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Zinc Dross

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Agrica Kft (Exporter)

Edible oils : Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Corn Oil, Palm Oil.
Seafood : Frozen Shrimps, Prawns, Frozen Crabs, Mackerel, Lobsters, Frozen Salmon, Snails, Sardine, Frozen Seabass Fillet, Baby Octopus, Frozen Tilapia.
Meat & Poultry Products : Frozen Chicken, Chicken Feet, Chicken Paws, Chicken breast, Pork Feet, Chicken Eggs, egg, Beef Omasum, Beef, Mutton.
Dry Fruits : Almond Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Walnuts, Pistachio Nuts.
Fresh Vegetables : Carrots, Sweet Corn, Garlic, Ginger, Cabbage, Carrots, Lemon, Frozen Green Beans, Tomatoes, Onion, Cucumber, Potatoes.
Agricultural Products : Yellow Corn, Wheat, Rice, Milling Wheat, Buckwheat, Millet, Barley.
Pulses & Lentils : Chickpeas, Kidney Beans.
Spices : Black Pepper, Cardamom, Nutmeg Powder, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cumin Seeds, Star Aniseed, Curcumin.
Live Animals : Alive Boer Goats, Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle, Saanen Goats Live Pigs & Piglets, Lamb.
Food Products : Spaghetti, Pasta, Tomatoes Paste, Snacks, Sweets.
Chemicals, Sodium Tripoly Phosphate, Caustic Soda, Sodium Formate, Sodium Acetate, Sodium Hydrosulphide, Aluminum Hydroxide, Succinic Acid, Aluminum Oxide, Sodium Bicarbonate, Carbon Black, Fruits, Goji Berry, Cherry, Apricots, Avocado, Apples, Citrus Fruits, Mango, Grapes, Orange, Banana, Donkey Hides, Cow Hides, Leather, Animal Skin, Refined Sunflower Oil, Crude sunflower oil, Wood Pellets, A4 Copy Paper, Red Bull Energy Drink, Whey Protein Powder, Alfalfa Hay, Iron Scrap, Sugar, Raw Cashew Nuts, Used Tyres, Used Tires, Used Cooking Oil, Cotton Waste, Used Cotton, Cotton Yarn, Rapeseed Oil, Milk, Soybean Meal, Charcoal, Barbeque Charcoal, Hard Wood Charcoal, BBQ Charcoal, Honey, Wood Briquettes, Firewood, Soybean Oil, Jatropha Oil, Coconut Oil, Oats, Soybeans, Soya beans, Sorghum, Sesame Seeds, Fish Meal, Beet Sugar Pulp, Aluminum Scrap, Waste Tire Scrap, Waste Paper, Scrap, Plastic Scraps, Copper Scrap, Car Battery Scrap, AC Refrigerator, Compressor Scrap, Computer Scraps, Computer motherboard scrap, Skimmed Milk Powder, Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Full Cream Milk Powder, Saffron, Sisal Fiber, Hibiscus Flowers, Cocoa Powder, Aloe Vera Powder, Coffee Powder, Yeast, Unsalted Butter, Cheese, Baby Food, Nutrilon, Baby Milk Powder, Aptamil, Baby Milk, Salami, Nescafe, 3 In 1 coffee, Red Arowana, Haxelnuts, Flaxseed, Macadamia Nuts, Roasted Coffee Beans, Tongkat Ali Root, Garcinia Nuts, Human Hair, Mushroom, Canned Mushroom, Pizza Box, Paraffin Wax, Hops Extract, Chayote, French fries, Frozen French Fries, Cotton Yarn Waste, Soybean Powder, Nutella Chocolate, Rice Protein Powder, Blood Meal, Paprika Hot Powder, Egg White Powder, Feather Meal, Shrimp Meal, Granulated Chicken Powder, Stainless Steel Gas Seekh Kebab Machine, Coconut Fiber, Voacanga, Agarwood Powder, Yohimbe Bark, Potato Starch, Cationic Starch, Cassava Starch, Maltodextrin Starch, Corn Starch, Gum Powder, Arabic Gum Powder, Guar Gum Powder, Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil, Flaxseed Meal, Brazil Nuts, Betel Nuts, Photo Paper, Kraft Paper, Firewood Logs, Dry Kiln Firewood, Oak Firewood, Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Barley Meal, Acid Casein, Casing, Lactose, Casein Milk, Edible Casein, Sodium Caseinate, Ghee, Butter Ghee, Anhydrous Milk Fat, Anhydrous Butter Oil, Sour Keys Candy, Cat & Pet Food, Iodine, Gamme Alumina, Sterilizing Paper Rolls, zinc dross, zinc Dust, zinc Ingot, 3 In 1 Instant Coffee, Corn Syrup, Maltose Syrup, Artificial Nails , Glitter Powder, Gold Dust, Diamond Dust, Low Fat Frozen Yogurt, Coconut Milk, Brass Honey Scrap, Pu Foam Scrap, Disposable Latex Examination Gloves, Soap Noodles, Vinyl Acetate Monomer , Silver Liquid Mercury, Xylene Dimethylbenzene, Industrial White Spirit, Sodium Cyanate, Acerola Cherry Powder Extract, Coconut, Chestnut, Hazel Nut, Olive Oil, Chia Seeds, Alfalfa, Nnido Milk Powder, Ferrero rocher, Dates, Linseed, soap scrap, instant Noodles, double A paper, Toor dal, Chana dal, urad dal, black gram, Mung dal, Green peas, Maize, Corn, Pomegranate, Nachos Tortilla chips, Iron ore, Iron Powder, Jute bags, Used Jute bags, Masoor dal, Vanilla beans, split red lentils, football lentils, Watermelon, Cocoa beans, Coconut water, Desiccated coconut, Coconut Powder, Coconut Palm Sugar, Cotton seed, Turmeric,Chili, Pepper, Used cotton, yarn waste, Fruit pulp, Lime, Lemon, Jacobs Kronung Coffee, Kinder joy chocolate, Heineken beer, Guinness beer, Guiness, Coca cola, Fanta, Pepsi, Sprite, Cider, Top Joy, XL Energy drink, Monster Energy drink, Hennessy, Champagne, Fish Maw, Frozen Mackerel, Mackerel, Squid, Tuna Fish, Skipjack tuna, yollowfin tuna, Salmon, Tilapia, stockfish, palm kernel shell, palm kernel meal, Aluminum Sardine tin can, Sugar coated paper, Ribbon fish, fresh tomato, Tomato ketchup, Cow head skin, Garlic paste, Palm oil sludge, Canned Tuna, Broccoli, Black stallion prestige whisky, Gelatin Powder, Cod stomach, Aloe vera Juice, Juice, Frozen Scallop meat, Frozen Turkey, Duck, Peanut, groundnut, Chestnut, Onion Paste, Frozen Banana Leaves, Nigella Sativa, Kalongi, Black Cumin, steel rebar, steel rebar scrap, stainless steel pipes, Kinder bueno, Kinder surprise, Twix, Mars, Bounty, Toblerone chocolate, snickers, Frozen Pork skin, Used Rails, Corona beer, Kronenbourg Beer, BECKS BEER, Carlsberg, Canned Pineapple, Gypsum, Gypsum powder, kitchen stainless steel sinks, Pet Glitter Films, Pringles Potato Chips, Bath towels, Mixed beans, Wet blue Cow Hides, Frozen Pork, Melon seed, Frozen Vegetables, Python skin, Baby diapers, Cattle Live Bull, Copper Cathode, milberry scrap, Acetic acid, Bath soap, Absorbent Cotton sliver, Buffalo meat, Timothy Hay, FDY Yarn, Lead Scrap.
Hungary 04-Dec-2014
Metal Cambodia Import - Export Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Aluminium Ingots, ADC12, Aluminum Pellets, zinc Ingots, zinc dross, Stainless Steel Scraps.
Viet Nam 14-Jul-2017
Tianjin Yourong Metal Material Sales Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Copper Ingot, Copper Wire Scrape, Cathode Copper, zinc Ingot, zinc dross, Aluminum Ingot, Lead Ingot & Powder.
China 22-Mar-2017
Youth Voluntary Service (Exporter & Importer)

