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Ujwal Industries
Exporter & Importer from India

Printed Labels Sticker, cartons.

Member since: 04-Mar-2010
Yr of Est: 1999
Country/region: India / Thane
Business type: Export & Import
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Alhamra Papers
Exporter & Importer from Pakistan

Kraft Paper Bags, Shopping Bags, Stationery Items, Business Forms, Ribbons, Refills Computer Supply, Visiting Cards, Posters, Stickers, Folders, Brochures, Packaging cartons, Boxes, Books, Offset Printing.

Member since: 16-Feb-2010
Yr of Est: 1972
Country/region: Pakistan / Lahore
Business type: Export & Import
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Siva Printers
Exporter from India

Stationary Items : Calendars, Diaries, Note Books. Garments : Shirts, Cotton Dhothi. Packing Materials, carton Boxes, Corrugated Boxes, Stickers, Labels, Food Products, Plastic Polythene Bags, Labels, Stickers, Business & Wedding Cards, Offset Printing.

Member since: 03-Feb-2010
Yr of Est: 2008
Country/region: India / Sivakasi
Business type: Export
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Zhongde Equipment Co. Ltd.
Exporter from China

Agricultural Commodities : Barley, Wheat. Beer Equipment, Brew Equipment, Fermentation Tank, Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, Filter Machine, Chill System, Packing System, Alcohol Equipment, Wine Equipment, Beverage, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Equipment, High Pressure Container, Monosodium Glutamate Equipment, Water Treatment Equipment, Whirlpool, Rice Boiler, Pot Ale, Wort, Ice Water Tank, Storage Hopper, Oxygen System, Yeast, Sterilize, Buffer Tank, Refine Filter, Deoxy Water, Brighter Beer, Refrigeration, Evaporator, Condensator, Air Compressor, Yeast Propagation, Electric Cabinet, Bottle Washer, Filling and Capper, Label Machine, Code Printer, carton Packing, Conveyer Chain, Cardicin, Iron Exchange Column, Colophony, Ethanol Equipment, Draft Draught, Mini Brewery, Brewhouse, Red Copper, Dimple Plate, Malt, Testing Equipment, Dilution, Pressure Vessel, Beer Selling Tank, Thermometer, Pasteurize, Bio-chemical, Grain, Medicine, Cylinder, Man Hole, Filtrate, Gatherer, Kettle, Conditioning Tank, Vacuum Evaporation, Stainless Steel, Yeast Dosing System, Material Handling.

Member since: 18-Jan-2010
Yr of Est: 1994
Country/region: China / Jinan
Business type: Export
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Frumar Marketing Pvt Ltd
Exporter from India

Bakery Items : Biscuits. Edible Oils : Ghee, Idhayam Oil. Mango Pulp, Agricultural Products, Organic Products, Spices, Packaging cartons, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Pickles, Industrial Machineries and any other items.

Member since: 31-Dec-2009
Yr of Est: 2005
Country/region: India / Hyderabad
Business type: Export
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Mectro Pack
Exporter from India

Pouch & carton Packaging Machines.

Member since: 26-Nov-2009
Yr of Est: 2009
Country/region: India / Faridabad
Business type: Export
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Fushun Pack Electro Mechanical Co.,Ltd
Exporter from China

Packaging Materials : Paper Boxes, Paper Bags. Fashion Accessories : Woven Label, Leather Belt Label, Rubber Buttons, Ribbons. Label Items : carton Label, Logistic Label, Barcode Label, Color Labels. Packaging Machinery, carton Machinery, Printing Machinery, Corrugators Belts, Printed Papers, Hangtag & Stickers, Price Tag, Pocket Flash, Button Bag, Foil Paper, Corrugated Display Box (PDQ, SRP), Window Display Box, Construction Machines.

Member since: 28-Oct-2009
Yr of Est: 2007
Country/region: China / fushun
Business type: Export
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Omnia International
Exporter from India

Paper & Plastic Products, Garment-Bags, PP Woven Bags, Courier Bags, Woven Shopping Bags, Fib / Big bags / Jumbo Bags, Leno Bags / Net Bags, PP / HDPE Woven Fabric (Laminated / Unlaminated), PP / HDPE Woven Sacks / Bags (Laminated / Unlaminated), PP / HDPE Woven Sacks, PP / HDPE Woven Valve Type Bags, Box Bags (Boxed Bags), Clear Sheet Laminated, Sand Bags, Bopp Printed Laminated Bags, Non-woven Shopping Bags, Resin Bags, Silt Fence Fabric, Woven Bags, Stationery, Paper carton Packaging, Gift Boxes, Mono carton, Corrugated Packaging, Tissue Wraps & many more.

Member since: 20-Oct-2009
Yr of Est: 1990
Country/region: India / Mumbai
Business type: Export
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El Meem
Exporter from Egypt

Fruits & Vegetables, carton Boxes.

Member since: 20-Oct-2009
Yr of Est: 1985
Country/region: Egypt / Cairo
Business type: Export
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Bharat Box Factory Limited
Exporter from India

Duplex Board Printing, Corrugated Printing, Plastic Packaging, Plastic Household & Kitchen Products, cartons.

Member since: 05-Oct-2009
Yr of Est: 1967
Country/region: India / Ludhiana
Business type: Export
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BBL Packaging
Exporter from Bangladesh

Corrugated Board & cartons.

Member since: 29-Sep-2009
Yr of Est: 2009
Country/region: Bangladesh / Dhaka
Business type: Export
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