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New Agencies/ Pusan Bangladesh Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

We Sell :

Raw jute/ Kenaf/ Meshta, Cut jute, jute Cutting & jute Waste
Textile & Non-Woven Needle Punch Fabrics For Carpet Underlay, Pulp, Paper & Felt Production.
Wastages (cut Pieces) From Garment Fabrics (Jeans, Knit, Woven) In Bales,
Nursery Pots, Fashionable jute Bags for Men & Women, Household Pots of Different Sizes Made of Date Leaf, Bamboo Products, jute Geo-Textiles.
Readymade Garments.
Garments : Woven & Knits, Garments for Men Ladies & Children Tops, Bottoms and Outerwear, Services Offered. Sourcing Fabric, Garments.
Cotton Jerseys, Cotton-spandex, Polyacrylics, Woven Garments For Children, Men & Ladies. Knit Jerseys, T-shirts & Polo Shirts, Fancy & Basic Items, Fabrics.
Monitor Factories, Fabric Woven Knit.
jute and jute goods and many others.

We Buy : Chemicals, Pigments Printing Binder, Hydrogen Peroxide, Titanium Dioxide, Acetic Acid, Caustic Soda Flakes, Soda Ash Light, and many more.
Bangladesh 14-Feb-2005
Eastern Marine Agencies (Exporter & Importer)

Various Products : Dry Fish, Fish Scraps, Pet Bottle Flakes, jute, Metal Scraps and all kind of Scraps, Vegetables, Spices, Fruits.
Bangladesh 12-Feb-2005
MPG Industrial Org. (Exporter)

jute Products / jute Handicrafts.
India 09-Feb-2005
AB Jute Trading (Exporter)

Raw jute Fiber, jute Yarns / Twine, jute Cloth, jute Bags.
Bangladesh 08-Feb-2005
Chennai Jute Company (Exporter)

jute & Its Products : Laminated and Colored Hessian Cloth, jute Twine, B. Twill Gunny Bags, A. Twill Gunny.
India 04-Feb-2005
Allied Sales Agency (Exporter)

jute Bags.
India 03-Feb-2005
Texwork Int'l Bd (Exporter)

Men's, Ladies & Children Garments Items.
jute Shopping Bag, jute Fashion Bag, Beach Bag, jute Goods.
Handicrafts & Paper Shopping Bags.
Bangladesh 27-Jan-2005
VTIC (Exporter)

Art Handicraft & Household Products From Palm Leaf, Rattan, Bamboo, Seagrass, jute, Wood, Glass and Embroidery.
Embroidery, Models bags,
Palm leaf, Rattan, Bamboo, Seagrass, jute, Coconut Palm Wares,
Glasses and Pottery, Wooden items, Chopsticks, Art lamps.
Viet Nam 21-Jan-2005
Melody Queen (Exporter)

Musical Instruments Fittings : Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and Guitar Fittings. Wooden and other Handicraft Production.
Musical Instruments Section Fingerboard, Tailpiece, Peg, Chinrest, Shoulder-rest, End-button, End-pin, Mute, End-pin Holder, Castanet, Guitar Bridge, Guitar Finger board, Bridge Pin, Bendetto Arch top Guitar Tailpiece, Pick etc.
Wooden Kitchenware : Spoon, Fork, Knife, Chopstick, Serving Tray, Cutting Board, Soup Bowl & Soup Spoon.
Wooden Tableware : Flower Pot, Candle Holders, Dry Flower, Pen Stand, Photo Frame, & Wooden Idols.
Wooden Fashion Wear : Wooden Ornaments, Hair Pin, Hair Clip, Ornamental Box, Dress Hanger, Wooden Ties & Hand Bag, Tobacco Pipe.
Wooden Child ware: Toys & Kids Percussion.
jute ware : Varieties Shopping Bag.
Paper ware : Handmade Paper Shopping Bag.
Earthen ware : Terracotta Diner Set (Natural Soil).
India 06-Jan-2005
Alisha Apparel (Exporter & Importer)

Petroleum Products : LPG.
jute Textiles, Geo Textiles / Geo-Textiles, Horticultural Twine, Scrimp jute Cloth, Ponynosic Fabrics, Denim Wear, Canvass, Drills, Poplins, For Work Wear, Twills/3/1, 2/1/ For Trousers, Shirting's, Shorts Pants,
Knit Wear, Yarn Dyed Shirting's.
Metals Scraps : HMS 1, HMS 1-2, Used Rails.
Pakistan 03-Jan-2005
Alliance Tradecom International (Exporter)

jute & jute Goods.
Bangladesh 03-Jan-2005
Retro Inc. (Exporter)

Handloom & Power loom,
Fabrics Silk, Organza, Tissue, Dupion, Organdy. Nile, Crepe etc.
Synthetic Fabrics Nylon, Polyester, Satin, Viscose etc.
Jaycord Silk & Poly Jaycord.
Blended Silk With jute, Noil, Lilen & Polyester.
Embroidery Beads, Thread Work, Chiken Work, Bead Work etc.
Printing We Specialize In Printed Tablemats, Runners, Curtains
Brush, Screen & Block Printing.
Floor Covering Cotton Handmade, Durries, Throws, Bathmats and other Made-up & Handicrafts.
India 03-Jan-2005
Gahlot International (Exporter)

Hand Woven (Handmade) jute Rugs, Heavy jute Rugs & Durries, Seagrass Durries, Wool-jute Kelim Durries, jute Herbal Wash Durries, Cotton Ston Wash Durries, Braided Rugs, Natural Fiber Rugs, Knotted Carpet, any type of Durries & Rugs, jute Shoes In Slippers & any type of shoes, jute Bags.
India 29-Dec-2004
Balaji Buttons (Exporter)

Horn Button Blanks & Bone Buttons Blanks, Wooden Buttons, Coconut Buttons, Nylon and Polyester Buttons
Cotton Shopping Bags, jute Bags, Paper Bags, and all kind of Bags.
India 23-Dec-2004
M.A. Arts (Exporter)

Home Furnishing Products : Hand Knotted Woolen Pile Rugs & Carpets, Hand Tuffed Carpets, Hem Durries, Wool jute Kilim, Cotton Durries & Woolen Durries.
India 14-Dec-2004
Sethi International (Exporter)

Handloom Items : Printed Placemats, Check Placemats, Embroidered Placemats & Tapestry Placemats, Frame Loom Bath Mats, Printed Tufted Bath Mats & Embroidered Tufted Bath Mats, jute Handloom Rug, Tapestry Border On 100% Cotton Handloom Rug & Tapestry Border On 100% Cotton Chenille Rug, Check Border On 100% Cotton Handloom Rug, 100% Cotton Handloom Textured Rug, 100% jute Loop Rug With Embroidery In Kesh Melon Yarn.
100% Cotton Loop Rug, 100% Cotton Chenille Loop Rug and 100% Rayon Loop Chenille Rug, Cotton/ Rayon Cut Shuttle Rug, 100% jute Handloom Rug and on 100% Cotton Handloom Rug, 100% Cotton Handloom Rug with Chicken Embroidery and 100% Cotton Handloom Rug, 100% Rayon Chenille Rug WithChicken Embroidery And Also Patch Work On 100% Rayon Chenille Rug, 100% Cotton Textured Rug, 100% Cotton Chenille Textured Rug and Rayon/ cotton Textured Rug, 100% Cotton Check & Stripe Throw, Rayon/ Cotton Chenille Throws.

Home Furnishing Products : Animal Skin Jacquard Throw, Solid Colour Bed Spreads, Check Bed Spreads, Textured Bed Spreads.
India 13-Dec-2004
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