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Engine Parts

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Bright Future Ship Management (Exporter)

Marine Spare parts, Safety Items, Auxiliary engine Spare parts, engine Spare parts.
Bangladesh 28-Oct-2013
Balanda Trading Corporation (Exporter & Importer)

Dental Clinical & Laboratory Materials, Hospital, General & Dental Material, Chemicals, General, Industrial, Household, Pharmaceutical, Computer, Hardware, Spare parts, & Accessories, Auto parts, engine & Electrical parts, Photo Goods, Photographic Material & Equipments, Stationary Items, General For Office, Schools, Household, Mobile Phones, Spare parts & Accessories, Hardware, Industrial, Household, Tools, Kits, Raw Material, General Merchandises, Garments, Electronics, Foods.
Pakistan 21-Oct-2013
1st Choice Parts (Exporter & Importer)

Car parts, engines & Gearboxes.
United Kingdom 14-Oct-2013
Shivrons Pacific Exporters,nz. (Exporter)

Construction Machinery : Forklifts.
Trucks, Cars, Van and other Auto Spare parts, engines, Gearbox, Lights, Panel parts, Door Assy etc.
New Zealand 27-Sep-2013
Creed Engineering (Exporter)

Fabrication Services, Flanges, Pharmaceutical Machine parts, Press Tools and Injection Molding.
India 23-Sep-2013
Ladder Engineering Works (Exporter)

Industrial Machinery parts.
India 20-Sep-2013
Mayur Engineering (Exporter)

Rubber Road Mat (Cable Protector ) and Rubber parts.
India 09-Sep-2013
Jinan Create Tech Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Truck Spare parts, engineering Machinery Fittings, Track Rollers, Track Links, Track Shoes, Idlers, Sprockets, Teeth, Bolts and Nuts, Fasteners, Pins etc.
China 04-Sep-2013
Shiva Impex (Exporter)

Main engine & Spares, Auxiliary engine & Spare parts, Turbo Charger Turbine, Compressor, Separator, Fresh Water Generator / Gensets, Pumps, Heat Exchanger, Hydraulic Motor & Pumps, Navigation & Automation Equipments.
India 30-Aug-2013
Ocean Power (Exporter & Importer)

Diesel Generator Sets, Freshwater Generator, Pumps, Steam Turbine, Heat Exchanger, Oily Water Separator, Anchor, Chain, Deck Machineries parts, Hydraulic Pumps, Ship Navigational Equipment, Marine engine & Its Spares, Oil Purifiers, Oil Purifiers Spare parts, Gear Box, Air Compressors, Refrigeration Compressors, Double Bollards, Marine Pumps, Impeller, Crank Shaft, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Liner, Nozzles, Plunger Barrel, Connecting Rod, Big End Bearing, Main Journal Bearing, Valve Spindle, Valve Guide, Valve Seat, Fuel Injector, Fuel Pumps, Oil Pump, Water Pump, Piston Rings, Marine Auxiliary engines, Piston, Turbo Charger, BBC, ABB Turbo Charger, Turbo Charger parts, Generator engine, Generator engine Spares, Oil Purifiers Machinery.
India 23-Aug-2013
Jiangbei Zhixin Rubber & Plastic Parts Co Ltd (Exporter)

Rubber Metal Goods, engine Mounting, Strut Mount, Bushing, Center Bearing, Rubber Boot and other Rubber Products, Auto parts & Accessories, engine Mounting, Rubber Mounting, Transmission Mounting, Strut Mount, Bushing, Control Arm, Buffer, Boot, Ball Joint, Tie Rod End, Stabilizer Link, Rack End, Axial Joint, Idler Arm, Seal, Gasket, Valve Diaphragm, Gasket, Rubber Products, Plastic Items, Metal Precision parts, Automobile Suspension System, engine Mountings, Rubber Mounts, Transmission Mounts, Strut Mounts, Bushings, Control Arm Bush, Bearings, Bearing Supports, Pu Buffers, Boots, Flexible Discs, Dust Covers, Automobile Steering System, Control Arms, Idler Arms, Pitman Arms, Wishbones, Tie Rod Ends, Ball Joints, Ball Pins, Rack End, Stabilizer Links etc.
China 20-Aug-2013
Makali Engineering Works (Exporter & Importer)

Jute Spinning Machinery Spare parts : Top Pressing Roller Boss Full Assembly, Fluted Roller, Delivery Pressing Roller Boss, Delivery Roller Boss, AD Top Roller, SD Top Roller, Retaining Roller, Appron Roller, Idler Roller, Stud, Arm, Halical Penion, Bottom Roller, Sccaper Ring, Piston Ring etc.
India 20-Aug-2013
C A Export Company (Exporter)

