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Nexport Comercio Exterior Ltda - Epp

Fasteners : Nuts, Screws.
Auto Parts, Industria ...

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Nexport Comercio Exterior Ltda - Epp
Exporter from Brazil

Fasteners : Nuts, Screws. Auto Parts, Industrial Equipments, Agricultural Machinery & Spare Parts, Off-road Accessories, Bearings, Bushings, Gaskets, compactors, Lubricants, Suspension / Steering, Harvester, Tractor, Heavy Duty Auto Parts, Bonnet, Throttle, Brake, Control Cables, Steel Cables, Steel Wire Rope, Chains, Chains, Chains Made Of Steel, Chains, Polyester Straps, Kit Box, Kit Installation, Kit Sink, Kit Balcony, Round Steel Bars, Parabolic Springs, Semi-elliptical Springs, Suspension Parts.

Member since: 30-May-2016
Yr of Est: 2003
Country/region: Brazil / Sao Joaquim Da Barra
Business type: Export
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Aliricus Auction
Exporter from India

Construction Equipment, Tendam, Roller, Pavour, Soil compactor, Grader.

Member since: 01-Sep-2017
Yr of Est: 2012
Country/region: India / New Delhi
Business type: Export
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Al Ansari Teqmark LLC
Exporter & Importer from Oman

Gemstones : Garnet. Fasteners : Wire Nails. Steel Grit, Steel Shot, Welding Electrode, Welding Machines, Forklift, GI Binding Wire, Green Shade Net, Hessain Cloth, Construction Machinery, Power Trowels, Plate compactors, Concrete Vibrators, Concrete Mixers, Surface Finish Screeds, Bar Bending.

Member since: 08-Aug-2017
Yr of Est: 1979
Country/region: Oman / Oman
Business type: Export & Import
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Arvind Furniture
Exporter from India

Industrial Furniture, Tool Cabinet, Workbench, CNC Trolley, Perfo Cupboard, Louver Panel Cupboard, Perfo Board & Hooks, Louver Panel Board, Industrial Trolley, Industrial Lockers, Office Furniture, Office Table, compactor Storage Systems, Modular Office Furniture, Office Chairs, Coffee Tables, Sofa Set, Educational & Library Furniture, School Bench, Modular Library Furniture, Laboratory Furniture, Fumehood, Laminar Flow Units, Ventilated Cabinet, Anti Vibration Table.

Member since: 22-Feb-2017
Yr of Est: 1963
Country/region: India / Mumbai
Business type: Export
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Mcraygor Mechanical Pvt. Ltd.
Exporter from India

Sewer-jetting Cum Suction, Sewer Cleaning ( Power Bucket Type ), Sewer Rodding, Super Suction Machine, Gully Suction Emptier, Dumper Placer, Refuse compactors, Garbage Container, Mobile Toilet, Chromo Flex Spring Steel Rods.

Member since: 09-Sep-2016
Yr of Est: 2001
Country/region: India / Bahadurgarh
Business type: Export
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Minrui Group
Exporter from China

Concrete Mixer, Concrete Batching Plants, Concrete Mixer Truck, Concrete Pump, Concrete Vibrator, Tamping Rammer, Plate compactor, Road Roller, Concrete Surface Power Trowel, Concrete Vibrating Beam.

Member since: 14-Jul-2016
Yr of Est: 2001
Country/region: China / Zhengzhou
Business type: Export
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Changchun Celebration Technology Co Ltd
Exporter from China

Lightning Products : LED Lights. Wind Generator / Genset, Air Winch, Hydraulic Winch, Forklift, Pallet Truck, Plate compactor, Solar Module, Solar Panel, Inverter, Charge Controller, Transformer, Wind Solar Hybrid Power System, Security Products, Road Roller, Excavator, Wheel Loader, Elevator, Escalator, Traction Machinery etc.

Member since: 11-May-2015
Yr of Est: 2015
Country/region: China / Changchun
Business type: Export
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Jining Oking Tec Co Ltd.
Exporter from China

Road Roller, Concrete Grinding Machine, Concrete Power Trowel Machine, Plate compactor, Tamping Rammer, Concrete Road Cutter, Road Line Marking Machine, Road Blower, Concrete Mixer Machines.

Member since: 08-Apr-2015
Yr of Est: 2010
Country/region: China / Jining
Business type: Export
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Jiankui Machinery Co Ltd
Exporter from China

Shantui Bulldozer, Excavator, compactor, Road Roller, Forklift, Trimming, Wheel Loader, Excavator Structural and Chassis Parts.

Member since: 04-Jul-2014
Yr of Est: 2008
Country/region: China / Jining City
Business type: Export
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Cipsa Industrias S.a De C.v.
Exporter from Mexico

Rammers, Plate compactors, Walk-Behind Rollers, Ride-On Rollers, Plate compactors, Walk-Behind Rollers, Ride-On Rollers, Submersible Pumps, Trash Pumps.

Member since: 06-Jun-2014
Yr of Est: 1960
Country/region: Mexico / Puebla
Business type: Export
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Jiangrui Storage Equipment Co. Ltd.
Exporter from China

Pallet Racking, Electric Mobile Rack Storage System, Automatic Storage Retrieval System, Drive-in Racking Push Back Racking, Cantilever Racking, Mezzanine and Platform, 60 Longspan Shelving, 55 Longspan Shelving Manual compactor Racking, Angle Racking, Cabinet Shelving, Drawer Racking, Logistic Equipments.

Member since: 28-Feb-2014
Yr of Est: 2004
Country/region: China / Nanjing
Business type: Export
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