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Anping Yachao Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. (Exporter)

Expanded Metal Mesh, Perforated Metal Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Window Screen, Black Wire Cloth, Brass Wire Mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh, Fencing Wire Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Fiberglass Sunshade Fabric, Barbed Wire, razor Wire, Guarding Mesh, Chain Link Fence, Galvanized Iron Wire, PVC Coated Wire, Annealed Wire.
China 28-Jun-2007
Shanghai Jincai Import & Export Co., Ltd. (Exporter & Importer)

Live Seafood & Fresh / Frozen Seafood: Brown Crab, King Crab, Lobster, razor Clam and a variety of Fish and Fresh, Frozen Hilsa.
Alcoholic : Beverage, Wine & Agricultural Products.
China 07-Jun-2007
Sanda Hardware & Mesh Manufacture Co Ltd (Exporter)

Gabion Box, Wire Fencing, (Welded Fencing, Euro Fencing, Chain Link Fencing, Barbed Wire, Concertina Wire / razor Barbed Wire), Welded Wire Mesh, Woven Wire Mesh, Woven Wire Mesh (Crimped Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Hardware, Galvanized Woven Wire Mesh), Expanded Metal Mesh, Angle Bead, Block Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Mesh, Poultry Wire Netting, Stucco Netting, Wedge Wire Screen, Water Wire Screen.
Wires : Galvanized Wire, Black Annealed Wire, PVC Coated Wire.
Window Insect Screen : Galvanized Insect Screen, Aluminum Insect Screen, Fiberglass Insect Screen, Stainless Steel Insect Screen.
China 23-May-2007
Hebei Anping Xiangyu Metal & Wire Mesh Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Expanded Metal Mesh, Brass Wire Mesh, Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh, Red Copper Wire Mesh, razor Barbed Wire Mesh, Rhombic Wire Mesh, Chain Link Fence, Steel Wire Spiral Rubber Hose, The Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose, Stainless Steel Wire, Brass Wire, Galvanized Iron Wire, Perforated Metal Mesh, Plastic Netting & Metal Hoses.
China 14-May-2007
Anping Xinlong Wire Mesh Manufacture Co Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

Fasteners : Common Nails.
Wire Mesh and Relative Hardware, Post, Clamps : Wire-drawing, Mesh-welding, Mesh-weaving, Galvanizing, PVC-coating and so on.
(Protecting Wire Mesh Fence, Garden Fence, Chain Link Fence, Grillage, Grid) and its Accessories, such as Barbed Wire, razor Wire, Fencing Posts, Caps, Clamps, Connectors, Bolts & Nuts and so on.
Welded Wire Mesh / Fence / Panel, Supermarket Shelf / Standing, Galvanized Iron Wire (Binding Wire), Square Hole Wire Mesh, Wire Netting, Cutting Wire, Insect (Aluminum, Fiberglass, Polyester) Window Screens, Expanded Plated Wire Mesh, Chain Link Fence, Crimped Wire Mesh, Black Wire-Cloth, Brass Wire Mesh, Red Copper Wire Mesh, Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh and so on.
China 04-May-2007
DSG Dubai (Exporter & Importer)

Toiletries : Detergent Powder, Tissue Papers, Toilet Tissues, Toothbrush, Toothpaste.
Furniture : Folding Chair, TV Trolley.
Footwear : Slippers, Sandals.
Cutlery : Knife, Spoon.
Personalcare Products : Shaving Blades, razor, Pocket Hair Comb, Bath Scrubs.
Hygiene Products : Sanitary Pads.
Adhesives : PVC Tapes, Masking Tapes.
Sports Goods : Footballs, Beach Balls.
Lightning Products : Flashlights, Bulbs.
Aluminum Ghee Pot, Aluminum Kettle, Aluminum Topes, Aluminum Round Tray, Charcoal Iron, Chimney, Cookware, Cotton Wicks, Dish Washing Sponge, Enamel Wares, Finger Bowl, Glasses / Cup, Globes, Insect Killer, Hurricane Lantern, Ice Bottle, Jugs, Kerosene Stove, Menthol, Milk Pot, Plastic Bucket, Plastic Tea Strainers, Plastic Products, Pressure Lantern Parts, PVC Flooring, Soup Plate, Steel Ware Products, Ultra Blue, Vacuum Flask, Vacuum Flask Refills, Weighing Scale, Agarbatti, Audio Cassette, Balm, Balloons, Battery Dry Cell, Candles, Feeding Bottle, Key-Chain, Lighter, Magic Duster, Match Box, Mosquito Coil, Mosquito Net, Mouse Trap, Multi Plug With Indicator, Naphthalene Balls, Newspapers, Nylon Coated Wire, Polybags, Scissor, Shaving Cream, Shoe-brush, Shoe-horn, Shoe-polish, Toothpick, Umbrella, Water Heater.
United Arab Emirates 23-Apr-2007
Anping Xinlong Wire Mesh Manufacture Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Fasteners : Bolts & Nuts.
Protecting Wire Mesh Fence & Decorating Railings, Protecting Wire Mesh Fence, Garden Fence, Chain Link Fence, Grillage, Grid & Accessories, Barbed Wire, razor Wire, Fencing Posts, Caps, Clamps, Connectors.
Fencing Products : Wire Mesh & Relative Hardware, Post, Clamps and so on.
China 20-Apr-2007
Hebei Wanshichun Import and Export Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Woven Wire Mesh Series, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Brass Wire Mesh, Copper Wire Mesh, Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh, Barbecue Gill Mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh, Low Carbon Steel Wire Mesh, Mild Steel Wire Mesh, Conveyor Belt, Chain Link Fence, Galvanized Square Wire Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Mesh.
Main Products : Galvanized Square Wire Mesh, Chin Link Fence, Welded Wire Mesh, Galvanized Wire, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, razor Barbed Wire Mesh, Fiberglass Insect Screening, Plastic Insect Screening, Protection Netting, Barbed Wire, PVC Coated Iron Wire, Filter Wire Mesh, Brass Wire Mesh, Copper Wire Mesh, Polyester Screen Printing Wire Mesh, Polyester Forming Fabrics, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Expanded Metal Sheet, Perforated Metal Sheet.
China 09-Apr-2007
Huhao Import & Export Trade Co Ltd (Exporter)

