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Offerhandbags Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Handbags, Shoes, Garments, watch, Jewelry.
China 04-Oct-2008
Hengyi Jewelry Co Ltd (Exporter)

Jewelry, Daily Use / Utility Products, Wine Set, Toys, Fashion Jewelry Accessories, watches, Belts, Scarf, Handbags, Promotion Gifts etc.
China 03-Oct-2008
Nike Shoes Hua (Exporter)

Headwear : Caps, Hats.
Fashion Accessories : Belts.
Branded Shoes, T-shirt: Bbc, Tommy, Ed
Hardy, Polo, Lacoste, Bape, Ggg, Burberry, Evisu, GGG, LRG, Artful Dodger
Jean, Jacket, Handbags, Short: Bbc Pants, Bape Pants, Red Monkey Short, Evisu Short
Sportswear, Socks, Rolex watch, Scarf
Woman Apparels : Bikini, Juicy T-shirt, Locaste T-shirt, Ed T-shirt, Rock, Jean, Juicy Suit, Ed Hardy Hoody
Handbag / Purse : LV, Channel, Gucci, Coach, Chloe, Dior, Juicy, Prada, Guess, D&G, Versace, Fendi
Glasses: Dior, D&g, Armani, Lv, Channel, Gucci, Versace, Fendi, Rayban, Prada.
China 03-Oct-2008
Shen Zhen Xin Jia Rui Electricity Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

Disposable Camera, Underwater Camera, Auto Accident Kit, LED Message Fan, Programmable Message Fan, Fashion clock, Air Freshener, Talking Bottle Opener.
China 30-Sep-2008
Gogo (HK) Industrial. Co. Ltd (Exporter)

Mobile Phone, Mobile Phone Parts & Bluetooth Products. : Nokia Samsung, Iphone, Motorola And Chinese Mobile Phone, The Chinese Mobile Phone Including Dual Sim Phone, TV Mobile Phone, watch Phone and so on
China 29-Sep-2008
Superoceans Co Ltd (Exporter)

Stationary Items : Pens.
Fashion Accessories : Belts.
Wrist watches & Handbag, Purse, Jewelry.
China 29-Sep-2008
Shoes Trade (Exporter)

Shoes : Nike, gucci, Adidas, Bape, AF1, Prada, D&G, Timberland, Puma, y-3, DSQUARED
Apparels : Jeans, Hoodies, Jackets, T-shirts, Shorts, Sportwear, Socks.
Handbags / Purse: LV, Chanel, Gucci, Coach, CHLOE, Dior, Juicy, Prada, Guess, D&G, Versace, Fendi
Fashion Accessories : Sunglassess, Belts.
Headwear : Hats.
Rolex watch, Scarfs.
Undergarments : Bikini.
China 22-Sep-2008
Newhope (Exporter)

Antenna, Digital Products, MP3, MP3 watch, MP3 Sunglasses, MP4, Ipod Series, U Disk, Mobile, Card, PC Parts, Mouse, Keyboard, Digital Camera, Music CDs, Movie DVD.
China 11-Sep-2008
Watch and Talk (Exporter & Importer)

Games, Cellphones & Cameras.
United Arab Emirates 28-Aug-2008
Ying Hua Trade Co Ltd (Exporter)

Headwear : Caps.
Branded Shoes : Nike, Air Jordan, Air Max, Puma, Air Force and so on.
Clothes, watch, Handbags and so on.
China 27-Aug-2008
Wang Fung Precision Products Limited (Exporter)

Stainless Steel watch Cases & Bands, Fashionable Jewelry & Accessories.
Hong Kong 26-Aug-2008
Allstar International Trade Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Shoes, Apparel, Handbag & Wallets, Wrist watches, Sunglasses.
China 18-Aug-2008
Better Commercial Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Headwear : Caps.
Branded Shoes, Clothing, Hand Bags, Sunglasses & watches.
China 18-Aug-2008
Alhdara Electronic Ltd. (Exporter)

Alhdara Electronic : Muslim Azan clock, Electronic Ballast, Alhdara Power Regulator.
China 11-Aug-2008
Lung Cheung Trade (Exporter)

Headwear : Caps.
Sport Shoes, Sneakers, Jeans, Hoodies, Polo, T-shirts, Purses, Wallets, watches, Sunglasses, etc.
Nike, Air Jordan, Af1, Bapesta, Adidas, Puma, Gucci, D&G, Prada, Chanel, Coach, Edhardy, Rmc, Evisu, BBC,
Coogi, LRG, CLH, etc.,
China 11-Aug-2008
Technikord (Exporter)

LCD TV, Plasma TV (Television), DVD Players, Blue Ray Player, CRT TV, Nokia Mobile Phones, N95, N81, Iphones, HTC Phones, China GSM Phones, watch Phones.
Entertainment Products : Sony PS3, PS2, PSP (Playstation), Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS Lite.
Hong Kong 08-Aug-2008
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