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Qingdao Milestone Trading Co Ltd
Exporter from China

Wooden Box, Wine-box, Jewelery-Box, Wooden Crafts, Photo Frame, Toys and Souvenir, Wooden Furniture, Pallets, Plywood, MDF and HDF, Solid Board Materials, Veneers, Decoration Strips, birdhouses, Pet Boxes, Straw and Willow Products, etc.

Member since: 25-Sep-2014
Yr of Est: 1990
Country/region: China / Qingdao
Business type: Export
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1 Creative Solution For You
Exporter & Importer from United States

Gifts, birdhouses, Clocks, Candles etc.

Member since: 23-Apr-2011
Yr of Est: 2010
Country/region: United States / Eagle Creek
Business type: Export & Import
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Tenacity Power Wooden Product Co., Ltd
Exporter from China

Packing Boxes, Trays, Buckets, Salver, birdhouses, Frame, Wine Box, Toys Train, Cabinets, Wooden Carving, CD Rack, Key Box, Mail Box, Small Wooden Furniture, Christmas Gifts, Paulownia Wood, Wood / Timber, Oak, Chinaberry, Plywood.

Member since: 29-Jun-2009
Yr of Est: 1997
Country/region: China / Cao
Business type: Export
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Xiamen Golden Luck Trade Co., Ltd.
Exporter from China

Pet Suppliers, Birdfeeders, birdhouses, Hooks, Pet Accessories & Birdbaths.

Member since: 10-Jan-2008
Yr of Est: 2000
Country/region: China / Xiamen
Business type: Export
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Wuyi Double Bamboo & Wooden Craft Co., Ltd
Exporter from China

Household Goods, Bamboo Crafts : Bamboo Tea Caddy, Bamboo Bowl, Bamboo Cup, Bamboo Vase, Bamboo Pen Hole, Bamboo Candleholder, Bamboo Photo Frame, Bamboo Bracelet, Bamboo Traditional Chair, Bamboo birdhouse And Bird Feeder, Bamboo Gift Packing Boxes, and other Handicrafts.

Member since: 24-Aug-2007
Yr of Est: 2005
Country/region: China / Wuyi County
Business type: Export
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Ruijin Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd
Exporter from China

Baskets, Garlands, Ribbons, Rattan, Handicrafts, Fern, Awn, Bamboo, Craft, Wire Baskets, Handmade Baskets, Wood Baskets, Racks, Wire Racks, Hange Racks, Mat, Mats, Tissue, Floral, Brooms, Besoms, Whisks, Basket, Baskets, Gift Baskets, Wreath, Soap Racks, Wholesale, birdhouses, Wholesale Baskets, Wood Baskets, Wire Decorations, Handmade Baskets, Wire Racks, Soap Racks, Handmade Chimney, Fruit Baskets, Fruit Trays, Flower Baskets, Wicker Baskets, Laundry Baskets, Willow, Tissue Box, Handmade Crafts, Shopping Baskets, Wall Decorations, Straw, Vine, Cane, Wood Decorations.

Member since: 28-Mar-2005
Yr of Est: 1978
Country/region: China / Guangzhou
Business type: Export
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