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Rishabh Enterprises
Exporter from India

Antique Wooden clocks & Silver Jewellery.

Member since: 21-Sep-2013
Yr of Est: 2006
Country/region: India / Jodhpur
Business type: Export
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Handicraft India
Exporter from India

Handicrafts, Wall clock, Terracotta Wall clock, Metal clock, Railway clock, Wooden clock, Wooden Animal Figure, Cotton Scarves, Fashion Jewelry.

Member since: 14-Sep-2013
Yr of Est: 2008
Country/region: India / Morbi
Business type: Export
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Inter Trade Pakistan
Exporter from Pakistan

Knitted Garments : Tops & Bottoms, Polo, Crew Neck, Tank Tops, Turtle Neck, Hooded Jackets, Pj Suitís, Baby & Boy 3 Pieces Suit, Leggings & Thermal Garments, Fleece Pullover. Home Textile Products Gifts, Handbags, Leather Goods, Footwear, Outerwear, watches, Weekend & Travel Accessories.

Member since: 07-Sep-2013
Yr of Est: 1990
Country/region: Pakistan / Karachi
Business type: Export
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Gautam Handicrafts
Exporter from India

Handicrafts, Photo Frames, Bowls, Candle Stand, Incense Stick, Table Tops, Religious Statues, Wall Hangings, Ashtrays, Decorative Baskets, Fruit Bowl, Wooden Trays, Wooden Boxes Carved Wooden Boxes, Antique Candle Holders, Lanterns, Lamp Shades, Handicrafts Mirrors, Handcrafted Napkin Holder, Handicrafted Christmas Items, Flowers Pots, Handmade clocks, Gift Box, Pillar Holders etc.

Member since: 05-Sep-2013
Yr of Est: 2013
Country/region: India / Roorkee
Business type: Export
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Art Land (india)
Exporter from India

Wooden clocks.

Member since: 29-Aug-2013
Yr of Est: 2013
Country/region: India / Saharanpur
Business type: Export
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Chaowei Electronic Technology Co Ltd
Exporter from China

Electronic Calculators & clocks, Digital Blood Pressure Monitor & Thermometers.

Member since: 28-Aug-2013
Yr of Est: 2001
Country/region: China / Putian
Business type: Export
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C A Export Company
Exporter from United States

