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Jinshiyuan Bedclothes Co Ltd
Exporter from China

Latex Foam, Latex Sheet, Latex Roll, Latex Mattress, Latex Pillows.

Member since: 10-Mar-2015
Yr of Est: 2010
Country/region: China / Yangzhou
Business type: Export
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Ungor Tekstil Kimya Ltd.sti.
Exporter from Turkey

Home Textile / Furnishing : Pillows, Quilts, Bathrobe, Towel, bedclothes, Duvet Sets.

Member since: 17-Jan-2014
Yr of Est: 2009
Country/region: Turkey / Antalya
Business type: Export
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4S Textile
Exporter from Bangladesh

Home Textiles, Hospital Apron & Bed-Cloth, Jute Bags & Jute Products.

Member since: 17-Aug-2013
Yr of Est: 2012
Country/region: Bangladesh / Dhaka
Business type: Export
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Yicheng Yaxin Home Textiles Co Ltd
Exporter from China

Home Textile / Furnishing : bedclothes, Pillows, Quilt, Towels. Hygiene Products : Baby Diapers etc.

Member since: 07-Jan-2013
Yr of Est: 2001
Country/region: China / Shenzhen
Business type: Export
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County Yolanda Textile Company Ltd
Exporter from China

Home Textile / Furnishing : Sofa & Seat Cushion, Towel, Back Cushion, Cushion, Pillow Kuseno Throw Pillow, Jacquard Fabric, Vestee, bedclothes, Curtain Fabrics, Bedding Fabric, Table-Cloth, Table-Cover, Sofa Fabric, Sofa Covering Cloth, Fleece Blanket and Carpets.

Member since: 09-Apr-2011
Yr of Est: 2008
Country/region: China / Shaoxing
Business type: Export
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Frotirka Kompani Ad
Exporter from Macedonia

Home Textiles / Furnishings : Towels, Bathrobes, Terry Bedcovers, bedclothes.

Member since: 04-Dec-2009
Yr of Est: 1968
Country/region: Macedonia / Delcevo
Business type: Export
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Lebarco Enterprise LLC
Exporter from United States

Menswear & Women Outwear & Clothing, bedclothes, Linens Etc.

Member since: 18-Jul-2008
Yr of Est: 1994
Country/region: United States / Groton
Business type: Export
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Jinan Hujiafang Textiles Co., Ltd
Exporter from China

Home Furnishings, Bedding, Bedsheets, Percale Bedding, Home Decoration, Coarse Cloth, Craft Wall Hanging, Handicraft, Household Goods, Three-Pieces bedclothes, Cotton Coarse Cloth Fabrics, 100% Four Seasons Cotton Blanket, 100% Cotton Nightdress/ Pajamas, Cotton Back Cushion, Textiles, Handicraft Handbags, Apparel & Fashion Accessories.

Member since: 10-Nov-2007
Yr of Est: 1986
Country/region: China / Jinan
Business type: Export
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Wuhu Jinmao Garment Co., Ltd
Exporter from China

Knitwear / Apparels: Jackets, Blouses, Shirts, Trousers, Polo Shirt, T-shirt And Pants For Men, Women And Children. Home Textile : Towels, bedclothes & Blankets.

Member since: 08-Oct-2007
Yr of Est: 2002
Country/region: China / Wuhu
Business type: Export
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Onurman Foreing Company
Exporter & Importer from Turkey

Home Textiles : Blanket, Prayer Rugs, Towel, bedclothes, Curtains.

Member since: 25-Jan-2006
Yr of Est: 2000
Country/region: Turkey / Izmir
Business type: Export & Import
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Beijing Dreamfox Fashion Science and Technology Development Co.,ltd
Exporter from China

Bamboo Fiber Men Clothing, Women Clothing, bedclothes and Underwear, Windbreakers, Down Wears.

Member since: 11-Oct-2005
Yr of Est: 2001
Country/region: China / Beijing
Business type: Export
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