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JMD Glassware
Exporter from India

Rota Flow Stop Cock, Beaker, Burette, Bottles, Round Bottom Flasks, Conical Flasks, Volumetric Flasks, measuring Cylinder, Culture Tube, Test Tube, Separating Funnels, Sockets etc.

Member since: 09-Jul-2011
Yr of Est: 2009
Country/region: India / Ambala Cantt
Business type: Export
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" Measure " discover your fashion
Exporter from Bangladesh

Readymade Garments : Dress Shirts, Jackets, Wollen Pullovers, Dresses, Kidswear, Sweater, Polo T-Shirts, Gabardine / Denim Pants, Bermuda. Sportswear, Uniforms, Swimwear, Beachwear.

Member since: 06-Jul-2011
Yr of Est: 2004
Country/region: Bangladesh / Dhaka
Business type: Export
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Zhejiang Jililai
Exporter from China

Silicone Rubber Products : Silicone Cake Moulds, Silicone Gloves, Silicone Baking Sheet, Silicone Pot Holders, Silicone measuring Cups, Silicone Spatula And Other Related Silicone Products.

Member since: 24-Jun-2011
Yr of Est: 2000
Country/region: China / Ningbo
Business type: Export
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MS Precision
Exporter from India

Snap Gauge, Ring Gauge, Plug Gauge, Width Gauge, Slip Gauge, Height Block, measuring Pin, Taper Gauge, Flush Pin Gauge, Air Gauge, Comparator Stand, Thread Ring Gauge & Thread Plug Gauge, Thread Caliper Gauge. Plain Snap Gauge, Plain Ring gauge, Plain Plug gauge, Width gauge, Block Gauge, measuring Pin, Plain Taper Gauge, Air gauge, Comparator Stand, Thread Plug Gauge, Thread Ring Gauge, Thread Caliper Gauge, Taper Thread Gauge. Thread Ring gauge & Thread Plug Gauge.

Member since: 16-Jun-2011
Yr of Est: 2008
Country/region: India / Hooghly
Business type: Export
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Yuhuan Guoju Plastic Package Factory
Exporter from China

Plastic Products, Liquid Pet Bottles, Liquid Dropper, Eye Dropper, Spray-Bottle and measuring Cup and Plastic Valve Parts etc.

Member since: 20-Apr-2011
Yr of Est: 2008
Country/region: China / Taizhou
Business type: Export
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Jacob Iron Works Co Ltd
Exporter from Taiwan

Pneumatic Isolator, Precision Vise, measuring Instrument, Granite Machinery Table, Water System, Equipments.

Member since: 15-Apr-2011
Yr of Est: 1972
Country/region: Taiwan / Taichung
Business type: Export
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Sundoo Instruments Co Ltd
Exporter from China

Analog & Digital Push Pull Gauge, Digital Torque Meter, Analog Torque Gauge, Torque Driver, Digital Torque Testing Equipment, Digital Spring Tester, Universal Testing Machine, Various Manual And Electric Testing Equipment, Shore Durometer, Rubber Thickness Gauge, Video Microscope And Video measurement Software.

Member since: 11-Apr-2011
Yr of Est: 1998
Country/region: China / Wenzhou
Business type: Export
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HT Measurement Co LTD
Exporter from China

Pressure Sensors, Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Transducer, Level Transmitters, Level Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors.

Member since: 31-Mar-2011
Yr of Est: 2006
Country/region: China / xi'an
Business type: Export
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Sanfeng Measuring Equipment Co Ltd
Exporter from China

Hand / Hardware Tools : Tools Set, Electric Screwdrive, Pallet Truck, Wrench, Hot Melt Glue Gun, Welding Gun, Hand Tools, Bolt Cutter, Plier, Hammer, Hot Air Gun, Saws, Hex Key, measuring Tools, Gardening Shears etc.

Member since: 25-Mar-2011
Yr of Est: 1993
Country/region: China / Dongguan
Business type: Export
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Doocar Auto Engineering (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
Exporter from China

Auto Body Collision Repair System, Industrial Tools, Auto Body Repair Equipments and Tools, measuring System, Metal Tools.

Member since: 02-Mar-2011
Yr of Est: 2004
Country/region: China / Shanghai
Business type: Export
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Dymax Instruments Co
Exporter from Pakistan

Surgical instruments, Diagnostics, Anesthesia, Trocars, Suture, Scalpels, Scissors, Dressing & Tissue Forceps, Splinter Forceps, Haemostatic Forceps, Towel & Tubing Clamps, Dressing & Sponge Forceps, Retractors, Probes, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, Otology, Rhinology, Oral Instruments, Tonsil, Tracheotomy, Dermatology, Intestines & Stomach, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Sterilization, Dental Instruments, Tooth Extracting Forceps, Root Elevators, Bone Rongeurs, Bone Files, Bone Curettes, Cotton & Dressing Tweezers, Rubber Dam Punch & Clamps, Orthodontic Pliers, Needle Holders, Gum Scissors, Amalgam Instruments, Mouth Gags & Retractor, Periodontia Instruments, Filling instruments, Cement Spatulas, Single / Double End Explorers, Mirror Handles, Endodontic Instruments, Separating Spatulas, Excavators, Scalers, Wax & Modelling Carvers, Impression Trays, Dental Syringes, Cavity Preparation, Explorers & Probes, Hollowware, Veterinary Instruments, Inst Castration Emasculators, Hoof & Claw Instruments, RestrainingEquipments, Instruments for Dog Care, Animal Scissorsfor Equips, measuring Instruments, Dehorning Instruments, Self Retaining Retractors, Tooth Instruments, Various Instruments, Trays for Inst & Syringes, Post mortem, Equestrian Equipments, TC Instruments, Single Use Instruments, Disposable Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments.

Member since: 10-Feb-2011
Yr of Est: 1996
Country/region: Pakistan / Sialkot
Business type: Export
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