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Quilts, Blankets

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Center Point Export (Exporter)

Pashmina Products : Pashmina Shawl, Scarf Sweater, blanket Etc from Nepal.
Nepal 06-Jul-2004
Eastern Fashions (Exporter)

Home Textile / Furnishing : quilted Bedspreads, Cushion Cover, Table Cover, Curtain, Bath Mat, Placemat, Napkin, Etc.
India 02-Jul-2004
Ameer Enterprises (Exporter)

Home Textile / Furnishing / Fabric and Made-up, Bedsheet, Pillow Cases, quilt Cover, in Dyed, Printed and Grey Fabric Cotton, 50% Poly Cotton and 50% Polyester, Free Ratio Poly Cotton Fabric, Flannel Fabric, Knitted Fabric, Denier Fabric, Twill, Drill, Percale, Polo Shirt, Shirts, and Kitchen Accessories.
Pakistan 29-Jun-2004
Luyang Share Co Ltd (Exporter)

Home Furnishings : blankets.
Ceramic Fiber Bulk, Board, Felt & Paper Products, Module, Anchor, Annealing Furnace, Sheller Furnace and Many Other Furnaces and Ovens, Pipelines.
China 05-Jun-2004
The Lotus Handicrafts (Exporter)

Stationary Items : Note Books, Diaries, Envelopes.
Home Furnishings : quilts, Cushion Covers, Bed-Covers.
Art & Crafs, Handmade Paper Products, Paper Sheet, Carry Bags, Wine-Bags, Journals, Visiting Cards, Address Book, Gift Bags, Christmas Star, Lanterns, Tags, Photo Albums, Photo Frames, Greetings, Wedding Cards and Letter Sheets, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Puppets, Semiprecious Jewelry, Kundan Work, Wall Panels, Paintings, Antique Furniture, Camel Leather Chairs, Door Panels, Blue Pottery, Lac Bangles, Decorative Toys, Marble and Wooden Carved Statues and Artifacts.
India 05-Jun-2004
Anchem Global Trade (Exporter)

Water Dispensers Hot & Cold, Water Purifiers, GSM Mobil Phone New / Used / Second Hand, blanket, Textile Fabric, Textile Chemical Auxiliaries.
South Korea (Republic Of Korea) 11-May-2004
Shanghai XJYFJ Co Ltd (Exporter)

Garments : Jeans, Coats, Sweaters.
Home Furnishings : quilts & other Bedding Goods, Woolen Carpets, Silk Rugs.
Animal By Products and Other Kinds Of Products : Angora Rabbit Hair Mixed Yarns, Cashmere, Chinese White Angora, Rabbit Hairs, Goat Hair / Dressed Goat For Pen Brush, Animal Fine Tail Hairs, Wet Blue
Goat Crust & Finished Leather, Pig Leathers.
Goat Hides & Skins: Calfskins, Pig Skins,
Down Sleeping Bags, Tents, Travel Rucksack and Other Camping Goods, Down and Feather Products, Leather & Leather Products, Fur & Fur Products, Stuffed Toys Saw Blade, Fur Animal (Stuff Toys), Feathers.
China 11-May-2004
Gfortex Ltd (Exporter)

Home Furnishing : Bedding Sets, Cushions, blankets, Tablecloths, Curtains, Baby Linen, Placemat, Etc.
China 05-May-2004
Shanghai J & C Import and Export Company (Exporter)

Home Textile Products : Tablecloth, Napkin, Towels, quilts, Pillows, Cushions, Duvets.
China 04-May-2004
J K & Bros. (Exporter)

Woolen blanket. Acrylic Jacquard blanket Woolen Throws, Etc.
India 26-Apr-2004
Little Haven Corporation (Exporter & Importer)

Ready Made Garments: Basic Shirts, Flannel Shirts, quilted and Padded Shirts, Basic T-shirt,
Pique Polo, Knit Items and Custom Design Products.

Traditional / Non Traditional Items: Handicrafts, Jute Made & Bamboo Products.
Bangladesh 14-Apr-2004
El Castillo Wool Blankets and Throws (Exporter)

First Quality Wool blanket.
Chile 12-Apr-2004
Vertex Technosoft Ltd. (Exporter)

Acrylic Mink blankets.
India 06-Apr-2004
Saya Weaving Mills (Pvt) Ltd (Exporter)

Terry Towels, Bathrobes, Shower Wraps, Thermal blankets.
Pakistan 05-Apr-2004
Saya Weaving Mills Pvt Ltd (Exporter)

Towels, Bathrobes, Bed Linen, Thermal blankets, Kitchen Linen, Drapery.
Pakistan 05-Apr-2004
China Henan Interational Cooperation Group Co. Ltd. (Exporter)

Home Textile / Furnishing Products : Towels, Towel Fabric, Figured Fabric, Jacquard Printed Bath Towel, Face Towel, Beach Towel, Bathrobes and Terry quilts.
China 25-Mar-2004
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