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Cam Global Production


Exporter from Cameroon
Member since: 15-Jun-2019

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Cameroon / Kumba

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Timber / Logs, Lumbers, Wood Chips, Charcoal, Acajou, Ayous, Bubinga, Dibetou, Doussie, Ebene (ebony), Iroko, Moabi, Pachyloba, Birch, Padouk, Sipo, Kossipo, Sapelle, Wenge, Zingana (zebrano), Tali, Azobe, Teak, Frake, Limba, Mahogany, Amazouke, Bilinga, Pine, Okan, Ebiara, Eyong, Mansonia, Niove, Pau Rosa, Ipe, Pachyloba, Makore, Mussivi, Mukula, Aniegre, Okoume, Jatoba, Bubinga, Black Wood.

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Cam Global Production

Kumba Mamfe, Fiango Avenue, Ekiliwindi,
South West Region

Contact Person: Mr. James Che  (Manager)

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China / Zibo

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