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Hard Board

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Ecox Recicling (Exporter)

Used Clothes : Long Trouser, Short Trousers, Long S/short S/l, Skirt, Blouses, Paint, Beach Wears, Jeans, Cotton, Silk, T-shirt, Polo, Childrenwear.
Used Shoes, Used Woman Hand Bags, Used Children School Bags and Used Sports Bags, Recycling Materials, Computer board Scrap, DVD board Scrap, CPU motherboard, Computer hard Disc board Scrap, Computer Memory Scrap, Complete Laptops Scraps, Desktop Scraps, E-Waste, Panel board for recycling.
Canada 16-Apr-2016
Dongguan Hongkai Paper Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Grey board, Black board, Duplex board, Tissue Paper, hard boards.
China 31-Mar-2016
Xingwang Graphite Products Factory (Exporter)

High Temperature Industry Heating Parts, Natural Graphite, Graphite Powder, Dipping Graphite, High Power Graphite, C/C Carbon Composites (Carbon-Carbon), Carbon Fiber hard Felt Insulation Mats, Graphite Felt, Carbon Felt, Carbon Rope, Graphite Paper, Graphite board, Graphite Stick, Graphite Tube, Graphite Heater, Graphite Crucible, The Thermal Field, The Graphite Boat, Push Plate, Saggar, Semicircular Groove, Graphite Sinter Box and Carbon / Carbon (C/C) Composite, C/C board, C/C Thermal Field, C/C Plates, C/C Fasteners, C/C Mould, Carbon-Carbon Boat, C/C Frame and so on.
China 31-May-2013
KLS Electronic Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

IDC Socket Connectors, Micro Match Connectors, Boxed Headers, Edge Card Connectors, SIM Card Connectors, TF Cards, SD Memory Cards, Edge Card Connectors, IC Socket Connectors, PLCC Sockets, SIL Sockets, Zif Sockets, D-Sub Connectors, SCSI Connectors, D-SUB Cover, Pin Header Connector, Female Header Connectors, Wire To board Connectors, Wire To Wire Connectors, Circular Connectors, Future Bus Connectors, hard Metric Connectors, DIN41612 Connectors, Micro USB Connectors, Mini USB Connectors, USB Connectors, AC Power Sockets, AC Plugs, FFC / FPC Connectors, IEEE 1394 Connectors, HDMI Connectors, IP65 Circular Connectors, Terminal Blocks, Electric Fuses, Fuse Holders, Switches, Indicator Lights, Resistors, Inductors , Capacitors, Varistor
Resistors, Thermistors Resistors, RF Connectors & Antennas, RF Cables & Wires, Cable Assemblies, AMC Cable Assemblies, Wifi Aerial, Wifi Antennas, 2.4G Aerial, GPS Aerial, GPS Antennas, GSM Aerial, GSM Antennas Combo Aerial, Combo Antennas, LED Displays, LCD Displays and Module, Potentiometers, Quartz Crystal Units, Ceramic Resonators, Cermet Potentiometer, Adjustable Resistor, Trimmer Cermet Potentiometer, Wirewound Potentiometers, Precision Potentiometers, Trimmer Potentiometers, LED Numeric Display, LED Dot Matrix Display, LED Light Bar, LED Bar Graph Display, Crystal Oscillator, Quartz Crystal Filter, Ceramic Resonators, Ceramic Discriminators, KWH Meter Accessories, KWH Meter Counter, KWH Meter Accessories, KWH Meter Counter, single phase counter , stepper motor counter , digital electric counter , European Style Stepper Motor Counter, Shunt for KWH Meter , Manganin Shunt , Shunt Resistor , Shunt for KWH Meter, DC Immunity Current Transformers , Current Transformer Of KWH meter , Current Transformer for Energy Meter , Electric Meter Case , KWH Meter Case, KWH Meter Terminal Blocks, DIN Rail Modular Meter 7 DIN Rail Energy Meter, Gas Meter, KWH Meter Modules, Ethernet Connectors, Network Connectors, PCB Modular Jack, Modular Plugs, ADSL Adapters, Wired Jack, Wired Modular Jack, Voice Keystone Jacks, Modular Keystone Jack, RJ11/12 Voice Keystone Jacks, Telephone Keystone Jack, Data Keystone Jacks, RJ45 Keystone Jacks.
China 02-Mar-2012
Golden Hongfa Electronic Co. Ltd. (Exporter & Importer)