Building Materials : Cement.
Minerals : Manganese Ore, Nickel Concentrate, Ore, Copper Ore, Bauxite Ore, Magnetite Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Lead Ore.
Agricultural Commodities : Rice, Wheat.
Hygiene Products : Baby Diapers.
Non-alcoholic & Alcoholic Beverages : Tea, Beers, Wines.
Edible Oil : Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Corn Oil, Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Rapeseed Oil.
Hardwood, Cocoa, Coffee Beans, Copper Wire Scrap, Copper Coils, Aluminum Ingot And Scrap, Steel Billets, Chrome, Nickel, Tin, Manganese, Iron And Bullion Gold, Copper Wires Scrap, Copper Cathodes, Copper Powder, Used Rail, HMS 1&2, Aluminum Ingots, Reinforcing Steel Bar, Gold Bullion Bars, Titanum Products, zinc Concentrate, Crude zinc Oxide, Cadmium Ingot, Concentrate, Sponge, Cobalt Concentrate, Sludge, Slag, dross, Ash, Sponge, Concentrate, Slag, Ash, Chrome Concentrate, Lead Silver Materials, Sliver Ash Steelpipes, Soybean, Seedlings, Wheat Flour, Wood Logs And Sawn Timber, Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, Wooden Pallets, Urea, Insecticides, Mobile Road Stage Trucks, Petroleum Products, A4 Copy Paper, ICUMSA Sugar, Beet Sugar, Honey.
Cameroon 22-Aug-2016
Abul Khair Steel (Exporter)

