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Higroove Limited (Exporter)

Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts.
Wood Charcoal, Rough Wood & Article Of Wood, Shea Nut & Butter, Ginger, Garlic, Groundnut, Palm & Palm Kernel Oil, Hibiscus Flower, Cassava & Cassava Products, Tapioca Chips, Fruits & Vegetables, Spices, Grains, Sesame Seed, cocoa, Food & Beverages, Solid Minerals, Agricultural Products.
Nigeria 14-Jul-2012
Manyi Ayuk Oben (Exporter)

Seafood : Fresh Fishes.
Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts, Almonds.
Agricultural Products : Rice.
Dairy Products : Cheese.
Poultry Products : Whole Frozen Chicken, Chicken Feet.
Fruits & Vegetables : Ginger, Garlic, Onions, Potatoes, Mango, Carrots, Tomatoes, Peppers, Cabbages, Apples, Bananas, Citrus Fruit, Pears, Pomegranates, Melons, Grapes.
Flour, Spices, Dried Fruit, Beans, Grains, Oats, Vegetables, Animal Feed, Peanut, Pulses, Skimmed Powder Milk, Unsalted Butter, cocoa Powder, Bird Seeds, Buck Wheat, Cooking Oil, Coconuts, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil,
Rapeseed Oil, Corn Oil, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Soybean Oil, Sesame Oil, Urea, Compound Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer, NPK Fertilizer, Phosphate Fertilizer, Plant Food, Livestock, Cow, Horses, Pigs Oil Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Jatropha Seeds, Cotton Seeds, Rape Seeds, Nuts & Kernels, Peanuts, Chestnuts.
Cameroon 07-Jul-2012
CTS Global Service Limited (Exporter)

Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts.
Wood Charcoal, Cassava, Tapioca Chips, Cassava Starch, Cassava Flour & Chips, Shea Nut & Shea Butter, Ginger, Garlic, Groundnut, Fresh Hibiscus Flower, Spices, Fruits, Wood & Wood Materials, Palm Oil, PK Oil, Palm Kernel Fruits, Sesame Seed, cocoa, Ccolas, General Agricultural Products & Solid Minerals.
Nigeria 06-Jul-2012
Destiny (Exporter)

Art & Crafts : Paintings and Sculptures.
Natural Stone : Granite, Marble, Pebbles.
Construction Machines : Crane, Hoist, Winch.
Home Textiles : Furnishings : Carpets, Rugs, Durries, Towels / Napkins / Kitchen Linen.
Non-Alcoholic Beverages : Soft Drinks, Water, Juices, Health Drinks.
Agricultural Products : Rice.
Foodstuff : Snacks and Namkeen.
Home Textiles & Furnishings : Bed Linen, Bed Sheet, Pillow Cover, Quilts, Carpets, Rugs, Durries.
Seafood, Beverages, Agricultural / Farm Equipments, Agrochemicals, Pesticides, Herbicides, Bakery and Confectionery Products, Ready to Eat Food, Coconut, Dessicated, Coconut Shells, Dry Fruits and Nuts, Edible Oils, Oil Seeds, Biofuels, Edible Salt, Industrial Salt, Rock Salt, Flavours, Food Additives and Colorants, Fresh Flowers, Floriculture Products, Food Processing Machinery and Equipments, Fruits and Vegetables, , Grains and Pulses, Horticultural / Garden Products, Indian Sweets, Meat and Poultry Products, Milk and Dairy Products, Organic Farming, Manure, Vermicompost, Rice Powder, Rice Preparations, Seeds, Plants and Saplings,
Spices, Sugar, Tea, Coffee, cocoa, Building and Construction Materials, Builders Hardware, Knobs, Handles, Fittings, Ceramic / Porcelain / Refractory Products, Material Handling Equipments, Paints Additives, Paint Emulsions, Pipes and Pipe Fittings, Plumbing, Sanitary Ware and Bathroom Fittings, Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Fabrics, Leather Garments, Scarves, Mufflers, Silk Pashmina Scarves, Shawls, Stoles, Ponchos, Fashion Accessories, Hand Bags (Cotton, Canvas, Jute), Belt Bandana, Handkerchief, T-Shirt, Polo Shirts, Ladies Dresses, Shirts, Trousers, Suits, Ties, Sportswear, Saree, Salwar, Undergarments, Lingerie, Nightwear, Furniture / Fittings / Interior Decoration, Gemstones (Precious / Semi-Precious), Glassware and Glass Products, Gold / Silver Jewelry, Human Hair, Wigs and Hair Accessories, Incense Sticks, Cones, Aroma Powder, Indian Handicrafts, Metal Handicraft - Brass, EPNS, Musical Instruments, Parts & Accessories, Photo Frames / Picture Frames, Stonecraft (Marble and Stone Handicraft), Wooden / Sandalwood Handicraft, Wrought Iron Products, Healthcare / Beauty Products, Animal Healthcare, Veterinary Drugs, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Medicine, Biotechnology Equipments and Supply, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Dental Products & Equipments, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Essential Oils and Aromatic Chemicals, Fashion Accessories, Fragrances, Perfumes, Aroma, Attar, Healthcare Products / Equipments, Herbal Cosmetics, Natural Care Products, Herbal Products, Herbs and Herbal Extracts, Human Hair, Wigs and Hair Accessories, Medical and Hospital Disposable, Medical, Surgical Instruments, Nutraceuticals, Orthopedic Implants, Equipment, Supplies, Pharma Chemicals and Excipients, Jute / Coir / Felt / Cork etc, Agricultural Commodities, Christmas Gifts / Decoratives, Coir / Sisal / Hemp, Leather and Leather Products, Footwear, Finished Leather, Leather Hand Bags, Purses, Leather Wallets, Leather Garments, Sports / Toy Games / Recreation / Travel, Bicycle / Rickshaw / Components, Fashion Belt and Accessories, Bandana, Handkerchief, Musical Instruments Parts & Accessories, Scarves, Mufflers, Silk Pashmina Scarves, Sportswear, Apparels, Shoes, Fashion Accessories, Antiques & Reproductions, Bamboo, Cane, Rattan, Wicker Furniture, Handicrafts, Fireworks, Matchbox, Safety Matches, Furniture, Bed, Modular Kitchen, Photo Frames / Picture Frames, Wooden / Sandalwood Handicrafts, Woodworking Machinery, Carpentry Tools.
India 29-Jun-2012
Marygold Trading (Exporter & Importer)

