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Quilts, Blankets

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Anna Veronica,s Garments (Exporter)

Sportswear : Polar Jackets & Jogging Pants (Sporty and others),
blankets, Kids Wears.
Philippines 04-Apr-2005
Zaam Global Marketing Consultant (Exporter)

Home Appliances : Cookware (Stainless Steel Pan, Pot & Non-stick / Teflon Coated Pans, Pots etc.), Glassware (Vase, Ashtray, Bowl etc.),
Giftware (Glass, Ceramic, Toys etc.), Earthenware Tableware (Dinner Sets, Breakfast Sets), Electronic Barbeques, Textile Parts (Dress, Suits, Linens, blankets, Socks etc.) and Foodstuffs from Turkey.
Turkey 23-Mar-2005
M/S. Rizwan Textiles (Exporter)

Home Textile / Furnishing Products : Cotton & Poly / Cotton In Grey Cloth, Dyed Cloth, Bleach Cloth And Print Cloth, Power Loom, Auto Loom and Shuttle Less Looms.
Flat Sheets, Fitted Sheets, Pillowcase, quilt Cover, Bags, Valance Sheets, Cushion, Curtain & Curtain Linings, Pillow, Bags, quilt Cover etc..
Pakistan 22-Mar-2005
Ningbo Shicheng Stainless Steel Industrial Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Stainless Steel Fire Extinguishers, Red Powder Coated Fire Extinguisher (powder), CO2 Fire Extinguisher, Accessories of CO2 Extinguisher, Cylinder of Extinguisher, Fire blanket, Pressure Gauge, Valve, Siphon, Hose and Horn, Nozzle, Fire Hose, Coupling, Nozzle for Hose coupling, Trolley Extinguisher, Automatic/ Hanging Ext.
China 22-Mar-2005
EnnEff Exports (Exporter)

Cotton & Poly, Cotton Fabrics In Grey, Bleached, Dyed and Printed Mode.
Home Furnishing / Textiles : Bedsheet, quilt Cover, Fitted Sheet, Bolster and other Bed-Linens.
Woven Fabrics & Made-Ups : Bed Sets, quilt Cover, Duvet Covers.
Pakistan 19-Mar-2005
Billur Tekstil (Exporter)

blanket and Home Textiles.
Turkey 18-Mar-2005
Nantong Joinrich Home Textiles Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Home Textiles : Bedsheet, Bed-Cover, quilts, Pillows.
Garments : Pajamas.
Footwear : Slipper etc.
China 18-Mar-2005
Qingdao Lianhua Acrylic Blanket Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

China 17-Mar-2005
Kohinoor Exports (Exporter)

Horse Riding Equipments : Horse Saddle And Their Related Accessories Like Western Saddle, Western Bridle, English Saddle, English Bridle, Australian Saddle, Barcoo Bridle, Harness Sets (F, C, P), Single (German), (F, C, P) double Harness Sets (F, C, P) single (Cheap), Nylon Halter, Horse Rug, Saddle blanket, Navajo Pad, Saddle Bag etc
India 16-Mar-2005
Vertex Technosoft ( Blanket Division ) (Exporter)

Acrylic Mink blankets.
India 16-Mar-2005
Chandra Textiles Limited (Exporter)

Home Furnishing : Pillows, Cushions, Terry Towels, Hand Towels, Table Cloths, Bedsheets, Bed Covers, Curtains, Handkerchief, Terry Towels, Hand Towels, quilts, quilt Covers etc.
Yarn & Fabric (Dyed & Processed).
India 11-Mar-2005
Galaxy International (Manufacturer & Export) (Exporter)

Apparels : Saree, Shawls, Scarves, Muffler / Stoles.
Home Furnishing : Bedsheets with Pillow, Cushion Covers (100% Cotton, Silk, Organza, Tissue, Crush), Diwan Set, Dining Set, Mat & Napkins Set, quilts, Rugs, Carpets, Hand Knotted Pure Woolen Carpets, Tufted Carpets, Durries (Cotton, Wool & Jute), Carpet, Bath Mats, Placemats, Hand Knotted, Tufted, Persian, Gabbeh, Indo-nepali, Shaggy Rugs, & Durries, Pillow Covers, Cushion Covers, Curtains, Towel, Runners, Bath Mats, Door Mats, Towels etc.
Polyester, Viscose, Nylon Fabrics & ress Materials.
Hardware, Cookware, Houseware, Kitchenware, Sundries, Home Appliances.
India 11-Mar-2005
Quanxian Knitting & Textile Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Home Textiles : Anti-pilling Fleece, Brush Fleece, Towel Fabrics, Ants-like, Fabrics, Single, Double Jersey, Yarn-dyeded, Sanded, Mesh, Rib, Polyester, Cotton, Spandex and Other Printed Knitting Fabrics and blankets.
China 11-Mar-2005
Orientbeauty Hometextile Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Home Furnishing / Textiles : quilt Cover, Flat Sheets, Fitted Sheet, Pillow Cover, Cushion Cover For Leaning On, quilt Core, Pillow Core, Cushion Core for Leaning on, etc.
Magisreal Products Carve Up Solid Cotton Series, Dyeing Series, quilting Series, Embroider Series, etc.
China 08-Mar-2005
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Jinbei Home Textiles Co Ltd (Exporter)

Home Textiles / Furnishing : Bed Linen, quilt Cover, Pillowslip, Pillowcase, Weeping Willow / Pillow, Counterpane, Bed Sheets, Bedspread Set, Down Bed Cushion, Down Bedding, Fibrous quilt, Stringy quilt, Fibrous Pillow, Stringy Pillow, Bombazine)
Feather & Down Products : Down quilt, Down Pillow, Down Bed Cushion, Back Cushion, Bed Linen, quilt Cover, Pillowslip, Pillowcase, Weeping Willow Pillow, Counterpane, Bedsheets, Bedspread Set, Down Bedding, Fibrous quilt, Stringy quilt, Fibrous Pillow, Stringy Pillow, Bombazine and other Bed Products.
China 07-Mar-2005
Noor Fatima Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd (Exporter)

Woven Fabrics & Made-ups. Complete Range Of Home Textiles (Bedding, Droppery, Furnishing Fabrics, Kitchen) Hotel & Hospital Made-ups, Comforters & quilted Shells.
Pakistan 07-Mar-2005
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