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Elitex Ltd.
Exporter from Bulgaria

Garments : Underwear, Nightwear. Screen-printing On Textile, Ladies, Men & Kids Socks Of Cotton, Wool, Bamboo, Acryl, Diabetic Socks, Sport Socks, For Skiers, snowboarders, Tennis, Christmas Socks.

Member since: 05-Dec-2017
Yr of Est: 2001
Country/region: Bulgaria / Ruse
Business type: Export
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Win Wear
Exporter from China

Garments : Workwear & Uniforms, Rainwear & Waterproof Garments, Soft-shell & Fleece Jackets, Windbreaker, Ski Wear & snowboard Wear, Shirts, High-tech Functional Garments.

Member since: 11-Mar-2015
Yr of Est: 1989
Country/region: China / Fuzhou
Business type: Export
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Austrian Textile Co. Ltd
Exporter from China

Ski, snowboard Wear, Sportswear, Outdoor Casual Wear, Functional Wear, Workwear, Corporate Wear, Work & Fashion, Hivi Clothing, Rainwear, Knitwear, Underwear, Fleece & Bonded Softshell Wear, Freezer Clothings, Anti-cut Chainsaw Clothing etc.

Member since: 20-Mar-2014
Yr of Est: 1995
Country/region: China / Shishi
Business type: Export
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Needo Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Exporter from Pakistan

Headwear : Hats & Caps. Martial Arts Uniforms & Equipments, Boxing Gloves, Apparels & Equipments, Jiujutsu / Kimonos, MMA Fight Gear, Sports, Safety and Leisure Wear, Soccer Uniforms, Body Wear, Protective Clothing, Sports Apparels, Leather Wear, Gear Bags, Fitness / Weightlifting Gloves, Belts & Accessories, Motorbike Gloves, Motocross Gloves, Summer Gloves, Winter Gloves, Riding Gloves, Driving Gloves, Dressing Gloves, Working Gloves, Garden Gloves, Safety Gloves, Protective Gloves, Mechanix Gloves, Fitness & Weightlifting Gloves, Sailing Gloves, Goalkeeper Gloves, Golf Gloves, Cycle Gloves, Ski Gloves, Fireproof Gloves, Waterproof Gloves, Safety Wear, Protective Wear, Motorbike Leather Jackets, Motorbike Leather Suits, Fashion Leather Jackets, Leather Pant Chaps, Leather Wear & Garments, Tracksuits, Warm Ups, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Tank-Tops, Polo Jerseys, Hoodoos & Sweatshirts, Shorts, Tights, Pants, Base Layer, Swimwear, Socks, Hand Bags & Backpacks, Golf Clubs Balls & Gear, Gloves & Mitts, Sports Bras, Jackets & Vests, Sports Goods & Garments (Running, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Men's Training, Women's Training, Baseball, Golf, Skateboarding, snowboarding, Tennis etc.), Corsets & Kilt Garments.

Member since: 04-Oct-2012
Yr of Est: 2011
Country/region: Pakistan / Sialkot
Business type: Export
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Factorial Ventures
Exporter from Pakistan

Full Finger, Fingerless, snowboard, Bmx, Winter, Summer, Police, Mechanic, Weightlifting, Driving, Riding, Batting, Dressing, Racing, Leather, Working, Ski, Cycling, Golf Gloves.

Member since: 29-Jun-2012
Yr of Est: 2001
Country/region: Pakistan / Sialkot
Business type: Export
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Jingyong Automation Equipment Co Ltd
Exporter from China

snowboard, Skis, snowboard Products, Alpine Ski, Ski Binding, Winter Sports Products.

Member since: 02-May-2012
Yr of Est: 2008
Country/region: China / Guangzhou
Business type: Export
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Tianxia Outdoor Goods Co, Ltd
Exporter from China

snowboard, Trekking Poles & Camping Stove.

Member since: 13-Mar-2007
Yr of Est: 1996
Country/region: China / Yiwu
Business type: Export
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Shunde Moon Helmet Co. Ltd
Exporter from China

Safety Helmets, Safety Helmets. Bicycle Helmet : Bicycling, Skating and Skateboarding Helmet Series, Recreational Ski & snowboard Helmets.

Member since: 19-Jul-2006
Yr of Est: 2003
Country/region: China / Guangzhou
Business type: Export
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