Red Oxide / Ferric Oxide, zinc dross, Industrial Product, Cold Rolled Coil, Galvanized Coils, Galvanized Corrugated Sheet, Color Coated Corrugated Sheet, Oxide, Portland Pozzolana Cement ( PP Cement ), Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Condensed Milk, Beverages, Food Snacks, Tea, Tobacco.
Bangladesh 04-Mar-2016
S M Bhiyoza ( Pty ) Ltd (Exporter)

HMS 1/2, Aluminum Scrap, Copper Scrap, Scrap Brass & Bronze, Exotic Metals, zinc Scrap, Lead Scrap, Magnesium Scrap, Tin Scrap, Tungsten Scrap, Stainless Steel Scrap, Plastic Scrap, Copper Cathode, Gold Bars, Gold Dust, Gold Nuggets, Rough Diamond, Waste Paper Scrap, Used Rails, ISRI Taint Tabor, ISRI Toto / Tutu / Tata / Traed, ISRI Telic / Teens, ISRI Taboo / Tough / Tooth, ISRI Tabloid / Tablet, ISRI Tense / Trump, ISRI Tale, ISRI Tally, ISRI Tall, ISRI Talap Talc, ISRI Talcred, ISRI Taldon, ISRI Take, ISRI Troma, ISRI Talent, ISRI Scrap Auto Transmissions, ISRI Painted Aluminium Insulated Scrap, ISRI Twang, ISRI Supported Aluminium Cable Scrap, Waste Paper Scrap, White Paper Scrap Roll, Yellow Pages, Kraft Paper, OCC, SOP, Magazine, Scrap Metal, Ferrous Metal, Non-ferrous Metals, ISRI Bare Aluminium Wire Scrap, ISRI Remelt Aluminium Sows, ISRI Alumifoil Scrap, erse/Testy/Tesla, ISRI Paper-backed alumifoil Waste, ISRI Zorba, ISRI Remelt Aluminium Ingot Throb, ISRI Talk (Cu / Al Rads), ISRI No 1 Heavy Copper Scrap Candy, ISRI No 2 Scrap Copper Cliff, ISRI No 2 Insulated copper Wire Scrap Druid, ISRI Berylliun Copper Srap, ISRI Light Copper Scrap, ISRI Copper Turnings, ISRI No 1 Barebright Copper Wire Barley, ISRI No 1 Copper Wire Berry, ISRI No 2 Copper Wire Birch, ISRI No 1 Copper Wire Nodules Clove, ISRI No 2 Copper Wire Nodules Cobra, ISRI Cocoa, ISRI Soundronic Copper, ISRI Mixed Brass and Bronze, ISRI Refinery Brass Drink, ISRI Red Brass Solid Ebony, ISRI Red Brass Turnings - Enerv, ISRI Old Yellow Brass - Honey, ISRI Label/Lace/Lake/Lamb/Lark/Pales, ISRI Yellow Brass Turnings - Nomad/ Noble, ISRI 60 /40 Solid Noble, ISRI C & F Metals Grap, ISRI Clean Auto Raditors- Ocean, ISRI Nickel Silver Turnings - Niece, ISRI Parch, ISRI Nickel Silver Solid Malic, ISRI Brass Shaving Night, ISRI Old Mixed zince Scrap Score, ISRI Old zinc Die Cast Scrap Saves, ISRI New zinc Die Cast Scrap Scabs, ISRI New Plated Zonce Die Cast Scrap Scope, ISRI zinc dross Shelf, ISRI Mixed Scrap Lead Radio, ISRI Scrap Lead Battery Plates Rails, ISRI Drain Lead Acide Battery Scrap Rains, ISRI Lead Covered Cable Relay, ISRI Scrap Lead Rakes, ISRI Old Maagnesium Walnut, ISRI Turnings World, ISRI Clips Wafer, ISRI Engraver Plates Wine, ISRI Block Tin Scrap Ranch, ISRI Pewter Scrap Ranks, ISRI High Tin Babitt Scrap Raves, ISRI dross, ISRI Mixed Scrap Tungsten Carbide Cutting Inserts, ISRI Scrap Coated Tungsten Carbide cutting Inserts, ISRI Clean Tungsten Carbide Cutting Insert Scrap, ISRI Tungsten Sludge.
South Africa 23-Dec-2015
Shanghai Energy Chemicals Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Acids : Hydrochloric Acid, Acetic Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Amino Acid.
Chemicals : Laboratory Chemicals, Calcium Carbonate, zinc Oxide, Soda Ash, Acrylamide, Di-Ammonium Phosphate, Iodine, Liquid Mercury, Palm Fatty Acid, Polyacrylamide, Sodium Cyanide, Hydrated Lime, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Silicates, Potassium Nitrate, Caustic Soda Flakes, Caustic Soda, Titanium Dioxide, Acetonitrile.
Agrochemicals : Fertilizer, Pesticides, Vermicompost, Plant Growth Regulator
Edible Oil: Coconut Oil, Fish Oil, Sesame Oil, Soyabean Oil.
Activated Carbon, Charcoal Lumps, Coke Lumps, Feldspar Lumps, Silica Alumina Gel, Bamboo Sticks, Wooden Logs, Natural Rubber, Latex Rubber, RSS Rubber, Lead Ingots, Gold Dust, zinc Products, zinc dross, zinc Ingots, Copper Products, Copper Millberry, Copper Powder, Copper Scrap, Glass Cullets, PET Plastic Flakes, PVC Plastic Resin, Industrial Oil, Paraffin Wax, Vaseline Jelly, Soya Lecithin, Soap-Noodles, Urea Fertilizer.
China 07-May-2015
Metal Vietnam Import Export Corporation Limited (Exporter)