Home Appliances : VCD, DVD Laser Head, Super Universal TV, DVD, DVB Remote Controls, Power Inverters, Electric Iron, Screwdriver, Universal VCD, DVD Player, DVB Power board, Decode board, TV board Player & Accessories.
Remote Controls, Plastic hardware, Audio & Video Products, hard Disk Player, Power Transformer, VCD and DVD Decode board.
China 27-Jan-2011
Century Matirx Electorinic Ltd. (Exporter)

PCB : Rigid and Flexible PCB (2~12) Layer, IVH boards, Ball Grid Array (BGA) boards, Flexible (1~4) boards, Uitra-Thin-Multilayer boards, Cavity Down boards, Chip-On-boards (COB) Double Sided & Multilayer boards,
SMD boards, hard Gold PCB.
China 02-Jun-2007
Guyana Timber Products Inc (Exporter)

Timbers, Lumber hard Woods, Sawn Lumber, Profiled & Dressed Lumber, Railway Ties & Crossing Timbers ( Mora & Other hardwoods), Timbers for Marine Applications, Wharfs, Piers, Quays. Green hear Piles, Fenders Etc. Heavy Engineering Timber, Crane Mats, boards, Decking, Anti-skid, Revetments, Garden Timbers Etc. Roof Shingles.
Guyana 14-Sep-2003
Novelty Photo Frame (Exporter)

Photo Frame Moulding Frame, Plastic Photo Frame, MDF hard board, Photo Frame Tape, Glass, Mirror, Photo Frame Machine ( Cutting Machine, Pinning Machine ).
India 10-Apr-2017
MK Enterprises (Exporter)

Telecommunication Cables & Wires, Pressed Components, Electrical Modular Switch Boxes, Electrical Panel boards, hard Pvc Electrical Pipes, Junction Boxes etc.
India 10-Oct-2014
Procmavens Technologies (Exporter & Importer)

Consumer Electronics and Computers, Computer / Server hardware, System Platform, Planners, System boards Assembly, Processers, Video Cards, Cases, hard Drives (Internal / External), Memory, FAN / Cooler, Keyboards, Palmrest, ThinkPad, Monitors, Seal Kit, Fuser, Motherboards, Network Switches, Printers, LED / LCD Screens, Routers, Power Supply, Converters, CD / DVD Drives, Sas Cables ATM Machine Parts, Wincor & Juniper Parts.
India 27-Nov-2013
Contra Commodities Trading Pvt Ltd (Exporter)

Construction Equipments : Excavator, Terrain Crane, Telescopic Telehandler, Backhoe Loader, Forklift, Skid Steer Loader, Wheel Loader, Tipper Truck.
Building Materials : Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), White Cement, Clinker.
Agriculture Machineries : Paddy Harvesters, Paddy Planters.
Sanitaryware : Tiles.
Wood / Timber : White Wood, Red Meranti, Red Wood, Soft Maple, hard Maple, African Mahogany, African Iroko / Teak, American Ash Wood, Beach Wood, Beach Faced Plywood, Red Oak, Maple Lumber, Cherry Wood. Commercial Plywood, W.B.P. Plywood, Decor Plywood, Film Faced Plywood, Teak Faced Plywood, Melamine Laminated MDF, Gypsum boards, Asbestos Sheets, Plain Cement boards.
Gypsum board,  Calcium Silicate boards, Soft boards, Manholes / Chamber Covers, Emulsion Paints, Glass, Fly Ash, Welding Machines, Air Compressors, Power Hand Tools.
India 23-Sep-2009
Mars Exim Pvt. Ltd. (Exporter)

