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Food Products : Potato Chips.
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United States

Wrist watches, Cosmetics Products, Sunglasses, Wal ...

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Clothing : Jeans, T-shirts, Shirts etc.
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Exporter & Importer from United States

Home Appliances : Refrigerators, Air Coolers. Raw Gold, Gold Nuggets & Bars, Agricultural Products, Computers, LCD Monitors, Laptops and Accessories, Electronics, Digital Camera, Mobile Phones and Accessories, Smart Phones and Tablets ( Personal-Computer ), Printer, Scanner. Alluvial Gold, Uncut Diamond Stones Musical Instruments, Jewelries, Wrist watch and Chemicals etc.

Member since: 14-Jul-2015
Yr of Est: 1975
Country/region: United States / Florida
Business type: Export & Import
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Zhuhai Jindian Packing Co Ltd
Exporter from China

Wine Box, Moon Cake Box, Cosmetic Box, Jewelry Box, Storage Box, watch Box, Health Food Box, Hardware Box, Gift Box, Leather Box, Wooden Box, Paper Box, Cloth Box, Table Calendar, Tea Box, Tie Boxes, Perfume Box.

Member since: 11-Jul-2015
Yr of Est: 2010
Country/region: China / Zhuhai
Business type: Export
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Shenzhen Alytimes Technology Co Ltd
Exporter from China

Security & Surveillance Equipments : CCTV Cameras, Alarm Camera, P2P IPCamera, IP-camera, IPCAM, Network Camera. Smart watches, Bluetooth Speaker-lamps, Bluetooth Speaker.

Member since: 06-Jul-2015
Yr of Est: 2014
Country/region: China / Shenzhen
Business type: Export
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Aymun Corporation
Exporter from Pakistan

Headwear : Caps & Hats. Fashion Accessories : Belts. Footwear : Slippers, Shoes, Sandals. Home Textiles & Furnishings Products : Bedsheets, Fitted Sheet, Pillow Covers, Curtains, Comforters, Quilt Cover, Fiber Pillow, Fiber Cushions, Bed Linens, Bedskirts, Bedspreads, Cushion Covers, Blankets Bed-runners, Towel Linens, Beach Towel, Face Towels, Hand Towels, Bath Towels Bath Rugs, Stripe Pool Towels, Table-clothes, Table-skirts, Chair-covers, Bath Curtains, Window Curtain, Hotel Bathroom Accessories Set. Garments : Polo Shirt, Jeans, Hoodless, Babywear, Ihram, Used Clothes, Ladies Kurti & Suits, Innerwear, Tops, T-shirts. Fabrics : Woven Fabric, Denim Fabric, Knits Fabrics. Leather Products, Fabrics Bags, Socks, Wallpaper, Textile Accessories, Napkins, watches, Jewellery, Wallets, Eyewear.

Member since: 26-Jun-2015
Yr of Est: 2001
Country/region: Pakistan / Karachi
Business type: Export
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BRT Gems
Exporter & Importer from India

Fruits, Vegetables, Agricultural Products, Wooden Wall clocks.

Member since: 05-Jun-2015
Yr of Est: 2013
Country/region: India / Surat
Business type: Export & Import
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Exporter from China

Audio Products : Bluetooth Speakers. Smart watches, Smart Bracelets etc.

Member since: 04-Jun-2015
Yr of Est: 2013
Country/region: China / Shenzhen
Business type: Export
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Barnaco Enterprises Nigeria
Exporter & Importer from Nigeria

We Sell : Palm Kernel Shell, Cashew, Wood Charcoal, Animal Food. Edible Oils : Palm Oil. We Buy : Electronics, Musical Instruments, Jewelries, Wrist watch, Mobile Phones, Computers etc.

Member since: 28-May-2015
Yr of Est: 2000
Country/region: Nigeria / Okigwe
Business type: Export & Import
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Exporter & Importer from India

Electronic Goods : Mobiles, Tabs, Smart watches, Laptops, Computers, HD Cameras & Its Accessories.

Member since: 09-May-2015
Yr of Est: 2016
Country/region: India / Salem
Business type: Export & Import
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Arts Unlimited India
Exporter & Importer from India

Handicrafts Products, Marble Statue, Crystal, Wooden & Metal Products, Hookah, Wall Hangings, Decorative Items, watches, Swings, Fountains etc.

Member since: 21-Apr-2015
Yr of Est: 2003
Country/region: India / Udaipur
Business type: Export & Import
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Sunball Electronics Co. Ltd.
Exporter from China

Electronics : Digital Cameras. Battery Case, Digital Voice Recorder, Bluetooth Earphones & Speakers, Self Time Artifact, Waterproof Artifact, Smart Wrist watches.

Member since: 15-Apr-2015
Yr of Est: 2009
Country/region: China / Shenzhen
Business type: Export
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Shenzhen Kinderoon Technology Co. Limited
Exporter from China

Electronic Products, Smart watch Phone, Android TV-Box, Air Mouse, LED Mini Projector, Phone Accessories, Computer Accessories.

Member since: 13-Apr-2015
Yr of Est: 2011
Country/region: China / Shenzhen
Business type: Export
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