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S B Group (Exporter)

Confectionery Items : Chips, Candy.
Food Products : noodles, Vermicelli.
Plastic Bottle & Jar, Popcorn, Powder Drink, Spices, Fried Motor, Fried Dal, Chanachur, Lychee Jelly, Ice Pop.
Bangladesh 06-Mar-2018
Electron Power Solution (Exporter)

Seafood : Fishes.
Agricultural Commodities : Rice.
Lentils : Chickpeas.
Food Products : noodles & Semai, Sauces, Pickles, Jam & Jelly.
Poultry Products : Eggs.
Non-alcoholic Beverages : Energy Drinks, Drinking Water, Syrup / Rooh Afza, Tang / Powder Drinks, Tea & Coffee, Juice, Soft Drinks.
Bakery Products : Bread & Biscuits, Cookies, Cakes.
Seasonal Items, Grocery, Cooking items, Flour, Salt & Sugar, Milk Powder, Nuts, Dried Food, Frozen & Canned food, Soup, Cooking Ingredients, Oil, Ghee, Spices, Ready Mix, Breakfast, General Breakfast, Horlicks, Cereals, Honey, Dips & Spreads, Dairy Foods, Milk, Yougurt, Cheese, Salad Dressings, Fruits & Vegetables, Meat Products, Home, Kitchen & Cleaning Products, Kitchen Appliance, Bath Care, Dish Detergents, Air Fresheners, Cleaning Supplies, Napkins & Paper, Pest Control, Bin & Bin Bag, Shoe Care, Plastic Item / RFL, Electronics & Accessories, Health, Beauty & Baby Care, Men Care, Women Care, Baby Care, Bath Care, Oral Care, Deodorants, Antiseptics, First Aid, electronics & Accessories, Accessories, Mobile Phone.
Bangladesh 08-Feb-2016
Affix Consumer Products Ltd (Exporter)

Food Products : noodles / Pasta, Vermicelli.
Agricultural Products : Aromatic Rice.
Spices, Mustard Oil, Instant Powder Drinks, Mango Fruit Drinks.
Bangladesh 16-Nov-2015
GBC Products (Exporter)

Foodstuff : Special Toast, Baby Toast, Sweet Toast, Spicy Toast, Pickles, Chutney, Chanachur, Puffed Rice, noodles, Mustard Oil,
Non-Alcoholic Beverages : Juice, Drinks.
Confectionaries : Biscuits, Mango Bar, Dry Cake Biscuit etc.
Bangladesh 17-Dec-2013
Sneha Agro Products (Exporter)

Non-Alcoholic Beverages : Juices, Drinks.
Foodstuff : Jelly, noodles, Cocktail, Instant Cup noodles.
Spices Powder, Fresh & Frozen Vegetables, Fruits.
Bangladesh 03-Oct-2013
ME Trader (Exporter)

Confectionery Items : Biscuits.
Construction Materials, Electrical Cables & Wires, Circuit Breaker, Switch, Distribution Board, Food, Wheat Powder, noodles, Spices, Plastic Water Tanks, Doors, Garments.
Bangladesh 28-Jan-2013
Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Exporter & Importer)

We Sell : Pharmaceuticals Preparations for Human & Poultry, Herbal Medicines for Human & Poultry, Herbal Feed Additives For Poultry, Poultry Feed, etc.
We Buy : Meat & Bone Meal, Fish Meal, Soap noodles.
Bangladesh 24-Apr-2008
Illiko Services (Exporter & Importer)

Dairy Products : Milk.
Agricultural Products : Rice.
Non-Alcoholic Beverages : Tea.
Food Products :Snacks, noodles & Pasta.
Honey Products, Instant Foods, Meat & Poultry Products, Mushrooms, Fungus, Native Products, Nuts, Kernels, Pet Foods, Grains, Spices, Seasonings, Starch, Flour, Sugar, Sweeteners.
Benin 11-Sep-2017
Fidelity Investment Corp (Exporter & Importer)

Apparels / Garments : T-shirts.
Confectionery items : Biscuits, Sweets, Candies.
Fast-food : Pasta, Instant noodle.
Medicines : Tablets, Antibiotic, Capsules.
Meat Products : Canned Meat, Beef.
Non-alcoholic & Alcoholic Beverages : Wine, Energy Drink, Fruit Juices, Alcohol Drinks, Teas, Coffee.
Seafood : Canned Mackerel, Sardines, Frozen Fish, Pilchards Fish.
Food Products, Cigars & Cigarette, Milk Powder, Canned Fruit, Canned Food, Mineral/ Drinking Water, Instant Milk Powder, Cosmetics, Liquid, Chocolate, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pharmaceutical Formulations.
Benin 28-Oct-2015
Basseytex Trading Co Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

Fastfood : noodles.
Benin 01-Oct-2015
ETS Carmen International (Exporter & Importer)

Food & Beverages, Beauty Care Products, Tomato Paste, Fruit Juice, Cooking Oil, Instant noodles,
Canned Seafood (Sardines), Dairy Products And Canned Foods, Mineral Water, Rice.
Alcoholic Beverages : Wine etc.
Kitchen Tool, Electrical Equipment, Construction Material, Computers, Food & Beverages, Beautycare Products, Tomato Paste, Fruit Juice, Cooking Oil, Instant noodles, Canned Sardines, Dairy Products And Canned Foods, Mineral Water, Rice, Dairy Products & Wine etc.
Benin 22-Apr-2009
ABA Brasil (Exporter & Importer)

Bovine Tallow, Vegetable Oil, Castor Bean Oil, Soybean Oil, Cotton Oil, Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Babassu Oil, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Soybean Meal, Fish Meal, Fish Oil, Beef Meal, Poultry Meal, Lard, Latex Paint, Peanut Oil, Peanut Meal, Cotton Seeds, Cotton Seed Cake, Soy Lecithin, Tallow, Soap noodle, Cotton Fiber.
Brazil 28-Mar-2006
Oriental Consolidated Co Ltd (Exporter & Importer)

Agricultural Commodities : Rice.
Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts.
Seafood : Canned Fishes.
Fastfood : noodles.
Garments, Electronic Products.
Cambodia 26-Jun-2015
Mini Cam Agro Products Ltd. (Exporter)

Edible Oils : Sunflower Oils.
Food Products : Instant noodles.
Pulses & Lentils : Red Kidney Beans.
Dry Fruits : Almond Nuts, Cashew Nuts,
Poultry Products : Meat, Frozen Chicken, Beef.
Spice : Nutmeg, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Pepper, Black Pepper, Cloves.
Refined, Bleached & Deodorized (RBD) Palm Olein Cp8 & Cp10, Crude Palm Oil, Coconut Oil ( Crude, RBD, Virgin), Coconut Sugar, Charcoal, Hazelnut, Peanuts, Sugar, Refined Sugar Icumsa 45, Beans, Vanilla Beans, Animal Feed, Bone Meal, Fish Meal.
Cameroon 21-Mar-2018
Qingdao Win Canning International Trade Co. Ltd (Exporter)

Canned Seafood, Fruits, Vegetables & Organic noodles.
China 24-May-2017
Hebei Food Processing Equipment Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Bakery & Confectionaries : Biscuit, Wafer.
Potato Chips, Instant noodles, Puffed Food.
China 04-Nov-2016
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