Security & Surveillance Equipments : CCTV Cameras.
AC & DC Drives, Adapter, Agitators, Air Cargo Handling Equipment, Air Conditioners And Its parts, Air Handling Systems, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Aircraft Accessories, Aircraft engine parts, Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Alarms, Air Traffic Control Systems, Aluminum Cans, Alcoholmeters, Amplifiers, Analyzers, Annunciators, Antennas, Attenuators, Audio Communications Systems, Audio Visual Equipment, Autoclaves, Batteries, Bearings, Boilers, Boom / Crane, Blowers, Boosters and ID Systems, Borescopesbuilding-cold Storage, Cable TV Equipment, Cables & Fiber Optic Cable, Chemicals, Copy Machines, Electrical Cables, Communications Equipments, Compressors, Computers, Connectors, Couplers, Dairy Equipment, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Communication Systems, Data Link, Data Logger, Dental Equipment, Detectors, Diodes, Drilling Equipment, Enclosures, Encoders, engine parts, Fax Machine, Food Products, Filters, Freezers, Furnaces, Furniture, Fuses, Gages, Heating Elements, Helmets, Indicators, Intelligent Motion Systems, Calibrating Instruments, Inverters, Isolators, Liquid Level Controls & Sensors, Lubricators, Measuring Equipments, Medical Equipment, Meters, Microwave Equipment, Military Equipments & Supplies, Mixers, Modems, Monitors, Motion Control Equipments, Multimeter's, Multiplexers, Needles, Oil Filed Equipment, Oil Refinery Plant Construction, Oil And Gas Well Supplies, Oil Storage Systems, Oscillator's, Ovens, PLC's, Photographic Equipments & Supplies, Plasma Cutting Equipments, Plasma Etching Systems, Plasma Spraying Equipments, Potentiometers, Power Supplies For All Industry, Petrochemical Equipments & Plants, Pumps, Perimeters, Relay, Radar Systems, Railroad Supplies, Receivers, Recorders, Resistors, Robot Control Systems, Sugar, Safety Equipments, Scales, Scanners, Sensors, Shredders, Solder, Soldering Equipments, Spectroflourometers, Spectrometer's, Steel Machinery, Steel Roll, Stencil Cutting Machine, Swimming Pool Equipments, Switchboards, Tachometers, Tanks, Tapes, Telecommunication Equipment, Telemetry Equipment, Telephone, Telescopes, Television, Television Station Equipments, Terminals, Testers, Timers, Toners, Towers, Transceiver's, Transducers, Transformers, Transmitters, Urea, Uniforms, Video Conferencing Systems, Variable Frequency Drives, Valves, Waste Treatment & Disposal Equipment, Waste Water Treatments Equipment, Watches, Water Pollution Control Equipment, Water Purification Plaint's Including Reverse Osmosis, Weather Station Equipment, Wire & Cable, X-ray Apparatus.

Mill-Grade Metals - Seamless ASTM Pipes - Valves - Flanges - Hoist Chain/Ropes - Scrap Metals - Fertilizers - Chemicals - Ferro Niobium - Silicon - Bitumen - Cement/Clinker - Food Items.

Warehousing Facilities Freight Logistics Services
Oil & Gas Industry, Water treatment plants, Chemical blending plants, Desalination plants,
Piping works (C.S., S.S., G.R.P., UPVC, HDPE, etc.)
Firefighting equipment, piping including deluge systems, fire hydrants, sprinkler, integrin gas systems, heat detection system, etc.
Central A/C systems, District Cooling systems, etc. for offices, Sports Stadium and plant rooms. Fountain system, irrigation system networks for farms, hotels, hospitals, buildings, factories, oil and gas sector.
Generators /Genset, Synchronizing panels, Distribution and Control panels.
LV / MV / HV Sub-Stations.
Transformer, RMU's & Switchgears.
Fire Alarm & CCTV Systems.
Installation of Overhead and Underground Lines.
HV / LV Cabling & Cable tray works.
Instrumentation, including PLC, SCADA, BMS & Telemetry systems.
Complete power and control for pumping stations.
Lighting and power distribution for roads, gardens & sports complexes.
PV Solar Modules.
Solar Energy Power Stations.
United States 16-Aug-2013
Wuxi Idem Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Valve Core, Rotor; Plunger, High Precision Cylindrical parts, High Precision Bore parts, Precision Casting, Forging, Hydraulic parts, engineering Machinery parts, Precision Machining parts.
Cocos (Keeling) Islands 12-Aug-2013
Bay Electronics And Electric Traders (Exporter)

Marine Electronic, Main engine & its Spare parts.
Bangladesh 07-Aug-2013
Litian Engineering Machinery Co Ltd (Exporter)

Excavator Spare parts.
China 06-Aug-2013
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