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Comex Co.
Exporter & Importer from Egypt

door handles, Patch Fittings, Furniture Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, Die Casting, Finishing, Electroplating, Electrophoretic, Electrostatic Powder Coating, Sheet Metal Working & Assembly.

Member since: 07-May-2018
Yr of Est: 1986
Country/region: Egypt / 6th of October
Business type: Export & Import
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Comex Industrial Company
Exporter from Egypt

Lightning Products : Indoor/ Outdoor Lighting, Spot Lights. Home Hardware & Bathroom Accessories, door handles, Patch Fittings, Espagnolettes, Switch Plates, Hinges, door Accessories, Furniture Accessories.

Member since: 10-Apr-2018
Yr of Est: 1986
Country/region: Egypt / Giza
Business type: Export
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Zhongshan City Yalis Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Exporter from China

Zinc Alloy door handle, Plate door Lock, Conventional Integral Lock.

Member since: 09-Apr-2018
Yr of Est: 2009
Country/region: China / Zhongshan
Business type: Export
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Triveni Brass Products
Exporter from India

Brass Building Hardware Products, Alloy Zinc Building Hardware Products, Stainless Steel Building Hardware Products, Hinges, Tower Bolt, Screw, handle Lever Set, handles, Pull, Knob, Bracket, door & Window Fittings Accessories.

Member since: 06-Apr-2018
Yr of Est: 2007
Country/region: India / Jamnagar
Business type: Export
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S K Enterprises
Exporter & Importer from India

Agricultural Products : Rice. Sanitary Wares : Ceramic Tiles, Marble Tiles, Sandstone Tiles. Spices, Hardware, Kitchen Fittings, Sanitary Fittings, door handles.

Member since: 28-Feb-2018
Yr of Est: 2001
Country/region: India / Kalyan
Business type: Export & Import
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M B K Engineering Enterprises Ltd.
Exporter from India

Hardware Components, Bathroom Accessories, door handles, Knobs, Towel Bar, Barrel Bolt, Pull handle, Kitchen Accessories.

Member since: 23-Nov-2017
Yr of Est: 2015
Country/region: India / Rudrapur
Business type: Export
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Meera International
Exporter from India

Turned Brass Component, Neutralinq, Connector, Pin, Male Bush, door handle, Hinges, Stainless Steel Hardware, Wooden Gift Articles, Wooden Pens.

Member since: 06-Nov-2017
Yr of Est: 1997
Country/region: India / Jamnagar
Business type: Export
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Metal Fusion Expo
Exporter & Importer from India

Cutlery & Crockery : Bowls, Trays, Knifes, Jugs & Mugs, Pans, Glassware, Coffee-Cup, Cups, Jars, Mugs. Lightning Products : Lanterns & Garden Lighting., Lamps, Lighting & Accessories, Hanging Lights, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Wall Mounted Lights, Decorative Lights, Street Lights, Garden Lights, Chandeliers, Lanterns. Furniture : Table, Stools, Chairs, Wrought Iron Furniture, Planters, Vases, Furniture Hardware, Furniture & Accessories, Bedroom Furniture, Book Cases, Almirahs & Cabinets, handles & Knobs, Garden Furniture. Candle Holders, Wooden Candle Holder, Wrought Iron Candle Holder, Marble Candle Holder, Metal Fusion Candle Holder, Home Décor, Animal Figures, Flower Pots, Vases, Boxes - Decorative & Jewelry, Brassware, Bronze Figures, Wall Decor, Planters, Woodcrafts, Picture Frames, Kitchenware, Decorative Lights, Table Glass, doors With Wood, Art Glass, Wooden Handicraft, Decorative Objects, Wooden Home Décor Objects, Almiras, Tableware, Napkin Holder, Napkin Ring, Cutlery Holder, Vases, Decorative Objects, Houseware, Bathroom Accessories, Lawn, Garden, Ornaments & Accessories, Flower Pots, Christmas & Festive Decorations, Candles & Candle Holders, Decoration Materials, Decorative, Gifts, Decorative Objects, Chopping Boards.

Member since: 18-Aug-2017
Yr of Est: 2017
Country/region: India / Moradabad
Business type: Export & Import
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Avent Security Hk Co., Ltd
Exporter from China

Digital door Lock, Hotel door Lock, door Lever, handle Set, Mortise, Cylinder, Bathroom Accessories.

Member since: 15-Jul-2017
Yr of Est: 1990
Country/region: China / Foshan
Business type: Export
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Vimlesh Enterprises
Exporter from India

Brass Building Hardware, door Fittings, Window Fittings, door Locks, Pull handles, Fasteners, Hinges etc.

Member since: 03-Jul-2017
Yr of Est: 2013
Country/region: India / Aligarh
Business type: Export
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Jeremiah Trading
Exporter from Philippines

Rattan Core, Rattan Cane, Coconut Charcoal, Mop handle, Banana Cavendish, Albazea Falcata Wood Round Logs, Sawdust, door Panel.

Member since: 04-Mar-2017
Yr of Est: 2016
Country/region: Philippines / Rizal
Business type: Export
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