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Shadhili Export ( Opc) Pvt Ltd.
Exporter from India

Furniture : Garden Chairs, Sofa Sets, Office Chairs. Indian Handicrafts, Wooden Gift Items, Wooden Furniture, Decorative Pieces, Toys, Wooden Corporate Gifts, Wooden Kitchenware, Utilitarian Items, Wooden Gift Items, Wood Carved Jharokhas, Photo Frames, Wall Hangings, Wooden Chowki, Ashoka Pillars, Lamps Paperweight, Flower Pot, Case, Boxes, Tea Gift Set, Incense Holder, Necklace Box, Letter Holder, Key Holder, Decorative Items, Photo Frames, Flower Vase, Paintings Frames, Candle Holder, Decorative Lamp, Decorative Shelves, Decorative Nameplate, Wooden Pen Stand, Wooden Book Stand, Wooden Racks, Shoe Stand, Clock, Paper Cutter, Spoon Bowl, Key Holder Mobile Holder, Key Chain, Scissor Holder, Wooden Coasters, Shelves, Wooden Armchair, Wooden Stool, Table Tops, Bookshelf, Wooden Partitions Mirror Frames, Doors, Window Frames, Pen Stand, Paperweights, Visiting, Keychain, Pen Holder, Coasters, Kitchenware, Cutlery Sets, Napkin Holder, Wooden Trays, Wooden Dinner Set, Water Jug, Plate Rack, Wooden Cutting Board, Wooden Fruit tray, Wooden Baskets, Salad Bowl, Spreaders, Spoon Holder, Knives Kitchen Shelves, Tea Kettle, Wooden Mortar & Pestle, Serving Tray, Recipe Box, forks.

Member since: 13-Feb-2018
Yr of Est: 2017
Country/region: India / Rampur
Business type: Export
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Cahaya Citra Group
Exporter & Importer from Indonesia

Cutlery, Spoon, forks, Knifes.

Member since: 02-Feb-2018
Yr of Est: 1997
Country/region: Indonesia / Surabaya
Business type: Export & Import
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Bui Nguyen Handicrafts Co., Ltd.
Exporter from Viet Nam

Handicraft Products, Rattan, Bamboo, Seagrass, Wood Art & Crafts, Laundry Basket, Basket, Handbag, Food Bag, Box, Chest Drawer, Doormat, Tray, Trunk & Straw Hat, fork, Bowl, Box, Spoon, Vase & Bamboo Products, Cement Pots ( Planters), Terrazzo Planters & Glazed Ceramic Pots.

Member since: 22-Jan-2018
Yr of Est: 2012
Country/region: Viet Nam / Ho Chi Minh
Business type: Export
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Dk Automotives ( Dk Group)
Exporter from India

Automobile, General Allied, Engineering Industry, turned Parts, Cap & Dome Nuts, Special Nuts, Pivot Pins, Hot & Cold Forged Parts, Piston Rods, fork Bolts, Pins & Collers, Lock Nuts, Fotrged Parts, Sleeve Rear Wheel, U-clamps, T.s Head Top, Nut Steering Stem, Seat Pipes, Pin Dowels, Hex Bolts & Nuts, Bush.

Member since: 28-Dec-2017
Yr of Est: 1998
Country/region: India / Rohtak
Business type: Export
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Ventec Global
Exporter & Importer from Bangladesh

Petroleum Products : Bitumen. Agricultural Products : Yellow Corn. Steam Coal, Lime Stone, Coarse Aggregate, stone Chips, Stone Ballast, Prime Stone, River Sand, Jute & Jute Bag, Burlap Sand Bag, Coconut Coir, Paper Bag, Sesame, Power Transmission Line Equipment, Crane & Excavator, fork Lift, Aluminum Ingot.

Member since: 18-Sep-2017
Yr of Est: 2000
Country/region: Bangladesh / Khulna
Business type: Export & Import
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K. S. Traders
Exporter from India

Bicycle Tires & Tubes, Motorcycle Tires & Tubes, Tricycle Tires & Tubes, Car Tubes, Hand Pumps, Bicycle Parts ( Chain, Handle Bar, Seat, Rims, Frame, Saddle, Brake, Pedal, fork, Hubs, Stem, Spoke, Derailleur).

Member since: 06-Jul-2017
Yr of Est: 1992
Country/region: India / Amritsar
Business type: Export
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Shenzhen Workswell Bike Company
Exporter from China

Carbon Bike Frame, Carbon Bike, Bike Parts, Bike forks, Bike Wheel, Bike Accessories, Mountain Bike.

Member since: 25-May-2017
Yr of Est: 2006
Country/region: China / Shenzhen
Business type: Export
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RC Wooden Crafts
Exporter from Philippines

Kitchen Utensils : Plates, Saucers, Cups, Spoon, forks, Mugs, Plate Spoon fork Holders, Condiment Containers, Coasters, Holders, Chopping Boards, Small Chairs. House Furnitures : Beds, Tables, Chairs, Ladders, Souveniers.

Member since: 09-May-2017
Yr of Est: 2000
Country/region: Philippines / Tarlac
Business type: Export
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Simag D.O.O.
Exporter & Importer from Croatia

fork Lifts.

Member since: 04-Apr-2017
Yr of Est: 1995
Country/region: Croatia / Kastav
Business type: Export & Import
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Exporter from Viet Nam

Buffalo Horn, Cow Horn Jewelry & Horn Products, Horn Necklaces, Horn Bracelets / Bangles, Horn Earrings, Horn Pendants, Horn Rings, Horn Combs, Horn Hairpins, Horn Spoon, Horn forks.

Member since: 07-Jan-2017
Yr of Est: 2000
Country/region: Viet Nam / Hanoi
Business type: Export
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Goutham Exports
Exporter from India

Agricultural Products : Rice. Kitchen Cutlery : fork. Vegetables, Lamb, Spices, Clothes.

Member since: 19-Nov-2016
Yr of Est: 2016
Country/region: India / Musiri
Business type: Export
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