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Four Color Packing & Printing Co Ltd (Exporter)

Color Offset Printing, Gift Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Automatic Pasting Machine, Dip Wax Production Line, Coating, Laminating, Adhesion, Binding Equipment. Product Range Covers A Variety Of Color Printing Products, Printing Ink Products, Fine Paper Packaging Mounted, Dipped Wax cartons, Bags, Calendars, Leaflets and so on.
China 04-May-2011
Baoli Carton Machinery Co Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

carton Machine, carton Equipmenst, Packaging Machinery, Printing & Slotting Machinery.
China 29-Apr-2011
Baoli Carton Machinery Co Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

carton Machines, carton Equipments, Packaging Machinery, Printing & Slotting Machines.
China 13-Apr-2011
H R Packages (Exporter)

Chicks Box, Disposable Pizza Packaging Boxes, carton Boxes.
Pakistan 08-Apr-2011
Ebil Metal Products Co Ltd (Exporter)

Pallet Rack, Teardrop Pallet Rack, Drive-in Racking, Mezzanine Racking, Cantilever Racking, Medium Duty Racking, Slotted Angle Shelving, carton Flow Racking, Pipe Rack, Wire Mesh etc.
China 24-Mar-2011
Jbkeer Adhesive Consultant (Exporter & Importer)

Wood Adhesive Manufacturing Consultant, Print Lamination Emulsion, Vinyl Flooring Adhesive, carton Side & Flap Pasting Adhesive ( Emulsion ), Hot Melt Adhesives, Rubber Based Adhesive, PU Adhesive, Epoxy Adhesive, Wood Preservative ( Water White), Construction Chemicals, PVC Solvent Cement, Adhesives & Sealants, Lamination Adhesives, Liquid Sealants Black / White, Potting Compound, Wood Finish, Wood Preservative Clear.
India 14-Mar-2011
Maan Technology (Exporter)

Pharmaceuticals-Machines, Stickers, cartoning Machines, Label Applicator, Labelling Machines.
India 10-Mar-2011
Prisma Trading Company (Exporter & Importer)

Food Products, OCC (Old Corrugated carton).
Canada 25-Feb-2011
Sonus International (Exporter)

Pharmaceutical Machines, Drug Making Machines, Biotech Machines, Tableting Machines, Capsule Machine, Pneumatic Conveying System, Ointment Machines, Liquid Machines, Injectable Machines, Tablet Making Machine, Tablet Packing Machine, Capsule Filling Machine, Capsule Packing Machine, Ointment Making Machine, Ointment Packing Machine, Liquid Making Machine, Injections Making Machine, Tablet Section, Rapid Mixer Granulator, Fluid Bed Drier, Vibro Sifter, Multi Mill, Octagonal Blender, Auto Coater, Tableting Machine, De Dusting Machine, Tablet Counting And Filling Machine, Dies And Punches, Strip Packing Machine, Blister Packing Machine, cartoning Machine, Tablet Printing Machine, Capsule Section, Manual Filling Machine, Semi Automatic Filling Machine, Automatic Filling Machine, Capsule Printing Machine, Capsule Counting and Filling Machine, Polishing & Inspection Machine, Soft Gelatin Machine, Strip Packing Machine, Blister Packing Machine, cartoning Machine, Ointment Section, Liquid Oral Section, Automatic Liquid Filling And Sealing Machine, Automatic Liquid Washing Machine, Automatic Ropp Capping And Sealing Machine, cartoning Machine, Filter Press, Labeling Machine, Injectable Section, Automatic Ampoule Filling, Sealing Machine, Automatic Ampoule Vial Washing Machine, Automatic Vial Filling & Sealing Machine, Blister Packing Machine, cartoning Machine, Packing Machines, Packaging And Labeling Materials, PVC, PVDC, Aluminum Foil, Aluminium and Plastic Tubes, Bottles, Vials, Printed cartons.
India 22-Feb-2011
KMI Trade Enterprise (Exporter)

Fashion Accessories / Garments-Accessories : Label, Hang Tag, Button, Poly Bag, carton, Twill Tape etc.
Bangladesh 10-Feb-2011
Ostar Packaging & Accessories (Exporter)

Printed Paper Corrugated carton, Satin Printed Labels.
Bangladesh 24-Jan-2011
Shampa Printing And Packaging (Exporter)

carton, Packaging Materials.
Bangladesh 11-Jan-2011
Qmax Sourcing (Exporter & Importer)

Headwear : Caps.
Apparels : Menís, Womenís, Maternity, Sleepwear, Kids Apparels etc.
Home Furnishing / Textiles : Towels, Bed Linen, Quilts, Cushion Covers, Mats, Carpets, Duvet Covers, cartons etc.
Fashion Accessories : Scarves, Stoles, Fashion Hand Bags, Belts, Purse, Wallets, Fashion Jewellery etc.
Leather & Footwear : Leather Garments, Footwear etc.
India 27-Dec-2010
AB Surgico (Exporter)

Packing Materials : cartons, Plastic Bags.
Pakistan 21-Dec-2010
Qingdao Jixiang Color Printing Co Ltd (Exporter)

Colour Printing Plant, carton Plant And Plastic Printing Plant, Luxury Gift Box and Packaging, Paper Hand Bag, Shopping Bag, Packaging Boxes, Brochure, Calendar, Book, Clothing and Gift Tags, Stickers, Plastic Bags, Offset Printing Stuff etc.
China 30-Nov-2010
Karuturi Group (Exporter)

Fresh Flowers, Agricultural Products, carton Boxes etc.
Ethiopia 08-Nov-2010
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