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G T Industrial Import & Export Pty
South Africa

Gemstone : Tourmaline, Aquamarine.
Pulses & Len ...

Flex Industries Sdn Bhd

Poultry Products : Chicken Feet, Halal Meat, Pork ...

Isn Representative
United Kingdom

Vegetables : Onions.
Edible Oils : Palm Oils.

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Britzcon Global Exim
Exporter & Importer from India

Agricultural Products : Basmati & Non-basmati Rice. Food Products : Pickles. Food Grains, Spices, Honey, Dry Fruits, Saffron, Red Onion etc.

Member since: 10-Jul-2017
Yr of Est: 2017
Country/region: India / Pune
Business type: Export & Import
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Richard Traders
Exporter & Importer from United States

Fuel Dispenser, Petrol Dispenser, Diesel Dispenser, Detergents, Plywood, Battery, Batteries, Honey, Bee, Anthracite, Fuel Station, Petrol Station, Gas Dispenser, CNG Dispenser, LNG Dispenser.

Member since: 10-Jul-2017
Yr of Est: 1982
Country/region: United States / New York
Business type: Export & Import
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Zaria Wolfe Resources
Exporter from Nigeria

Spices : Chili Pepper. Vegetables : Potatoes. Seafood : Dried Fish. Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts. Yam, Beans, Honey, Groundnut, Cocoa, Cassava ( Garri, Starch).

Member since: 10-Jul-2017
Yr of Est: 2017
Country/region: Nigeria / Ikorodu
Business type: Export
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Green Orange Turkey
Exporter from Turkey

Oil Seeds, Alcoholic Beverages, vegetable Products, Fertilizers, Dairy Products, Eggs, Honey, Vegetables, Manmade Filaments, other Base Metals, Felt, Yarn, Twine, Cordage, Chemical Goods, live Animals, food Preparations, Inorganic Chemicals, Knitted or Crocheted Fabric.

Member since: 06-Jul-2017
Yr of Est: 2014
Country/region: Turkey / Denizli
Business type: Export
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Honey Plus Success Ltd.
Exporter & Importer from Nigeria

We Sell : Castor Seeds, Moringa Seeds, Cassava Chips, Bitter Kola, Kolanut, Cocoa Powder. Seafood : African Giant Snails. We buy : Eyewear : Sunglasses, Medicated Frames.

Member since: 06-Jul-2017
Yr of Est: 2016
Country/region: Nigeria / Lagos Island
Business type: Export & Import
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Pison Agro Industry
Exporter from Ethiopia

Honey, Sesame, Sunflower, Peanut.

Member since: 01-Jul-2017
Yr of Est: 2011
Country/region: Ethiopia / Addis Ababa
Business type: Export
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Novu International
Exporter from India

Handicraft Items, Home Décor Products, Decorative & Gift Items, Lighting Products, Table Lamp, Floor Lamps, Hanging Lamps / Pendant Lamps, Wall Sconce, Thick Candle Holder, Pillar Candle Holders, Tea Candle Holders, Scented Oil Lamps/burners, Votives, Hurricane, Photo Frames, Vase, Pots And Planters, Artificial Steel Plants / Leaves / Flowers/ Motifs, Trays / Mop Trays, Tequila Set, Honey Holder, Tongs.

Member since: 30-Jun-2017
Yr of Est: 2016
Country/region: India / Roorkee
Business type: Export
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Exporter from Macedonia

Natural Honey.

Member since: 29-Jun-2017
Yr of Est: 2006
Country/region: Macedonia / Gostivar
Business type: Export
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Raj Distributions
Exporter from Australia

