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Kingway Construction Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Normal Board, Superfine Water-proof Gypsum Boards, PVC Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles.
China 14-Jul-2010
Edison Group (Exporter)

Geotextile, Geomembrane, waterproof Blanket, Geogrid.
China 10-Jul-2010
Sun Zone Technology Co Ltd (Exporter)

Smart Card Reader, ID (Identity) Card Reader, IC (Integrated Circuit) Card Reader, USB Reader, All-In-One Reader, Pinpad, EPP, ATM Pinpad, Vandal Keypad, POS, Smart Keyboard, POS Keyboard, Keyboard, Stainless Steel Keyboard, Rugged Keyboard, Industrial Keyboard, waterproof Keyboard, Washable Keyboard, Pinpad Reader, NFC, Zigbee, RFID, Contactless Card Reader, Mifare Reader, Vandal-resistant Keyboard, Contactless Reader.
Taiwan 21-Jun-2010
Nanjing Ochy Company (Exporter & Importer)

We Sell : Styrene-acrylic, Pure Acrylic, Silicone-acrylic Copolymers, Binders (Emulsions), Zero VOC Paints and waterproofing Paints.

We Buy : St, BA, 2-EHA, MMA etc.
China 17-Jun-2010
Xuzhou Hongsen Wood Co Ltd (Exporter)

Plywood, Film Faced Plywood, Fancy Plywood, Construction Plywood, waterproof Plywood, Fire-prevention Plywood and so on.
China 07-Jun-2010
Foshan Plastic Group (Exporter & Importer)

TPE Breathable Film, waterproof Film, Functional Film for Outdoor Clothing.
China 29-May-2010
Sanhe Greatwall Rubber Co Ltd (Exporter)

Rubber Sheet, Rubber Mat & Rubber waterproof Material, NR, BR, CR, HS, SBR, NBR, EPM, EPDM, IIR, FPM, MVQ, CSM, CPE.
China 28-May-2010
Shandong Zhuhao Polymeric Material Co Ltd (Exporter)

PVC Membrane and Polyurethane waterproof Coating and Epoxy Floor, Sand Floors, Anti-static Floorings.
China 10-May-2010
Omten Electronic Co Ltd (Exporter)

Tact Switch,waterproof Push Button Switch, Rocker Switch, Slide Switch, Toggle Switch, DC (Direct Current) Socket, AV Jack.
China 08-May-2010
High Tech (Exporter)

High Power LED and Energy Save Lightning Products, LED Spot Lamp, LED Fluorescent, LED Desk Lamp, LED Street Lamp, Wall Washer Lamps, Water-Proof Marine Lamps, Anti-Explosion Lamps etc.
Taiwan 06-May-2010
Insutech (Exporter)

Bitumen Membrane, APP and SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane, waterproofing Material, Construction Materials, waterproofing Insulation Materials, Modified Bitumen Membrane, Torch Applied Bitumen Membrane.
Egypt 28-Apr-2010
Kuck Paint Group (Exporter & Importer)

Emulsion Paint, Wall Coating, Exterior and Interior Wall Paint, Texture Coating, waterproof Coating, Realstone Coating, Colorful Stone Coating.
China 23-Apr-2010
Weifang Shengyuan Waterproof Materials Co Ltd (Exporter)

SBS, APP Modified Bitumen waterproof Membrane, Self-adhesive waterproof Membrane, Colorful Asphalt Shingles, Double-sided Sand Tensile Linoleum, and Black Building Paper (Asphalt Roofing Felt), High Polymer waterproof Membrane, Polyester Mats and so on.
China 10-Apr-2010
Delta Lighting (Xiamen) Ind'l Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

EM & EC Electrical Ballast, Water-proof Fixtures, Light Bars, Halogen and ESL Downlight Fixtures Halogen Transformers and ESL.
China 31-Mar-2010
Jiangmen Thisday Electronic Factory (Exporter)

Security & Surveillance Products : IR Cameras.
Color LG, B/W LG CCD PCB Board Camera, Car Camera, Mini Camera, waterproof Camera.
China 20-Mar-2010
Camma (Exporter)

Headwear : Large & Baby Shower Caps, Saloon Caps
Water-proof Aprons.
Sri Lanka 17-Mar-2010
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