Agricultural Commodities : Rice, Sugar.
Tea, Coffee, Spices, Nuts, Cooking Oil, cocoa.
Laminated Floorings, Aluminium Panels, Scrap etc.
United Arab Emirates 23-Jun-2012
Allied Survey Mining Ltd (Exporter)

Gold, cocoa Teakwood & Scrap,
Petroleum Products : Crude Oil, D2 (Diesel2) & M100/Mazut.
Ghana 22-Jun-2012
Chimencocam (Exporter & Importer)

Agricultural Commodities : Rice.
Cameroon 19-Jun-2012
Chifesim Global Ventures Limited (Exporter & Importer)

Electrical Appliances, Computers, Televisions, Iron, DVD Player, Home Theatre, Personal Computer, Laptops etc.
Building Materials.
Garments, Petroleum Products, Agricultural Products, Crushed Bone, Bones, Cashews, Groundnut, cocoa, Cow Horn, Crushed Cow Horn, White Cow Horn, Hibiscus, Garlic etc.
Nigeria 11-Jun-2012
Ihechere Nigeria Enterprises (Exporter)

Hard Wood Charcoal, cocoa Beans, Red Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Shell, Ginger, Bitter Kola, Sesame Seed, Cashew Nut, Palm Kernel Nut, Moringa Oleifera Leaf and Seed, Shea Nut & Koso Wood.
Nigeria 11-Jun-2012
Nouvelle Mediation Commerciale De Cote D'ivoire (Exporter & Importer)

Agricultural Products, Coffee, cocoa, Rubber Products, Edible Oil, Copra, Coconut, Fruits, Cashew, Minerals, Petroleum Products, Automotives.
Cote D'Ivoire 07-Jun-2012
Trigreeen Agro And Allied Resources Ltd (Exporter)

Agricultural Commodities : Corn.
Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts.
Groundnut, Palm Kernel Nut, cocoa, Sorghum, Millet, Soya Beans, Wheat-Flour, Kola Nut, Palm Kernel Shell, Bitter Kola, Cassava Chips.
Nigeria 07-Jun-2012
M/S. Ebrahim Haji Zakeria (Exporter & Importer)

Dairy Products, Food Additive, Black Tea, Chemicals Fine, Industrial, Aromatic, Food Ingredients, Edible Oils, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), cocoa Products, Packaging Materials etc.
Pakistan 06-Jun-2012
Sealine Foreign Merchandise (P) Ltd. (Exporter)

Spices : Long Pepper, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Mace, Clove, Turmeric AFT.
Coconut, cocoa, Dry Ginger, Fresh Ginger, Tamarind, Cardamom Seeds, Curry Leaf etc.
India 29-May-2012
Nomada Limited (Exporter)

cocoa, Cotton, Cotton Seeds, Copper Cathodes.
Nigeria 28-May-2012
Jamaica Comp Ltd (Exporter)

Raw Cashew Nuts, Agricultural Products and Mobile Phones, cocoa.
Ghana 25-May-2012
ISK Spices (Exporter)

Spices : Cinnamon, Pepper, Betel, Clove, cocoa, Cardamom
Ginger, Lemongrass, Nutmeg and Mace, Vanilla.
Sri Lanka 11-May-2012
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