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Freelcyb's Global Trade (Exporter & Importer)

Beverages, Farm Products, Grains, Fruits, Cereals, Animal Fodders, Hand Bags & Suitcases, Gems & Jewellery, Home Textiles & Garments, Fashion Accessories & Footwear, Shoes, Notebooks & Laptops, clocks & watches, Industrial Goods & Supplies, Industrial Machinery & Plants, Metal & Metal Products, Minerals Ores, Petroleum Products, Plastic & Rubber Products.
Spain 27-Jan-2015
Meridian Nautical and Restoration Company (Exporter)

Nautical Instruments, Compass, Spy Glass, Hour Glass, Paperweight watches, Book-ends, Wall clocks, Pocket watches, Sextants, Diving Helmets, Ship Wheels, Spotlights, Nautical Ship Lamps, Religious Instruments/yantra, Ship Bells etc.
India 27-Jan-2015
SKS Global Consultants (Exporter)

Personal Care Products, Music and Entertainment Products, Arts & Crafts, Antiques, Hand Bags, Baggages & Suitcases, Books, Magazines, Cosmetics, Toiletries & Hygiene Products, Fireworks & Sparklers, Fitness Equipment & Sports Goods, Gems & Jewellery, Handicrafts, Gifts & Decorative, Leather & Leather Products, Pets & Pet Supplies, Photographic & Optical Equipments, Religious Items, Home Textiles & Furnishings, Garment, Fashion Accessories & Footwear, Toys & Games, watches & clocks, Construction Works, Building Hardware, Construction Material & Equipment, Carpets, Mats, Rugs, Floorings, Elevators & Escalators, Furniture, Interior Decoration & Furnishings, Glass & Ceramics, Heating, Air Conditioner & Ventilation, Household & General Merchandise, Jute Raw Material, Processed & Related Machinery, Wood Raw Material, Processed & Related Machinery, Computers, Electronics & Communications, Electrical, Computer Software & Hardware, Electrical Household & Other Goods, Components, Electronics & Communications.
India 20-Jan-2015
DHK International (Exporter & Importer)

Fashion Accessories : Waist Belts.
Finished Leathers, Metal Fittings For Leathers, watches, clocks Parts, Hand Bags, Wallets, Key Holders, Card Holders.
Leather watch Straps.
India 18-Dec-2014
Morbi Ajanta Show Room (Exporter & Importer)

Wall clock, Telephone, Time Pieces, Calculators, Table Piece, Home Appliances Product, Hand Blender, CFL Lamps, Led Lamps, Table Fan, Pedestal Fan, Wall Fan, Ceiling Fan, Mixer Grinder, Hand Mixers, Otg Oven, Hand Blender, Iron, Wrist watches, Wooden Glass clocks, Jewellery Making Tools, T5 Slim Tube Lights, Photo Frames, Gift Articles etc.
India 01-Dec-2014
Global Product Firm Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Non-Alcoholic Beverages : Tea & Coffee.
Seafood : Fishes & Fish Products.
Agricultural Commodities : Rice.
Lightning Products : Bulbs & Tubes.
Fasteners : Nuts & Bolts.
Stationery Items : Books & Magazines.
Furniture : Chairs.
Home Appliances : Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners.
Home Textile / Furnishing : Towels & Handkerchiefs, Cushions & Pillows, Mattresses, Quilts.
Footwear / Shoes, Processed Food, Farm Products, Grains, Fruits, Poultry & Animal Products, Coconut Shell Products, Cashews, Fertilizers & Pesticides, Seedling, Cereals, Cigarette & Tobacco, Fresh Flowers, Vegetables, Pulses, Animal Fodders, Bamboo & Rattan Products, Dry Fruits, Mushroom & Truffle, Spices, Computer Software & Hardware, Electronics & Communications, Network Engineering, Notebooks & Laptops, Keyboards, Modems, Monitors & Displays, Printers & Scanners, Softwares, Amplifiers, CD Players, DVD Players, MP3 Players, Radio & Television, Circuit Boards, Insulation, Industrial Goods & Supplies, Industrial Machinery & Plants, Marine Equipments, Metal & Metal Products, Motor Parts, Brakes, Chemicals, Packaging, Dyes, Varnish, Engine Parts, Tyres, Motorcycles & Parts, Minerals & Ores, Paper & Paper Products, Petroleum Products, Plastic Products, Refrigeration & Storage, Rubber Products, Auto & Motor Parts, Hand Bags & Suitcases, Music & Entertainment, Cosmetics, Toiletries & Hygiene Products, Handicrafts, Gifts & Decorative Items, Gems & Jewellery, Garments, Fashion Accessories, Toys & Games, Batteries, Beauty Care, Fabrics, Health & Baby Care, Heating & Air Conditioning, Interior Decoration, Glass & Ceramics, clocks & watches, Household Utensils, Flooring, Kitchenware, Carvings, Briefcases.
Cameroon 07-May-2014
Strong Wall Trading Co. (Exporter)

Home Textile / Furnishing : Bed-sheet Set.
Furniture : Chairs.
Art & Crafts : Paintings.
Household Products, Dinner Set, Mug, Glassware, Apparels, Ceramic Wares, Dinner-sets, Mugs, Plates, Vases, Glassware, Glasses, Canisters, Jars, Bottles, Storage Boxes, Cookware, Pans, Kettles, watches, Glass Block And Mosaic, clocks, Out-door Use Umbrellas, Storage Boxes, Hangers, Scales.
China 06-Mar-2014
TF Cline Jewelry (Exporter & Importer)

watches & clocks, Costume Jewellery, Wedding Engagement Eternity, Diamonds & Gemstones , Jewellery, Pearls, Gifts.
United States 24-Feb-2014
Shiv Art & Crafts (Exporter)

