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INS Technologies Inc. (Exporter & Importer)

Computer Hardware / software.
Canada 03-May-2005
Vijaya Devi & Co. (Exporter)

Granite Monuments, Virgin Coconut Oil, software, Coir Pith, Knitted Garments, Cotton Made-ups, Socks.
India 27-Apr-2005
Horizon Microtech (P) Limited (Exporter & Importer)

Electrical Panels, Switchgear Items, Industrial Automation Systems, PLC, Engineering Services, software Development.
India 25-Apr-2005
Zip Zap Traders (Exporter & Importer)

New / Refurbished / Used Laptops software Customized, software for Machine Handling or Applications.
Cash Registers and Bar Code Machines.
India 25-Apr-2005
MadiConsults (Exporter & Importer)

software Development, Investment Consulting, Business Management, Financial Consulting.
Burkina Faso 21-Apr-2005
Litum Technologies (Exporter & Importer)

RFID Products, Solutions, software.
Turkey 16-Apr-2005
Cynthia Electronics Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

We Sell : Generators / Gensets, Mobile Phones (New & Refurb), Computer software & Cartridges, Copiers (New & Used) Machines, Copier Toners, Electronics.

We Buy : Copiers Machines (New & Used / Secondhand), Mobile Phones, Gensets / Generators, Freezers, Television, Toners & Cartridges, Computer Accessories and Laptops.
Uganda 15-Apr-2005
Shriv Commedia Solutions (Exporter)

software Development, Dynamic Website Development, Interactive Multimedia Development Including Flash And Shockwave, Interactive Touch-screen Kiosk Development, 3D Animation and Graphic Design.
India 12-Apr-2005
Control-Bit Technologies Ltd. (Exporter)

software Solutions : Integrated Security Systems as well as Managing Data/ Video/ Audio Over Networks.
Israel 21-Mar-2005
Senda Technology Limited (Exporter)

software : OEM XP Pro SP2, OEM Win 2000 Pro, OEM Win98 and OEM office 2003.
China 15-Mar-2005
Master Solutions (Exporter)

software Products.
India 08-Mar-2005
E-World Tek (Exporter)

software service provider.
India 07-Mar-2005
Polypower Technology Co, Ltd. (Exporter)

Entry Level Products: 56K Modem, Internal PCI software Modem, Internal PCI Controllerless Modem, External USB Modem, External RS-232 Modem.
Middle-End Level Products: ADSL Series : USB ADSL Modem (Annex A or Annex B), ADSL Router with 1 port, Ethernet, ADSL Router with 4 port Ethernet, ADSL Wireless Router with 802.11g WLAN.
High-End Level Products : ADSL2/2+ Router with 1 port or 4 port Ethernet, ADSL Router with 1 port VoIP,
SHDSL (Symmetric) Router with 1 port or 4 port Ethernet.
Advanced Level Products : VDSL CO Concentrator with 8 port or 24 port, VDSL CO Converter and CPE Converter,
IAD (Residential Gateway).
Taiwan 03-Mar-2005
Oryx Corp (Exporter & Importer)

Certain Products : Electronics, Computer & software & Machinery.
Jordan 02-Mar-2005
Belala (Exporter)

Computer software.
United Kingdom 23-Feb-2005
WTS Consulting (Exporter & Importer)

Computers, Servers, Phones, software, Services, Electronics Games etc.
United States 21-Feb-2005
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