Toiletries : Soaps.
Metal Scraps : HMS 1 & 2, Copper, Aluminum Scraps.
Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts.
Fasteners : Bolts & Nuts.
Alcoholic Beverages : Whiskey, Rum & Gin.
Stationary Items : Files Covers, Pen, Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, Staplers.
Confectionary / Baker Items : Candies, Biscuits.
Hospital supplies : Surgical Tools, Kits, Syringes, IV Sets.
Household Items : Utensils, Sewing Machines, Charcoal & Electrical irons, Meat Mincers, Kerosene Stoves, Hand Pumps, Tea Filters etc.
Pharmaceuticals & Surgical : Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Ointments, Injectables, Instant Diagnostic Kits, HIV, Pregnancy, Malaria, TB, Surgical Gauze / Cotton.
Medical Disposables : Surgical Masks, Apron, Caps, Gloves, Gowns etc.
Orthopedic & Hospital Items : Wheel Chairs, Beds, Stretchers, Desk Almira.
Teak / hard Woods, Coco, Shia Butter/Nut, Sesame, Food items, Baking Powder, Bon Jus / Jony Jus, Cosmetics & Herbal Products, Adhesives, Software, .
Building hardware : Door Fittings, Tor steel, J-hooks, Builder Bolts, Corrugated sheets, Sections.
Construction related : Stone Crushing Plant, Block Making Machinery, Concrete Mixing machine, Cutting Machines, Welding Machines, Scaffolding.
Channel Fitting : Channel, Channel Nut, Bracketry, In Zinc Plated, Hot Dip Galvanised.
Electrical Items : Generators / Gensets, Inverters, XLP/ Conductor Cables, Electrical Poles, Battery Charger, Casing & Capping, TV Wires, Ceiling Fans, Watt-hour Meter.
General hardware : Hand Tools, hardware, Welding rods.
Computer hardware Parts : Desktop Pc Or Laptop, hard Disk, Mouse,Headphones, Keyboard, LAN Card, Web Cam, Cd- Rom / RW, Blank CDs, Mother board.
Paper & Related Products : Book Publishing, Exercise / Bill / Note Books, Off set Printing Paper, Wood Free Newsprint Paper, Photocopy Paper.
Bicycle, Motorcycle, Scooter & Moped Spare Parts.
Agricultural Equipment : Combine Harvester and its Parts, Rice Milling Machine, Tractor & Parts, Agricultural Implements.
Projects Undertakings: Bridges, Roads, Electric Power Generation, Land developments, Colonizing, Civil or Municipal Projects
Plants & Equipments on turnkey : Oil Extracting/Refining Plants, Paper, Plastic, Steel Rolling Mills, furnaces, Confectionery, Mineral Water, Woven Sacks Truck Weigh Bridge, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Small & Heavy Engineering Equipments, Stone Crushing Plants.
India 12-Sep-2006
Hareshwar Saw Mill (Exporter & Importer)

Wooden Products ( Teak Wood ) : Round Logs, Jungle Wood, Chill Wood, Plywood, Pinewood, Packing Box, Wooden Box, Block board, Laminates, Door Skin, Wooden Doors, Wooden Windows, Wooden Frame, Moulding Patti, Wooden Pallets, Wooden Furniture, hard Wood, & Packing Wood.
India 26-Jun-2004
Intelsurge Sdn Bhd (Exporter & Importer)

Computer Parts / Accessories : P4 128MB DDR RAM, 256 DDR RAM, 40, 60 & 80 GB hard DISK, P4 - 2.4, 2.6, 2.8 GHZ Processor, Intel Chipset Mother board P4 Bus Speed 533 MGH, P3 128MB SD RAM 133 MHZ, P3 256MB SD RAM 133MHZ.
Malaysia 08-Jun-2004
EBWISE Technology Corporation (Exporter & Importer)

Communication Products : NIC, Wireless LAN / Router / Switch / Hubs, Embedded System / IPC / SBC, Membrane Switches, IPC / SBC / Backplane / Chassis, CPU, PCB ( Printed Circuit boards ), Micro controller, EEPROM, Flash Memory, Computer Parts (DDR-Ram, SDRAM, hard Disks), Compact Flash Card / SD Card / Rs-mmc Card, Smart Card Chips, GPS Module, Infrared IR Receiver, USB Controller, Resonator, Oscillator, Crystal, Ethernet IC, Chip Resistor, Capacitor, Voltage Regulator, Connectors and Cables, LCD Panels, LED, Opto Electronics.
Taiwan 26-May-2005
Pruk Metal Ltd (Exporter)

Intel (186 / 286 / 386 / 486 / Pentium / Pentium Pro / i860 / i960), Cyrix (486 / 586 / MII), IBM (486 / 586 / 686), Motorola (68000 / 88000 series), NEC & Toshiba (MIPS series: R4000 / R8000 / R10000 / R12000), AMD (286 / 386 / 486 / K5 / 29000 series), IDT Winchip C6 / 2A, DEC Alpha, HP PA-7000 & PA-8000 RISC series, SUN SPARC / UltraSPARC / SuperSPARC RISC series, Computer boards, Rams, hard Drives, Cell Phone Battery Scraps, Cell Phone Scraps etc.
Thailand 10-Dec-2014
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