Fencing : Wire Mesh Fences, Gratings, Garden Fences, Military Fences, Barbed Wire, razor Wire Fences.
Fencing Panels and Fencing Mesh: Include Welded Wire Mesh, Welded Mesh Panels, Chicken Netting, etc.
Wire Series: Mainly Galvanized Wire, Plastic Coated Wire, Cut Wire, Black Wire and Binding Wire.
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Screen Printing Fabric, Conveyer Belt, Decorative Wire Mesh, Metal Netting, Fiberglass Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire, Iron Wire and etc.
China 03-Apr-2007
Anping County Hualian Hardware Wiremesh Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh Fences, razor Wire, Barbed Wire, Window Screen, Crimped Wire Mesh, Expanded Metal Mesh, Square Iron Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire, Galvanized Wire, Black Iron Wire, PVC Coated Iron Wire.
China 27-Oct-2006
Comtrust Metal & Wiremesh Products Co., Ltd (Exporter)

Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, Metal Products, razor & Barbed Wires, Chain Link Fence, Wire Baskets, Mesh Filter & Metal Wire Products.
China 29-Sep-2006
Anping Yuandong Metal Product Factory (Exporter)

Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Square Wire Mesh, Brass Wire Mesh, Black Wire Cloth, Liquid/gas Filter Mesh, Wire Mesh Fences, Hexagonal Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt, Perforated Metal, Window Screening, Chain Link Fence, Metal Euro Fencing, Galvanized Wire, Black Annealed Wire, Loop Tie Wire, Rebar Tie Wire, Barbed Iron Wire PVC Coated Wire U Type Wire, Straight Cut Wire, Spring Wire, razor Barbed Wire, Iron Nails and so on.
Wire Mesh Machines And Other Metal Products : Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Ball Valves And Quick Couplings For Customers.
China 19-Sep-2006
Yangming Group (Exporter)

Various Nails, razor & razor Blade, Iron Wire & Wire Mesh, Hair Grips (Bobby Pins), Sewing Needles, Safety Pins, Tap & Valve, Glow Starter, Dyestuff.
China 14-Sep-2006
Tarus Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Personal Care Products : Hair Brush, Wooden Comb, Shaving Brush, razors.
Humidor, Belt / Tie Rack, Remote Control Caddy, Clothes Brush, Shoehorn, Walking Stick, Photo Frame, Nautical Clock, Bath Accessories, Perfume Atomizers, Mirror, Pill Box, Contact Lenses Case, Clogs etc.
Taiwan 27-Jul-2006
Aalami Export Systems (Exporter)

Beautycare, Medical, Surgical, Dental Instruments : Scissors, Forceps, Needle Holders, Tweezers, Bone Implants, Bone Screws, Bone Plates, Nail Cutters, Nail Nippers, Nail Files, Piercing Instruments, Professional Barber Tools, razor Edge Scissors, Thinning Scissors Both In Stainless Steel and Titanium.
Pakistan 10-Apr-2006
Silver Seafood (Exporter)

Seafood : Fish, Ribbon Fish, Silver Sillago, Pomfret ( Silver / Black / Chinese), Croaker ( Silver / Yellow / Black) Indiana Mackerel, Crabs ( Blue / Three Spot / Red Crab) Red Tongue Sole, Reef Cod, Conger Eel, Cat Fish, Shells,
King Fish, Mullet, Sardine, Cuttle Fish, Squid, Shells : razor Calm, Baigai (Baby Lonia), Yellow Clam, (Baby Clam) Hard Clam, Fan Shell Meat, Salted Jelly Fish, Salted Yellow Clam, (Live) Lobster (Rock, Bamboo, Sleeper), razor Calm, Baigai (Baby Lonia), Mud Crabs.
Pakistan 06-Apr-2006
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