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Interocean Group (Exporter)

Food Products, Plastic Raw Materials, HDPE / LDPE, Steam Coal, Honey.
India 21-Nov-2008
Adventures Technology (Exporter)

Minerals : Chrome Ores.
Building Materials : Cements.
Vegetables : Onion, Potatoes.
Iodized Salt, Sugar, Honey, Canned Beverages.
India 18-Nov-2008
A.V.I.C. Ministries International (Exporter & Importer)

Petroleum Products : Diesel2 / D2, Crude Oil, Bonny Light Crude Oil.
Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts.
Fruits : Pineapples.
Seafood : Tilapia Fish.
African Art Work, Cassava, Cocoa & Coffee, Honey, Palm Oil, Bullion.
Cote D'Ivoire 29-Oct-2008
Dhulagiri Hrbo Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Raw Honey, Raw Herbs.
United States 29-Oct-2008
Nika International Lanka ( Pvt ) Ltd (Exporter)

Slow Food, Organic Rice, Black Pepper and other Sri Lankan Spice.
Spices : Pepper ( White & Black ) Cardamoms, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Lime Grass, Chilly, Sesame Seeds, Mace, Desiccated Coconut, Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Cinnamon, Sri Lankan Tea & Coffee,
Bee Honey, Kithul Honey & Jagary ( Like Sugar ), Lemon Grass, Ginger, Sesame Seeds, Cashew, Green Gram,
Maize, Peauts, Dehydrated Jack Fruit, Bitter Gourd.
Seafood & Fish Products : Fish, Tuna, Shak Fins, Sea-Cucumbers, Prawns, Crabs and all the other Sea Foods.
Sri Lanka 21-Oct-2008
CHIC-MKD (Exporter)

Macedonia 14-Oct-2008
BVM Tradex (Exporter & Importer)

Milk Powder, Mango Pulps, Flax Seed, Castor Meal, Cotton Seed Meal, Neem Seed Cake, Organic Foods, Organic Cereals, Organic Honey, Organic Spices, Organic Black Pepper.
India 11-Oct-2008
Emexi Internacional SA DE CV (Exporter)

High Quality Certified Arabica Gourmet Coffee, Certified Supreme Arabica Gourmet Coffee, High Quality Arabica Green Beans, Macadamia Nuts, Mexican Sauces, Agave Honey, Mango Jam, Guava Jam, Handmade Handbags / Shoulder Bags, Certified Talavera Ceramics.
Mexico 04-Oct-2008
Apibrazil Zoopeptides Biofeatures Ltd (Exporter)

Phospholidase Enzime "Green" Genders Of "Organic" Healthcare Products, Crystallized Powdery, Whole Dried Bee Venom, African Bee Honey or Brazilian Wild Bee Honeys, Apis Mellifera Scudelata, High Levels of active Mellitin and others compounds for Therapeutics - Natuceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Bioceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Neutraceuticals.
Brazil 03-Oct-2008
Tigist Business Group Pvt. Ltd. Co. (Exporter)

Bee Wax, Honey, Coffee.
Ethiopia 24-Sep-2008
Saurabh Gems (Exporter)

Gemstones Both Precious & Semi-precious.
Green Amethyst, Olive Quartz, Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smoky, Lemon Topaz, Green Gold, Honey Quartz, Citrine Quartz etc.
India 22-Sep-2008
Ren Sri Lanka (Exporter)

Dehydrated Vegetable, Kithul Trackle, Pure Wild Bee Honey, Agricultural Commodities, Traditional Rice, Handloom Products, Coir Products.
Sri Lanka 19-Sep-2008
Stepsun Ventures Limited (Exporter & Importer)

Sesame Seed, Topaz, Pure Honey.
Nigeria 19-Sep-2008
Global Fusion Trading C C (Exporter)

Rooibos Tea, Honey Bush Tea, Herbal Tea, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Dried Fruit, Fresh Fruit, Table Grapes.
South Africa 18-Sep-2008
Hilietis Trade (Exporter)

Greek Products : Canned Yellow Peaches & Apricots, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives Green Black, Wines, Gourmet Foods, Honey, Pineapples Slices In Tins, Asparagus In Glass Jars / Tins, Chocolates, Fashion Wines (Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat, Juventus, Milan From Italy).
Greece 18-Sep-2008
Nazarteks Tekstil San. Ltd. (Exporter)

Pure Kackar Honey, Verdant Black Sea Region Are Thick With Beech, Oak, Maple, Alder, Scots Pine, And Oriental Spruce.
Picea Orientalis, Carpinus Betulus, Fagus Orientalis, Ostrya Carpinifolia, Castanea Sativa, Acer Platanoides,
acer Campestre, Acer Cappadocicum, Quercus Hatwissiana, Quercus Pontica, Sorbus Torminalis, Sorbus Aucuparia, Populus Tremula, Taxus Baccata, Alnus Glutinosa Subsp. Barbata, Buxus Sempervirens, Picea Orientalis, Abies Nordmanniana, Pinus Sylvestris, Betula Medwediewii Betula Browicziana, Populus Tremula, Actinidia Chinensis, Abies Concolor.
Flowers : Melisa Officinalis, Rhododendron Caucasicum, Rhododendro Ungernii, Rhododendro Ponticum Subsp, Ponticum Var, Rhododendro Luteum, Echinacea Pallidum, Unula Helenium, Heterophyllum, Chicorium Intubus,
sorbus Aucuparia, Uncaria Tomentosa, Avena Sativa, Rosa Villosa, Rosa Montana, Rosa Elymaitica,
rosa Pulverulenta, Ribes Rubrum, Urtica Diocia, Anthemis / Trapezuntic, Trifolium Platense, Crocus Artvinensis
lilium Artvinense, Dianthus Artvinensis, Vaccinium Myrtillis, Calendurla Officinalis Agave Americana, Camellia Sinensis, Taraxacum Officinalis, Urtica Hyperborea, Ribes Orientalis, Morus, Fraxinus Angustifolius, Qurcus Robur
fagus Orientalis Longoz, Fagus Orientalis, Alnus Glutinosa, Abies Nordmanniana, Pinus Sylvestris, Picea Orientalis,
carpinus Orientalis-carpinusbetulus, Castanea Sativa, Rhododendron Ponticum-rhod, Odendronluteum,
rhododendron Ungernii-rhododendronsmirnowii, Betula Pendula, The Mysterious Hooded Orchid, Hazels
caucasian And The Rare Steven's Orchid, Aquilegias, Geranium Psilostemon, Mahogany-purple Bells Of Fritillaria, Latifolia, Furry Deep Blues Of Pulsatillaablana, Brilliant Shiny Yellows Of Calthapolypetala, Bright Pink And Deep Purple Azure Corydalis Conorhiza, Electric Blue Gentians, Crocus Scharojonii, Steel-blue Swertias, Shining Red Louseworts, Stately Lilium Kesselringianum, Elegant Lilium Ponticum, Many Rare And Beautiful Delphiniums, Rare Yellow Globe Orchids.
Turkey 10-Sep-2008
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