Art & Crafts : Brass Paintings.
Handicrafts Product, Ganesh Idol,Budha, Animals (Camel, Cow, Tiger), Peacock, Wooden Parrot, Italian Boxes Items, Candle Stand, God, Marble Elephant, watch, Piller clock, Pot, Vase, Pooja Plate, Marble Tiles Painting, Bowl, Candle Stand, Mobile Holders, Brass watch, Pen Holder, Photo Frames etc.
India 15-Oct-2013
Green Promo Products Co Ltd (Exporter)

Promotional Products, Advertising Item, Gift, Specialties, Led watch, Bluetooth Speaker, Laser Pointer, Mobile Accessories, Headset, clock, Keychains.
China 25-Sep-2013
Shiv Art & Crafts (Exporter)

Wooden Handicraft Items, Marble Elephant, Marble Ganesh, Marble watch, Marble Piller clock Marble Plate, Marble Tiles Painting, Marble Sculpture & all Marble Handicraft Product, Handicrafts, Wooden Ganesh, Elephant, Budha, Animals (Camel, Cow, Tiger), Peacock, Parrot, Boxes Items, Candle Stand, God Figures & Brass Material Product like watch, Pen Holder, Boxes etc.
India 21-Sep-2013
Bhoumik Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (Exporter)

Home Textile / Furnishing : Cushion Covers.
Garments : Customized T-shirts, T-shirts, Jackets.
Leather Products, Stationary, Plastic Products, clocks, Paper Weight, Acrylic Products, Mason Kit, Promotional Items, Business Gifts, Promos, Freebies, Caps, Pen, Diaries, Key-chains, Pen Stands, Paper Weights, Tea Coasters, Umbrella, Devotional Gifts, Festival Gifts, Customized Promotional Items, Customized Business Gifts, watches, Wall clocks, Table clocks, Stationery, Logo Designing, Event Management.
India 10-Jul-2013
Austin Global Sourcing (Exporter & Importer)

Agricultural Commodities : Rice.
Home Furnishings & Textiles : Towels, Table Linens, Curtains, Cushions.
Art & Crafts : Paintings.
Jewellery : Earrings.
Glassware, Metal, Wooden, Leather, Bone China, Fabric Handicrafts. Christmas Items, Decorative, Garden Items, Table-Tops, Table-Lamps, watches, Soft Toys, Photo Frames, Napkin Rings, Flower Vase, Spices, Bathroom Accessories, Steel Bathroom Set, Decorative Bathroom Set, Stainless Steel Bathroom Set, Brass Bathroom Sets, Bathroom Set, Metal Bathroom Sets, Bird Bath, Bird Feeders, Bottle Stands, Aluminium Bowls, Candle Holders, Candelabra, Table Coasters, Metal Cuff Rings, Door Knockers, Flower Vases, Hanging Items, Designer Metal Urn, Designer Metal Lamp, Hanging Lanterns, Designer Ashtray, Metal Baskets, Decorative Bookend, Designer Metal Boxes, Designer Galvanized Buckets, Garden Watering Cans, Christmas Items, Designer clock, Door Mat, Fire Pit, French Pot, Garden Items, Decorative Hooks, Ice Bucket, Designer Iron Lantern, Mail Boxes, Designer Brass Menorah, Antique Mirror Frame, Napkin Ring, Picture Frame, Decorative Galvanized Planter, Designer Iron Platter, Pot Holder, Decorative Rack, Stocking Holder, Designer T-Lite Holder, Designer Metal Trivet, Antique Water Tub, Umbrella Stand, Antique Decorative Urns, Wall Sconce, Wine Cooler, Wire Products, Brass Cremation Urn, Aluminium Candle Stand, Brass Planters, Wooden Pillar Candle Holder, Copper Bath Tubs, Decorative Lantern, Square Planters, Iron Planters, Decorative Planters, Designer Urns, Galvanized Planter, Metal Lanterns, X-Mas Tree, Steel Candle Lanterns, Iron Lanterns, Wall Lantern, Iron Trays, Garden Stick, Garden Sundials, Kitchen Linens.
India 13-Jun-2013
Sumair Traders (Exporter)

Computer Peripherals : Webcam, Keyboard.
Lightning Products : Bulbs & Tubes.
Fasteners : Nuts & Bolts.
Electronics, Food Product, clock & watches, Tyres, Toys, Hand Bags, Stationary Items etc.
Pakistan 24-Apr-2013
The Czar Enterprises (Exporter)

Nautical Instruments and Gift Items : Antique Hand Held Telescope, Solid Brass Searchlight, Antique British Navy Sextant With Wooden Box, Collectible Pocket Compass, World Time Marine clock, Antique Wall clock, Anchor Engineering Diving Helmet, Antique Replica Pocket watch and Antique Telephones. Also, we offer Antique Brass Opera Glasses Binoculars, Decorative Candle Votive Holders, Authentic Models Reader's Magnifying Glass, Antique Brass Floor Lamps, Hand Bells, Armillary Sphere Globe Authentic Models Atlas, Colorful Hanging Lanterns, Antique Ship Bell and clock Diving Helmets.
India 14-Dec-2012
Global Handicrafts (Exporter)

Nautical Items, Survey Instruments, Musicals Instruments, Medieval Armoury Products, Search / Studio Lights, watches and clocks, Key Rings, Pen Holder, Wooden and Iron Handicrafts, Promotional Items.
India 04-Oct-2012
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