artificial Turfs & Grass, Stadium and Auditorium Seating etc.
United Arab Emirates 31-Mar-2015
Lanry Instruments Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Transit Time & Doppler), Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Open Channel Flowmeter, water meter, Thickness Gauge etc.
China 10-Feb-2015
Hebei Sinta FRP Product Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

FRP Products : water Storage Equipment, water Treatment Products, Pultruded Profiles Sections, Cable & meter Box Protective Boxes (distribution Cabinets) And Other FRP Finished Products, FRP water Tanks, FRP Chemical Storage Tanks, FRP Pipes, FRP Cooling Towers, FRP Grating, FRP Pultruded Profiles, FRP Pultruded Tubes, FRP Rods, FRP Boards, FRP Sheets, FRP Square Tubes, FRP Cable Protective Pipes, FRP Cable Distribution Cabinets, FRP meter Boxes, FRP Ammeter Boxes, FRP Ladders, FRP Gully Grating, FRP Manhole Covers, FRP Handrails, FRP Capsule Apartments, PVC Cooling Tower Fills etc.
China 20-Jan-2015
Yuyao Obraun Instruments Technology Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Heat meter, water meter.
China 12-Nov-2014
Dalian Teren Industry Instruments Co Ltd (Exporter)

Ultrasonic Flow meters, Ultrasonic Level meters, Ultrasonic water meters, Ultrasonic Thickness meters.
China 22-Oct-2014
Zhuhai Dshing Import & Export Co Ltd (Exporter)

Oil Equipments, Flash Point Tester, Viscometer, Lab Instruments (PH meter, Balances), Highway Instruments (Asphalt Penetration Tester), Geological Instrument (water Detector, Underground Camera), Analytical Instruments (XRF Metal Analyzer, XRF Alloy Analyzer).
China 13-Sep-2014
Sai's Ridge Specialities (Exporter)

ECG Machine, Arthroscopes, Anaesthesia Machine, Probes Gastroscopes, Neo Care Ventilators, Emg Ot Femugator, Oxygen Concentrator, PFT Machine, Suction Machines, Video / Laryngoscopes, Ventilators, Oxymeter, Cricothyrotomy Sets, Skin Stapplers, Featal Doppler, Cautery Machines, Syringe Pump, Hospital Furniture, Infusion Pump, LED Light Source, Arthroscopy Instruments, Urethroscopes, Sinuscopes, Operation Theatre LED Lights, vein Lite, Coupler, Laminar Airflow, Warmers, Rectoscope, Autoclaves, Laproscopes, Nefroscopes, Multipara Monitor, defibrillator, Sonography Machine, plaster Cutters, Heamotology Analysers, xray Machine, X Ray View Box, Biochemical Analysers, Hollowares, co2 Insufflator, Micro Motor Drill, Incubbators, Oxgen Regulator, Camera Single Chip, hysteroscopes, Telescopes, Camera 3-chip Indian, Vascular Dopplerv, Hospital Nurses / Staff Dress, X Ray Lead / Lead Free Gowns, Tourniqautes, LED Headlight, Doctors Gown / Patient Gown, Peak Flow meters, Digital Thermometers, Nebulisers, Ssurgipen, Glucometer, Syring Needle Destroyer, Glucosticks, Heamoglobin meter, Hiv Kits, Fiber Optic Cables, Infrared Thermoscope, Finger Tip Oxymeter, Hot water Bags, Surgical Clippers, Aneroid Sphygmanometer, Ultrasound Gel, Ecg Gel, X Ray Developer Fixer, Eto –ethylene Oxide Gas Sterlisers, air Sterlisation System, Biochemical Analyser, Micro Surgery Instruments Cleaning Solution, Cath Lab Products, Tracheastomy Tube, Operating Microscop, O.t Sterliser / Fog Machine / Formalin Chamber / Biomedical, Ortho Aids / Rehabillation Wheel Chairs, Hospital Furniture, Hospital Holloware, Biosafety Cabinets, Flash Autoclaves, Neuropathy Analyser, Dialyser, Indirect Opthalmoscopes, Blood Pressure Analysis System, Physiotherapy Equipments and Units.
India 07-Jul-2014
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