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Indian Auto Industries (Exporter)

Auto / Cars Spare parts.
Suspension parts, Trucks & Trailers & engine parts & Bumbers & Fasteners for all Cars.
India 08-Aug-2005
Rodrigues Engineers (Exporter)

Die & Press Components.
Press Component : Meter parts, Scooter parts, Switch parts, Pannelboard, Electric Contact parts And Locking parts Arrangement Of Suitcases.
Copper, Brass, Aluminums, M. S, and Steel.
Washers, Machining.
India 08-Aug-2005
Karadjov GT (Exporter & Importer)

Rebuild, Upgrade for Used Tobacco Manufacturing Equipment, engineering Service to Tobacco Industry,
Cigarette Making and Packing Lines & Machines, Late Electronics and Electrical Upgrades, Producing of Spare parts, Format Changes.
Bulgaria 27-Jul-2005
Import Substitute Development Corporation (Exporter)

engineering critical parts of Turbine and Boiler which are mainly used in Thermal Power Station, Steel, Paper Plant. Shaft, Valve Spindles, Impellers, Labyrinths, Sealing Rings, Cylinder Piston Used In Steam Turbine And Boiler.
India 26-Jul-2005
Marin Enterprises (Exporter & Importer)

Granite, Aluminum, engine parts Heavy Machinery.
United States 21-Jul-2005
Bhalla Mechanical Works (Exporter)

Fasteners / Nuts : Plain Nuts, Hex Nuts, Lock Nuts, Square Nuts, Nylock Nuts, Castle Nuts, Slotted Nuts.
Nuts for Automobile, engine parts & Hardware Nuts.
Studs, Washers, Rivets.
Indonesia 19-Jul-2005
Expert Engineering (Exporter)

Mechanical Seals Spares, Pharmaceutical Spares, Compressor Spares, Textile Machine Spares, Dairy, Pump Spares, Mechanical Seal Carbons, Compressor Carbons and Water pump Seals, and various Spares made of Silicon Carbite, Ceramic, T.C etc.
Carbon Rings, Silcion Carbite Rings and Mechanical Spares parts.
engineering Items : Oring, Gasket, Teflon Bellow etc.
India 13-Jul-2005
PPPL (Exporter & Importer)

Port & Material Handling Equipments, Side Lifters, Load & Empty Reach Stackers, Forklift Trucks, Mobile Harbor Cranes (MHC), Ship to Shore (STS) Cranes, Rubber Tire Gantry (RTG) Cranes, Straddle Carriers (SC), Sprinter Carriers, Lattice Boom Cranes, Telescopic Boom Cranes, Prime / Tractors / Container Movers, Skeletal / Semi Trailers, Bomb Cart Trailers, Flat & Low Bed Trailers, engine & engine spare parts, Railway Track Equipments, Railway Locomotives engines & Solid Wheels, Diesel Rail & Road Loco-tractor, Locomotives Spare parts, Railway Carriages, Freight Wagons, Railway Tank Wagons.
Bangladesh 04-Jul-2005
Patel Brass Works (Exporter)

engineering Spares parts, Bimetal Bearings, Trimetal Bearings, Bushings, Bearing Shells, Flange Bearing Shells, Washers, Bushings, Precision Bushings, Journal Pad Bearings, Thrust Pad Bearings, Tilting Pad Bearings, engine Bearing, Wall Bearing.
India 21-Jun-2005
Psp Engineering Works Pvt Ltd (Exporter)

Spare parts : Gears & Shafts of Tractors like Massey Ferguson, Ford, New Holland, Romania UTB650, Belarus, Bedford Trucks etc.
India 18-Jun-2005
Tracko International (Exporter)

Auto parts, Cylinder Liners, Aluminum Piston, Rings for Tractors, Diesel engines and Stationary engine.
India 13-Jun-2005
Anmlex Industries ( P ) Ltd. (Exporter & Importer)

Agricultural Equipments & Spare parts, Irrigation engines, Marine engines, Earth Moving Equipments, Plastic Products, Bio-Degradable Polythene Bags, Crude Palm Oil, Olive Oils.
Alcoholic Beverages : Wines.
Australia 09-Jun-2005
Discount Motor Spares (Exporter & Importer)

Auto / engine Spares parts.
South Africa 07-Jun-2005
Victorflag Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Auto parts, engine parts Accessories, engine parts, Piston Rings, Cylinder Liner, Gasket Kit, Camshaft, Glow Plugs, Forklift Gears, Oil Seals, Steam Seal, O-rings, Heavy Commercial Vehicles Tractors & Stationary Diesels engine, Motorcycle.
Taiwan 06-Jun-2005
Paulo Anastácio (Exporter)

Trucks, Heavy & Light Machinery, Spare parts, Used and Rebilted engines.
Portugal 02-Jun-2005
IDC Technology (S) Pte Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

Precision parts for Semiconductor, Electrical, and Automobile, Model Honda Motorcycles / Auto Spart parts, engine parts, Piston Ring, Tire, Alloy Rims & etc.
Singapore 31-May-2005
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