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Exporter & Importer from Mozambique

Poultry Products : Eggs.
Religious Items : Agarbatti.
Pulses & Lentils : Chickpeas.
Fresh Vegetables : Beans.
Dry Fruits : Almonds.
Alcoholic Beverages : Beer.
Poultry Products : Beef.
Spices : Black Pepper, Cinnamon,Cardamom,
Petroleum Products : Bitumen.
Home Furnishings : Blankets, Carpets.
Stationary Items : Books.
Sports Goods : Baseballs.
Bakery Items : Biscuits.
Petroleum Products : Bonny Light Crude Oil ( Blco ).
Electrical / Home Appliances : Air Conditioning.
Security & Surveillance Equipment : Cctv Camera.
Abalone, Abs, Acetic Acid, Acp, Adapters, Adsl, Agar, agricultrual Machinery, Agricultural Commodities, Agricultural Machines, Agro-chemicals, Air Freight, Aircrafts, Alcoholic Beverages, Alexandrite, Alfalfa, Alluminium, Aluminium Ores, Alluvial Dust, Aluminum, Aluminum Composite Panels, Aluminum Ores, Aluminum Panel, Amethyst, Anchovy, Ani Seeds, Animal Feed, Aniseeds, Anklets, Antibiotics, Antique, Apparels / Garments, Appliances, Apricots, Aquaculture, Auto Part, Auto Rickshaw, Baskets, Bathrobes, Bathtubs, Battery, Bauxite, Beautycare, Beewax, Bentonite, Betel Nuts, Bgs, Bicycles, Billets, Bioriented Polypropylene, Bird Houses, Bird Nest, Block Board, Blood Meal, Bodycare, Bolts, Bone Meal, Bopp, Briefcases, Building Materials, Bulbs, Bulldozers, Burners, Butter, Cages, Calculators, Camera, Candle Holder, Candy, Canvas, Car Parts, Carbon Steel, Card Readers,Cartons, Cartridges, Cashews, Cattles, Caustic Soda, Cbs, Cdma, Ceiling, Cell Phones, Cellulose, Cement, Cereal, Chairs, Champaign, Charcoal, Chemical Raw Materials, Chewing Gum, Cigarettes, Cigars, Circuit Boards, Citric Acid, Clamps, Coconut, Compactors, Condensers, Cookers, Copier Paper, Corn, Dairy, Dispensers, Dragon Fruits, Drugs, Dry Fruits, Dvd, Earrings, Edible Oil, Electrical, Engine Parts, Escalators, Ethernet, Excavators, Eyewear, F12, F22, Fabrics, Fertiliser, Fish, Flower Pots, Footwear, Furniture, Gifts, Grains, Guava, Hacksaw, Hair Accessories, Hair Products, Hairpins, Hammers, Harrows, Harvester, Home Appliances.

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Mozambique / Maputo

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Export & Import

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