Security & Surveillance Equipments : CCTV Cameras. AC & DC Drives, Adapter, Agitators, Air Cargo Handling Equipment, Air Conditioners And Its Parts, Air Handling Systems, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Aircraft Accessories, Aircraft Engine Parts, Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Alarms, Air Traffic Control Systems, Aluminum Cans, Alcoholmeters, Amplifiers, Analyzers, Annunciators, Antennas, Attenuators, Audio Communications Systems, Audio Visual Equipment, Autoclaves, Batteries, Bearings, Boilers, Boom / Crane, Blowers, Boosters and ID Systems, Borescopesbuilding-cold Storage, Cable TV Equipment, Cables & Fiber Optic Cable, Chemicals, Copy Machines, Electrical Cables, Communications Equipments, Compressors, Computers, Connectors, Couplers, Dairy Equipment, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Communication Systems, Data Link, Data Logger, Dental Equipment, Detectors, Diodes, Drilling Equipment, Enclosures, Encoders, Engine Parts, Fax Machine, Food Products, Filters, Freezers, Furnaces, Furniture, Fuses, Gages, Heating Elements, Helmets, Indicators, Intelligent Motion Systems, Calibrating Instruments, Inverters, Isolators, Liquid Level Controls & Sensors, Lubricators, Measuring Equipments, Medical Equipment, Meters, Microwave Equipment, Military Equipments & Supplies, Mixers, Modems, Monitors, Motion Control Equipments, Multimeter's, Multiplexers, Needles, Oil Filed Equipment, Oil Refinery Plant Construction, Oil And Gas Well Supplies, Oil Storage Systems, Oscillator's, Ovens, PLC's, Photographic Equipments & Supplies, Plasma Cutting Equipments, Plasma Etching Systems, Plasma Spraying Equipments, Potentiometers, Power Supplies For All Industry, Petrochemical Equipments & Plants, Pumps, Perimeters, Relay, Radar Systems, Railroad Supplies, Receivers, Recorders, Resistors, Robot Control Systems, Sugar, Safety Equipments, Scales, Scanners, Sensors, Shredders, Solder, Soldering Equipments, Spectroflourometers, Spectrometer's, Steel Machinery, Steel Roll, Stencil Cutting Machine, Swimming Pool Equipments, Switchboards, Tachometers, Tanks, Tapes, Telecommunication Equipment, Telemetry Equipment, Telephone, Telescopes, Television, Television Station Equipments, Terminals, Testers, Timers, Toners, Towers, Transceiver's, Transducers, Transformers, Transmitters, Urea, Uniforms, Video Conferencing Systems, Variable Frequency Drives, Valves, Waste Treatment & Disposal Equipment, Waste Water Treatments Equipment, watches, Water Pollution Control Equipment, Water Purification Plaint's Including Reverse Osmosis, Weather Station Equipment, Wire & Cable, X-ray Apparatus. Mill-Grade Metals - Seamless ASTM Pipes - Valves - Flanges - Hoist Chain/Ropes - Scrap Metals - Fertilizers - Chemicals - Ferro Niobium - Silicon - Bitumen - Cement/Clinker - Food Items. Warehousing Facilities Freight Logistics Services MATERIAL, EQUIPMENT, AND PARTS: Oil & Gas Industry, Water treatment plants, Chemical blending plants, Desalination plants, Piping works (C.S., S.S., G.R.P., UPVC, HDPE, etc.) Firefighting equipment, piping including deluge systems, fire hydrants, sprinkler, integrin gas systems, heat detection system, etc. Central A/C systems, District Cooling systems, etc. for offices, Sports Stadium and plant rooms. Fountain system, irrigation system networks for farms, hotels, hospitals, buildings, factories, oil and gas sector. Generators /Genset, Synchronizing panels, Distribution and Control panels. LV / MV / HV Sub-Stations. Transformer, RMU's & Switchgears. Fire Alarm & CCTV Systems. Installation of Overhead and Underground Lines. HV / LV Cabling & Cable tray works. Instrumentation, including PLC, SCADA, BMS & Telemetry systems. Complete power and control for pumping stations. Lighting and power distribution for roads, gardens & sports complexes. PV Solar Modules. Solar Energy Power Stations.

Member since: 16-Aug-2013
Yr of Est: 1977
Country/region: United States / Deer Park
Business type: Export
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Anylink Communication Co. Ltd
Exporter from China

Power Bank, Mobile Power Charger, Smart watch, watch Phone, Bluetooth, Tablet PC, Players, Smart watches, watch Phone, Mobile Power, Bluetooth etc.

Member since: 12-Aug-2013
Yr of Est: 2008
Country/region: China / Shenzhen
Business type: Export
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Inter Market Trading
Exporter & Importer from United Arab Emirates

Natural Stones : Marble. Building Materials, Water Pumps, Door Locks and Handles. Sanitaryware, Office Equipment, Photo Brand Copiers, Photocopy Papers, Stationary, Clothes, Handbags and watches, Fashion Accessories.

Member since: 09-Aug-2013
Yr of Est: 1995
Country/region: United Arab Emirates / Dubai
Business type: Export & Import
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Dar Al Ahlam Fze
Exporter from United Arab Emirates

Consumer Goods, Perfumeries, Medicines, Automobiles, Machinery and Hardware, Consumer Electronics and Electricals, Building Materials, Gifts, Jewellery, watches.

Member since: 07-Aug-2013
Yr of Est: 2004
Country/region: United Arab Emirates / Dubai
Business type: Export
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Steve Time Shop
Exporter & Importer from Pakistan


Member since: 02-Aug-2013
Yr of Est: 2005
Country/region: Pakistan / Gulshan E Iqbal
Business type: Export & Import
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