UBC, Alu ingot 95% min, Alu 99,99 %, Alu wire rod 99,7%, Alu 6063 ( scrap), Alu Tense, Alu wheel.
Copper scrap( Millberry, berry, birch-cliff), brass.
zinc ingot 95% min, zinc ingot 99,99%. zinc dross, zinc powder.
Lead ingot 95% min, Lead ingot 99,99%.
Silicon ( Mn > 65%, Si > 17%).
Tin ingot 99,75%
Oil, SN 150, SN 500, RP0 140.
Viet Nam 12-Jun-2014
Nashuo Metal Material Co Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

zinc Ingots, zinc Plate, zinc Powder, zinc Ash, zinc dross, Aluminum Ingots, Aluminum Ingots, Aluminum Scraps, Copper Ingots, Lead Ingots, Stereotype.
China 14-Nov-2013
Aluminium Industries (Exporter)

Utensils, Aluminum Circles, Tops, Aluminium Foils, Sheets, zinc Ash & dross, copper, Transformers, CRGO, Ingots And Scrap, Aluminum Scraps - 6063, Taint Tabor, Sheets, EC grade Wires & Cables (Ropes), Tense, UBC & Mixed Scrap, Aluminium dross.
India 17-Jun-2013
Tide Tradings. Co. Ltd (Exporter)

zinc dross, zinc Ash, zinc Skimming, zinc Slough, zinc Scraps.
Hungary 21-Mar-2013
M/S. Moazzem & Brothers (Exporter & Importer)

zinc dross, Ship zinc, Brass Scrap, Brass Honey, Copper Scrap, Lead.
Bangladesh 28-Dec-2012
Recycling Resources (Exporter & Importer)

Plastic, Rubber, Paper, Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metal Scraps, dross, Ash, Residues, Skimming of Aluminum,
Brass, Copper, Lead, Tin, Nickel, Stainless Steel, zinc & other Commodities
Metals & Industrial Raw Materials.
India 26-Oct-2012
Vrobal Energy & Resources Pte Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

Nickel Sludge, Copper Sludge & Ash, Catalyst, Concentrate, Lead Sludge & Ash, Molybdenum Catalyst, Residue
Tungsten Catalyst, Sludge, Cobalt Sludge, Vanadium Sludge, Precious Metal Residues, zinc Ash, zinc Concentrate, zinc dross.
Singapore 07-Sep-2012
Vrobal Energy & Resources Pte Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

Copper Residue, Sludge, Ash, dross, Slags, Nickel Residue, Cobalt Residue, Tin Residue, zinc Sludge, Molybdenum Residue, Catalyst, Minor Or Rare Earth Metal Residue, Precious Metal Residue, Concentrate, Sludge, Silver, Indium, Gold, Platinum, Brass Ash, Residue, Non-ferrous Residues.
Singapore 04-Apr-2012
Tianao Import And Export Trading Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Metal Ingot, Aluminum Ingot, zinc Ingot, Lead Ingot, Antimony Ingot, Tin Ingot, Metal Powder, Copper Powder, Copper Cathode, Copper Scrap, Aluminum Powder, Nickel Powder, Tungsten Powder, Stainless Steel Powder, Iron Powder, Cr Powder, zinc Powder, zinc dross, Titanium Powder, Lead Powder and so on.
China 07-Dec-2011
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Agrica Kft

Edible oils : Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Corn Oil, Pal ...

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