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Sanhe Yuan Color Printing Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

Hot Stamping Foils,
Plastic Product : PS Picture Frames, PVC Wall Panels and Ceiling Panels etc.
Picture Frames and PVC Wall Panels and Ceiling Panels, Hot Stamping machines & Picture Frame Mouldings.
China 23-Nov-2004
Nishaw (Machinery) International Co, Ltd. (Exporter)

Textile New And Used machinery, Used And New Embroidery machine.

Schiffli 15 Or 21 Yard, Schiffli Embroidery machine 15yard, Saurer 4040 Embroidery machine, Saurer 2040 Embroidery machine, Hiroka Embroidery machine, Zangs Embroidery machine, Laser L-93 Embroidery machine.

Embroidery machines : Zsk Embroidery machine, Tajima Embroidery machine, Baco Embroidery machine,
Sunstar Embroidery machine, Barudan Embroidery machine.

Weaving And Knitting machinery : Somat Sm93, Socks machine, Circular Knitting machine, Covering machine,
Spinning machine, Chenille Yarn machine, Weaving Looms, And Offset printing machine, And All Textile Related machinery, All Kind Of Used printing machines.

Offset printing machines, Komori printing machine, Heidelberg printing machine, Hashimoto printing machines, Sord, Kords, and Others.
South Korea (Republic Of Korea) 11-Oct-2004
LK International Corp. (Exporter & Importer)

Industrial machinery : Used Offset printing machine, ( Heidelberg, Roland, Komori, Mitsubishi, Akiyama Etc.)
South Korea (Republic Of Korea) 23-Jun-2004
Alwani Textiles Machinery (Exporter & Importer)

Used Textile machineries : Dyeing, Knitting, Weaving, Spinning, Finishing, printing & Embroidery machines .
Pakistan 11-May-2004
Roshan International Trade. Co (Exporter)

Electronic Products ( Used Items) : machines, PC Monitors, Refrigerators, Washing machine, printing machines, Video Players, Televisions, DVDs, VCDs, Laptops.
Aluminum Scraps.
South Korea (Republic Of Korea) 26-Apr-2004
Zhejinag Tianfeng Plastic Machine Plant (Exporter)

Plastic Circular Loom, Stretching machine, Winding machine, Compound machine, Blowing machine, printing machine.
China 15-Mar-2004
Changs International (Exporter)

printing machine, Packing machine, Plastic machine etc.
China 10-Mar-2004
V & U Corporation (Exporter)

Textile Dyes & Intermediates, Textile Auxiliaries, Textile Engineerig parts of Rotary printing & Flatbed printing machines.
India 10-Mar-2004
China Ningbo Xinda Group Co., Ltd. (Exporter & Importer)

Reliable Products: Elevator Key Components : Geared Traction machine, Gearless Traction machine, lift motors, Elevator Car, Door Operator, Landing Door, Overspeed Governor, Oil Buffer, Safety Gear, Rope Gripper, Car Operation Panel, Calling Board, etc.

Complete Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks (Passenger Elevators, Freight Elevators, Commercial elevators, Residential Elevator, MRL elevators, Service Elevator, Bed Elevator, Observation Elevator, Indoor or Outdoor Escalators, Passenger Conveyors, etc)

Screw Air Compressors : Twin-screw Compressor, Stationary Screw Compressors, Air-cooled Screw Compressor, Water Cooled Screw Compressor, Oil-flooded Compressor, Variable Frequency Screw Compressor, Portable Screw Compressor etc.

Rotogravure printing machines : Combined Type Rotogravure Press, Dry Lamination machine, Rotogravure printing & Coating machine, Rotogravure printing & Slitting machine etc.
China 26-Feb-2004
Sino Plastic Machineyt Manufacturing Co. (Exporter)

Injection Molding machine, Bottle Blowing machine, Welding machine, printing machines.
China 05-Jan-2004
Sichuan Construction Machinery Group (Exporter)

machineries : Tower Cranes, Construction Hoist, Concrete machinery ( ELBA Technology Introduced From German), Offset printing machines ( ROTA Technology Introduced From German).
China 05-Dec-2003
Xi'an Industrial Machinery Import and Export Co.,LTD (Exporter)

machine Tools & Engine Rebuilding machinery.
Metal Working machine: Lathe machine, Milling machine, Shaping machine, Grinding machine, Boring machine, Drilling.
machine, Shearing machine, Press Brake, Etc.
Engine Rebuilding machinery.
Automobile Maintenance & Service machinery and Device.
printing machines.
China 27-Nov-2003
Vina International (Exporter & Importer)

Fashion Accessories : Leather Belts, Purses etc.
Food Ingredients : Liquid Glucose, Dextrose, Maltodextrins, Sorbitol.
Aluminum Sheets, Circles, Rivets, Utensils, Building Materials, Hinges, Sanitary-Ware, Roof Tiles, Floor / Wall Tiles, Textile Chemicals, Cosmetics, Tannery, Fragrances etc.
Engineering Workshop & Factory Equipments, Hand & Small Tools, Transmission Belts, Ferrous & Non-ferrous Castings, Welding Equipment, Bearings, Springs, machine Tools etc.
Packaging Industry Blister Packing, Shrink Packing machines, Bag Making, Pouch Making, Form-Fill-Seal machines, Corrugated Box Plants, Plastics Injection Molding machines, Blow Molding machines, Extrusion machinery, PET Stretch Blow Molding machine, PET Perform Moulds, Chilling Plants & Cooling Towers, Recycling Plant / machinery, Moulds, Spares, Master Batches, Corona Theaters, Flocking machines, Ancillary/ Auxiliary Equipments, Plant & machinery Workshop machinery, Sheet Metal Working machinery, Nail Making machinery, Barbed Wire machinery, RPVC Pipe Plant, HDPE Pipe Plant, Blown Film Plant, Coating and Lamination Plant, Compounding Lines, Tool Room machinery etc.
Tube Making machinery, printing machinery Rotogravure printing Presses, Flexography printing Presses, Flexor & Roto Kombi printing Presses, EVA Compound.
India 06-Oct-2003
Japadacca Pte. LTD. (Exporter)

Industrial machinery, Production Line (Rice-processing, Plastic Recycle, Food Processing & Packaging Line, Carton Box Making Line etc.) machine Tools, Plastic and Metal Forming machine, Chemical & Water Treatment Plant Equipments, printing machinery, Civil Construction Equipments, Marine Equipments, Textile machinery, Medical Equipments and machine Parts .
Japan 02-Oct-2003
Alara Tekstil (Exporter)

Fabrics : Synthetic Fibers Polyester & Nylon, Viscose Rayon and Staple Fiber ( PSF ), Natural Silk. Chiffons, Georgettes and Crepe Fabrics.
Knitted & Woven ( Plain & Jacquard ) Fabrics Dyeing, printing, Tie & Dye and other Value Addition Process Like Hand Embroidery, machine Embroidery, Hand printing and Lot Others.
Using Materials for Ladies Garments, Scarves, Parios, Stoll and also for Home Furnishings Etc.
India 23-Sep-2003
Kilter Corp (Exporter)

Ophthalmic instruments, Paper & Paper Products, Packaging, Material For Packaging, Xerox And Photocopier machines, printing machines, Offset printing machines, Offset printing, Vinyl And Flex Material for printing.
India 18-Sep-2003
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