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Shanghai Medeco Industry Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Operating Lamp, Operating Table, Medical Pendant, Hospital Furniture, Hospital Bed, Dialysis Chairs, X-ray Machine, Patient Monitor, Tabletop Autoclave.
China 13-Oct-2017
Dongguan Xiechuang Composite Material Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Carbon Fiber Products, Carbon Fiber Sheets/ Plate Panel/ Board, Carbon Fiber Veneer/ Carbon Fiber Flexible Sheet / Carbon Fiber, Decorative Sheet, Carbon Fiber Tube/ Pipe, Carbon Fiber Rod, Fiberglass Tube / Rod, Carbon Fiber Custom-made CNC Cutting Part, Epoxy Laminated Sheet & CNC Cutting Part, Irregular Shaped Oem Part, Medical Carbon Plate Use For X-ray Machines.
China 25-Aug-2017
Asha Impex (Exporter)

Medical Equipment, Parts & Accessories, Hospital Furniture, X-ray, C-arm, Anesthesia Machine Syringe Pump, Patient Monitor, Parts & Accessories.
India 28-Nov-2016
Radixray (Exporter)

X-ray Radiation Protective Products.
Turkey 17-Sep-2016
Hunan Puqi Geologic Exploration Equipment Institute (Exporter)

Underground Water Detector & Mine Locator, Pipe Leak Detector, Underground Metal & Metal Pipeline Detector, V4 Archaeological Detector & X-ray Security Inspection Equipments.
China 23-Aug-2016
Lucky Exports Pakistan (Exporter)

Agricultural Commodities : Rice, wheat.
Animal Fodder, Poultry Feed ( Broiler Starter, Grower and Finisher ), Fertilizer, X-Ray films, Photographic Inkjet Papers, Printing Press HNS Film, CTP Plate, Fiberglass Products, Cat Eyes Reflectors.
Pakistan 22-Aug-2016
Maaruthi Healthcare Pvt Ltd. (Exporter & Importer)

Medical Xray Imaging Films, Dental Films, CT & MRI Films.
India 09-Jul-2016
Medical Image Care (Exporter)

Seimens, GE CT Scan Whole Setup and Parts, AGFA, FUJI, KODAK, Part Of Cr System and Imaging Printer, Parts Of X-ray Machines
India 02-Apr-2016
Shanghai Comermy Nanyang Medical Instrument Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Lithotripter, C-arm, Electrosurgical Unit, Uroflowmeter, Dr X-ray
China 17-Dec-2015
Robin X-rays Company Limited (Exporter)

Fruits : Mangoes.
Kenya 06-Oct-2015
Foshan Oruite Medical Technology Co Ltd (Exporter)

Dental Unit, Dental Chair, X-ray Machine, Autoclaves & Dental Equipments.
China 12-Aug-2015
Beijing Wondcon Technology Co Ltd. (Exporter)

Medical Equipments : Anesthesia Machine, Ventilator, Defibrillator, X-ray Machine, Electrosurgical Unit, Fetal Monitor, Patient Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, ECG Machine, Ultrasound Scanners.
Laboratory Equipments.
China 28-Jul-2015
Guangxi Chentian Metal Products Co Ltd (Exporter)

Fishing Tackles : Fishing Lure.
Tungsten Pellet, Shotgun-shot, Shotgun, Hell Hunting Cartridges, Rifle Cartridges, Swan Shot, Sinker Bars, Tungsten Alloy Suker Rods, Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod, Tungsten Shot, Darts, Tungsten Alloy Ball, Syringe Shield, Tungsten Alloy Crankshaft, Tungsten Alloy Cube, Radiation Shielding, Aerospace, Ballast, Boring Bar, Bucking Bar, Fishing Sinker, Counterbalance, Counterweight, Copper Tungsten Military, Tungsten Alloy, Aircraft Tools, Shotgun Pellets, Collimators, Cancer Treatment Source Holder, Radioactive Source Containers, Tungsten Heavy Alloy X-ray Collimators, Tungsten Alloy Pet Syringe Shield, Shielding In Cancer Therapy Machines, Syringe Protection For Radioactive Injections, Nuclear Shielding Wall, Tungsten Alloy Fdg Container, Large Container Inspection Devices Radioactive Source Containers, Tungsten Alloy Radiation Cover, Tungsten Alloy X-ray Target & Tungsten Alloy Collimator, Tungsten Alloy Multi Leaf Collimator, Tungsten Alloy Radiation CT Target.
China 11-May-2015
Hibafex Ventures Togo (Exporter & Importer)

Rare Botanicals, Medicinal Plants, Cactus and Succulents, Herbs, Spices, Nuts, Oil Seeds, Agricultural & Food Products and Animal Products, Sea and Aquatic Foods, Animal Products, Aquatic Plants and Flowers, Potpourri, Reptiles, Insects, Bivalves and Gastropods, Used and Overstocked X-Ray Films, NDT-Films, Graphic Art Films, Photographic Films, Used Chemical Liquid or Fixers.
Togo 18-Apr-2015
Foshan Adelson Trading Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Dental Unit, Dental Chair, Dental Equipment, Dental Material, Dental Handpiece, Dental Curing Light, Teeth Whitening Machine, Ultrasonic Scaler, Dental X-ray Equipment, Dental Cabinet, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Tooth Comparator, Teeth Whitening Guide, Dental Burs, Air Compressors.
China 10-Mar-2015
AMT Dental (Exporter)

Dental Consumables, Dental Equipments, Portable X-ray Machines, RVG, Surgical Microscope, Endo Motor, Apex Locators, Dental Lasers, Hard Tissue Lasers etc.
India 06-Jan-2015
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