Seafood : Haddock Fish, Fish Maw, Dried Crab Roe Powder, Black Sand Fish, Dried Haddock Fish, Dried Seaweed, Dried Shrimps, Arowana Fish, Yellow Sand Fish, Dried Seahorse, Dried Sprats, Fresh Cuttlefish, Arowana Fish, Frozen Lobster, Dry Stock Fish, Live Mud Crab, Black Prickly Fish, Dried Sea Cucumber, Dried Squids. Confectionery Items : Bubble Gum, Chewing Gum. Hygiene Products : Baby Diapers, Adult Diapers. Fruits : Fuji Apples, Pineapples, Green Cavendish Banana. Vegetables : IQF Cauliflower, Fresh Onions, Potato, Broccoli, Bell Pepper, Green Peas, Garlic, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Cabbages. Agricultural Products : Yellow Corn, Extra Long Grain 1121 Brown Basmati Rice. Food Products : Ketchup, Tomato Paste, Pringles Chips. Dry Fruits : Organic Sultana Raisins. Spices : Chili Powder, Dried Chilli, Cinnamon Powder, Fenugreek Seeds, Black Cardamom with Mooch. Pulses & Lentils : Kabuli Chickpeas, Red Lentils. Non-Alcoholic & Alcoholic Beverages : Budweiser Select 55 Beer, Premium Heineken, Bavaria Beer, Hennessy, South African Wines, Oettinger Beer, Larue Beer, Blue Girl Beer, Budvar Btls, Budweiser Btls, Pilsner Urquell, Carlsberg Green, Tuborg Green, Beck's Cans, Beck's Btls Alc Free, Bitburger, Stella Artois, Erdinger Weissbier Non-alcoholic, Paulaner Hefe Weiss Beer, Hoegaarden White, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Moretti, Corona Eu, Desperados, Kronenbourg 1664, Strongbow Cider, Amsterdam Mariner Cans, Bavaria, Bavaria Malt Long Neck, Oettinger Pils, Kronenbourg Blanc Beer, Budweiser Beer, Becks Beer, Carling Beers, Red Bull Energy Drink, Xl Energy Drink, Hennessy Cognac, Blue Label Whiskey, Black Label Whiskey, Heineken, Johnny Walker, Hoegaarden White, French Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, Paulaner Hefe Weiss Beer, Fanta Orange Soft Drinks, Mirinda, Juice. Aptamil 1 first milk powder, Liquid COQ10 (ORAL SOL), Nutricia Bebilon baby milk powder, Sweet Corn kernels, soybean kernel, IQF Frozen Soybeans Kernels, Canned red kidney beans, Soybean Seeds, peanuts, Broad Beans, Freeze Dried Tofu Bean Curd, Fresh Honey Pomelo, Freeze Dried Strawberry Slice, Organic Banana Powder, Coconut water, Chia Seed Drink, xylitol chewing gum, Paraffin Wax, Arabic Gum, Gelatin, Honey, Bee Propolis, Mixed bee pollen bee bread, Yellow beeswax, Oil-Rape Pollen, Bee Pollen, Propolis powder, Pure Organic Bee Propolis Powder, non dairy creamer, Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, Milka way bar, bamboo shoots, Daim ice cream, Organic Oat Flakes, butter, Skimmed Milk Powder, Barley Powder, Composite cheese powder, UHT Long Life Milk, Buckwheat, Whole Wheat Flour, Yellow Corn Starch, Organic Instant Oats, Boiled colored sweet maize, Rice Bran Powder, Rice Bran Oil Extraction, peanut butter, Clam Extract, Seasoning Powder, Marigold Oleoresin, White onion powder, Mushroom Extract Powder, Seasoning Cube, Chapati Wheat Flours, Desiccated Coconut Powder, Power Cornmeal, Isomalto-Oligosacchairde, Semolina Flour, Durum Flour, Pasta Flour Blend, Pizza Flour Blend, Pea Starch, Wheat flour, Quaker Oats, Fresh cassava, Potato Starch, Wheat flour, Tapioca starch, Native Corn Starch, Organic Green Tea Powder Matcha, Nescafe classic 3 in 1 Coffee, Safflower, Panax Ginseng, Cabbage Slice, Purple sweet potato powder, Polydextrose, Frozen sweet corn kernels, Dehydrated Garlic, Air Dried Shiitake Mushroom Slices, Garlic powder, Bladderwrack Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract

Member since: 29-Jun-2017
Yr of Est: 2016
Country/region: Australia / Sydney
Business type: Export
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Zions Export
Exporter from Nigeria

Seafood : Stock & Dry Fish. Ginger, Garlic, Honey, Garri, Bitter kola.

Member since: 29-Jun-2017
Yr of Est: 2015
Country/region: Nigeria / Surulere
Business type: Export
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Netta Exports Limited
Exporter from Nigeria

Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts. Spices : Pepper, Grounded Pepper, Hot Chili Pepper, Suya Spices. Edible Oil : Palm Oil, Groundnut Oil. Food Products : Tomato Paste. Vegetables : Okra. Fruits : Fresh Palm Fruit. Seafood : Cray Fishes, Smoked Fish, Snail, Shrimps. Agricultural Products : Maize, Ofada Rice. Dried Split Ginger, Dried Garlic, Melon Seed, Bitter Leaf, Ukazi Leaf, Locust Beans, Foodstuffs, Garri, Yam Flour, Beans, Plantain Flour, Soya Beans, Milo, Bournvita, Semovita, Semolina, Honey, Bitter Kola Nut, Kolanut, Ogbono.

Member since: 27-Jun-2017
Yr of Est: 2013
Country/region: Nigeria / Lagos
Business type: Export
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